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All eyes are on Europe. The continent is in the midst of the largest refugee crisis since World War II.


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Community-owned Bible translation: Canada

The Oji-Cree community is spread across northwestern Ontario, Canada. Since mid-2015, a team of five speakers of Oji-Cree has worked to give God’s Word to their own community in their own language. Appreciative worshipers of God are thrilled that the translated passages are now being used in their churches. Other First Nations speakers are also growing in their capacity to develop their languages and translate the Bible. Pray for the Naskapi, Cree and Innu communities as they take ownership of their translation projects. Pray for wisdom for those who encourage them, serve as translation consultants and check the translations against the Bible in Greek and other original languages.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe Finland

Wycliffe Finland

“We also help others to succeed in their task to realize our common vision.”



"There is not one language that’s more important than another. It’s God that made all those languages. You should be proud to express yourself in your heart language and God will understand you because he is the God of the entire world, of everyone."

Marie Yalemoto

Mono Bible Translator and Project Coordinator

Democratic Republic of the Congo