Skip, the Wycliffe Global Alliance Photo Library

Skip contains a stock of about 15,000 photos. Except for some historical images, most of these photos were taken in the last 10 years from around the world, covering many countries where Bible translation and its related ministries are ongoing. Images are grouped under various collections and galleries, such as Christians, daily life, language work, nature and people.

Who can access and use the photos in Skip?

All Alliance organisations and their staff members are welcome to use the images in Skip to illustrate the work of Bible translation. You could use them in both corporate communications (e.g. your organisation’s website, magazine or events) and personal prayer letters.

We particularly encourage those serving in areas including communications, prayer and mobilisation to create an account with Skip.

If you are no longer part of an Alliance organisation but would like to continue to have access to Skip, please write to Ling Lam and tell us how you will use the images. You can find a list of Alliance organisations at

How can I access Skip?

To access the library you will need to sign-up for a free account. (This applies not only to new users but also those who used Skip prior to its redesign in late 2022.)

You would not see any photos immediately after signing up. The Alliance Photo Team will then manually add you to the invited user list. Once we have handled your sign-up (it will take a day or two normally), you will receive an email from Ling Lam and you are then welcome to access Skip and use the image resources there.

Any usage restrictions or required attributions?

All images in Skip are provided under the Creative Commons license of CC:BY 4.0 or CC:BYNCND 4.0 unless otherwise specified. While you are free to download and use these images, it is important that you check the information under “usage right” (in the info list) and credit must be given to the photographer. If no usage rights are mentioned, please still follow CC:BY 4.0. (We may revoke Skip access if users do not follow these requirements.)  

We/I have been taking photos for Bible translation work. Can we/I contribute photos to Skip?

Yes, we would love to receive and review your contributions! As the Alliance moves along in its journey and also as the pandemic continues to impact the world, we realise we need creative ways to get new images from Alliance organisations and partners to better fit the Alliance’s culture and needs. That’s why we have set up the Alliance Photo Team to take the lead.

The three members of this small team represent different areas: Daisy Kilel (Africa); Gary McMaster (Asia-Pacific); and Ling Lam (Overall). They will help to collect new photos from different countries and manage Skip.

If you want to contribute your photos to Skip, please contact anyone on the team. We will need basic descriptions and data from the photos.

The Alliance is a community where all Alliance organisations generously give and graciously receive. We hope the new Skip will become a powerful illustration of these values.

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