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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2015-04-26

Scripture nearing completion - Tera: Nigeria

Paratext, a software program, provides a wide variety of automated checks for Bible translators to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of a translation draft. The Tera team in Nigeria used Paratext to run checks over the entire New Testament last year. They also published Genesis, and tested two books with the community to make sure the text was clear and sounded natural. Pray for God’s abundant grace and wisdom as they work to complete the New Testament. Thank the Lord that the Scriptures are impacting the Tera people. During an annual Christian conference, people recited whole chapters of Tera Scriptures. Seed Company - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Saliba: Papua New Guinea

Two Saliba translation teams in Papua New Guinea received training last year in computers and typing skills. They attended the Translators' Training Course and also learned how to use Paratext software, a tool useful in evaluating the accuracy and consistency of translation drafts. One team is drafting the Epistles of Paul, and the other, Revelation and 1 Peter. Pray that the two teams work together efficiently and communicate well. Ask the Lord to give them perseverance and good health. Pray for the advisors as they plan to come in September to revise the drafted texts. Pray for the resources needed to make that trip a success. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Caribbean Javanese: Suriname

The Caribbean Javanese translation team in Suriname is adapting the Indonesian Javanese Old Testament into Caribbean Javanese. Thank the Lord for excellent progress last year. They finished a first draft and began revision. Ask God for good health for the translators and their families, and for harmonious collaboration. Each team member is also involved in full-time church ministries. Even so, pray for acceleration in the translation work. Pray for churches to become more involved in the translation project through financial assistance and moral support. Pray for dependable Internet connections and that the team’s laptop computers will perform well. Suriname Bible Society - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Pwo Kayin: Myanmar

Pwo Kayin speakers have had the entire Bible in their own language since 1885. However, much of the terminology is archaic and the written script is hard to read. For those reasons the Bible Society of Myanmar began a “common language” translation project. Praise God for a specific answer to prayer: a computer programmer designed a special font for the script of the language. This made the typesetting process more difficult, but the Bible is now being printed. Pray for the printing process and for protection as the Bibles are shipped back to Myanmar. Pray for this translation to impact many Pwo Kayin and draw them into the Kingdom of God. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Aramaic: Mediterranean

Aramaic speakers have had the Bible for centuries. Unfortunately, languages do not stay the same through the passage of time. One woman phoned the translation team and said she had the old translation but could not read it.  She found some of the newly translated Scriptures on the Internet and wanted to purchase Bibles for herself and her friends. Thank the Lord that Aramaic speakers have a hunger for his Word. Pray for personnel needed to upload the Bible into the Aramaic website. This year Proverbs 1–23 will be consultant checked, and 1–2 Kings will undergo back translation. Pray that the team will remain focused and able to overcome the challenges ahead. Seed Company - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Roviana: Solomon Islands

Last year the Roviana translation team in the Solomon Islands published trial editions of Old Testament books from Joshua through 2 Kings. Further Old Testament translation is progressing well. Many Roviana people want copies of the trial publications. In one village, a single copy of the Gospels and Psalms was so sought after that it never stayed in one place long enough for anyone to read the whole edition. Pray for accurate and timely checking of the remaining 11 books and that the team will have plenty of focused time to work. Pray for good health for the translators and their families. Seed Company - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

Scripture nearing completion - Romblomanon: Philippines

The Romblomanon translation team in the Philippines hopes to finish revising the New Testament this year. Pray that they can proceed without hindrance. One team member, Pauline, recruits prayer partners to fast weekly and intercede until the New Testament is completed and launched. Ask God to protect review committee members and grant them good health and unity in the Spirit. Pray that an audio recording of the New Testament will be produced in time for distribution alongside the printed edition. Some older Romblomanon speakers will benefit more from the audio edition than the printed one. Give praise that the new Romblomanon website has links to Scripture portions. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

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