As a community in God’s mission, we in the Wycliffe Global Alliance share ideas, resources, services and networks with each other. On this page, we aim to provide communications materials and training for the personnel serving with Alliance organisations. For comments and questions, please email the Wycliffe Global Alliance Communications Team:

Communication Reference Tools

  1. Style Guide

This Style Guide is compiled by the Alliance Communications Team for those who want to tell God’s stories in better writing. We generally follow editorial style detailed in The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. However, we also have developed styles related to our specific work. This is our attempt to assemble all of these styles in one document. This is a living document, so as styles are added or revised, they can be found here. To suggest revisions or additions, please contact Jim Killam.

  1. Brand Materials


Media Products

  1. Written Stories

We gather and share news and stories from across the Alliance. All the stories and articles in the Articles section in this website may be used by Alliance organisations in their publications under a Creative Commons (CC) License. Most of these stories are available in Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. When you use these stories or articles, please give proper credit to and indicate if changes have been made.

  1. Photos

If you are looking for photos, please visit Skip, the Alliance’s photo library. These images are free to be used by Alliance organisations in their publications under a Creative Commons (CC) License. Please give proper credit to the photographer(s) and indicate if modifications have been made.

  1. Videos

Videos produced by the Alliance Communication Team can be accessed from Wycliffe Global Alliance Vimeo.


Training Materials

1. Subtitling (video)

Subtitling videos in various languages is becoming easier. Here is a step-by-step guide shared by Phil Prior, the Director for Communication for the Alliance. He shares this based on his experience of working on subtitling the videos for Global Connect 2021.

2. Crisis Response Planning (A three-part video series)

Crisis Response Planning

Crisis response planning: 1. Introduction; 2. Tragedy; 3. Cast Study – Pandemic

3. How to Take Better Photos (video)

No matter what your experience level, you can learn to shoot better photos by following a few simple tips. Here is a helpful conversation with Wycliffe Global Alliance photographer Marc Ewell.

4. Finding Great Stories When You Can’t Be there in Person (video)

Remote reporting is never our first choice for gathering and reporting stories, but at times it is our only choice. Journalists Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner discuss ways to accelerate and perfect this craft.

5. How to Identity Great Stories (video)

A biblical basis for reporting God’s stories; how story works; and how to recognize a great story. Instructor: Jim Killam, Wycliffe Global Alliance. Video includes Spanish subtitles.

6. Stewardship of Story (video)

Why a deep commitment to story reporting is vitally important for ministry organisations.


7. Other Help

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