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Alliance organisations contribute to Bible translation movements in many ways . The Alliance as a whole and the Global Alliance leadership contribute through:

1) Deepening missiological reflection: Structured consultations and ongoing dialogue across the Alliance create space and opportunity for a wide range of people to study issues of importance to the Alliance organisations and to Bible translation movements.

2) Nurturing leaders for the Bible translation movement: Current and future leaders for the Bible translation movement are given opportunities to learn and grow through intergenerational forums, formal and informal mentoring, coaching and encouragement in leading as servants and shepherds.

3) Facilitating effective and timely communication: Easily accessible media resources and communication training help organisations and individuals share the stories of God at work through His Word and people. These collaboratively gathered resources encourage prayer and a variety of other means of participation in the Bible translation movements.

4) Strengthening Alliance organisations: Organisational development initiatives and board governance training help organisations reach their full potential.

5) Equipping for Bible translation: With the Bible Translation Programmes Philosophy statement as a motivational guide, Alliance organisations are equipped to address the foundations (biblical, theological and missiological) for Bible translation, identify what God’s transformational impact through Bible translation programmes looks like, and define the scope of their Bible translation programmes.

6) Strengthening community and serving in unity: The Alliance believes in community, partnership and friendship, not merely as a means of accomplishing work, but as an expression of the unity of believers. Being a community is not optional. As God’s people community is our reality. Throughout the Alliance we encourage and model a community of trust and friendship.

7) Supporting collaboration: Closer partnerships among organisations in the Alliance are intentionally encouraged through sharing of expertise and experience among organisations so that barriers and tensions are overcome. The Alliance also partners formally and informally with a wide range of other organisations and networks.

8) Encouraging stewardship: Stewardship in God’s mission recognises inclusive participation in which all are givers and receivers. Alliance organisations are encouraged to discover God’s provision for their ministries and generously share their resources with others in the Bible translation movement.

9) Ensuring a trustworthy organisation: Desiring to glorify God in all things, and to be an example of sound ethics and accountability, the Alliance is following best practices in fiscal management and governance.

Our common purposes bring us together in an ongoing journey of growth and change. In dependency on God and through reflective practice we seek God’s continual transformation in us and in local communities wherever we live and serve.

11/2023 Africa

Special Report: Cameroon

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How CABTAL Completed 9 New Testaments in Violence-Torn Regions

Bible translation work nearly came to a halt in some parts of Cameroon, owing to a socio-political crisis that has killed about 6,000 people since 2017. But, even while fleeing for their lives, translators continued to draft Scriptures in their languages.

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11/2023 Thailand

Wycliffe Thai Foundation in time for celebration

Wycliffe Thai Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary and the opening of its brand-new, multipurpose office building in Nong Kwai, Chiangmai on 28 October.

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