Philosophy and Principle Papers

Documents on topics that are foundational to the Alliance:

Directions in Bible Translation: A Threefold Commitment to Increasing Global Capacity – The Wycliffe Global Alliance Board passed a motion in November 2017 that will guide efforts to help Alliance Organizations in three key areas where there has been expressed (and observed) need in Bible translation worldwide.

Wycliffe Global Alliance Bible Translation Programs Philosophy – is an expression of shared values and fundamental beliefs designed to inspire and guide Alliance Organizations.

People Serving in God’s Mission: Value Statements and Related Observations – In 2018 the Wycliffe Global Alliance held a consultation exploring Human Resources best practices and values in the Alliance context.

Statements Regarding the Wycliffe Global Alliance’s Relationship with the Church– In 2017 and 2018 the Alliance held consultations to better understand the Church’s role in God’s mission, the Alliance’s relationship with the Church, and how together we can focus on Bible translation movements.

The Wycliffe Global Alliance in Community– Community is the basis for the existence of the Alliance. We are not a community only because of our common goals. We are a community because we joyfully share a common life in Christ.

Principles for Funding – During 2013 and 2014, the Wycliffe Global Alliance initiated a global conversation on funding for Bible translation movements in the context of the missio Dei (mission of God). Among the purposes of the consultations was that of articulating a vision to guide funding practices in the context of God’s mission based on principles that are missiologically sound, contextually relevant, sustainable and globally respectful.

Stewardship of the Earth – As followers of Christ, the people of the Wycliffe Global Alliance support stewardship of the earth.

Vision 2025 – serves as a reminder that we continuously need to reflect on what we see around us and before us as we participate in Bible translation.

The Alliance Journey in Response to Vision 2025: A Missiological Conversation – Over the course of two days during the Wycliffe Global Gathering, participants discussed ‘our Alliance journey in response to Vision 2025’. We considered the caution of Payne that “just because we are doing something on the field, even if we are experiencing results, does not warrant a refrain from the evaluation of our actions”.

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