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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-04-14

Scripture nearing completion: Philippines

Bantoanon; Philippines (80,000). Praise the Lord that the drafting of the New Testament is nearly done. The translation team needs wisdom and focus to work on 1 and 2 Corinthians, the last books remaining before the revision phase. Finances are needed to complete the New Testament by 2015. Pray for good relationships with church and community leaders. Pray particularly for relationships with the leaders of the Catholic church. If they choose to give official recognition to the Bantoanon Scriptures, the potential for Scripture use in the region will greatly increase. Pray, too, that the “JESUS” film in Bantoanon will help point people to Christ and raise interest in the Scriptures. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)


Scripture nearing completion: Timor

Rikou; Timor, Indonesia (10,000). Praise the Lord that the Rikou translation team was able to meet with a consultant several times to check translation work. Everyone involved wants to be sure that the translation is faithful to the original meaning of Scripture. Ask God to give the translators understanding, wisdom, and the ability to express biblical concepts accurately and in a way that will be clearly understood in Rikou. Pray that many Rikou speakers will read and study God’s Word when it is published. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion: Burkina Faso

Kaansa; Burkina Faso (6,000). The final books of the Kaansa New Testament were checked by a consultant last year. Pray for the translation team members as they prepare for typesetting, a process which includes writing introductions for the books, creating a glossary, and inserting pictures and maps. Those who typeset the manuscript need to be alert and accurate. Pray that God will prepare Kaansa hearts to receive His Word with joy. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion: Suriname

Caribbean Javanese; Suriname (60,000). Lift up in prayer the translators who are adapting the Indonesia Javanese Old Testament into Caribbean Javanese. It is complex and detailed work. Thank the Lord for the experienced person who joined the team last year. Pray that his participation will strengthen the team and the quality of the translation. Pray also for unity, harmony and the ability to meet the goal of completing the Old Testament in 2016. Suriname Bible Society, Translation in Javanese (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)


Scripture nearing completion: Russian Federation

Tatar; Russia (5,600,000). Praise—the manuscript of the Tatar Bible was sent to the publisher in March. The translation team leader worked within a tight schedule to put the final touches on the text before submitting it for publication. Thank the Lord for giving the translation team strength, focus and organization as they worked together. Pray that God will prepare the Tatar people to receive and use His Word with joy and obedience. Institute for Bible Translation  (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line )

Scripture nearing completion: Nigeria

Kamwe; Nigeria (300,000). The ancient words of the Old Testament are coming alive in the Kamwe language. As Kamwe team members diligently translate the Old Testament, they are also rewriting hymns so that Kamwe Christians can lift their voices to God in the language of their hearts. Pray for unity for the team as they continue to work together. They have drafted the Old Testament and have checked and revised over half of it. Ask God to supply the team with creativity and wisdom to finish well and to produce a natural and accurate translation. The Seed Company (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)


Scripture nearing completion: Vanuatu

Kwamera; Vanuatu (3,500). Great progress was made last year on the Kwamera New Testament translation. Consultant checks were completed, a final read-through done, an audio recording made, and the manuscript typeset and sent for printing. Pray that the printed New Testaments will arrive in time for the Scripture celebration planned for June 2014. Pray that the audio version of the New Testament will be well-received in this primarily oral society. Ask God to supply funds to buy the MegaVoice* units for the audio version. Pray that Kwamera speakers will have a great desire for God's Word. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

* MegaVoice produces solar powered digital audio players for Christian and humanitarian use.

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