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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-10-25

Translation snags: Asia

The team working on Bible translation for one language community has encountered some problems. The main mother-tongue translator is having panic attacks. The translation advisers need to divide their time between translation and other major responsibilities. Those involved in technical work encountered problems while trying to facilitate cell phone distribution of translated portions. Pray that the programmers can find solutions. Pray that someone can be found to do the back translation* of Exodus so the book can be checked by a consultant.

*A back-translation is the result of translating drafts of vernacular scripture back into a language that the translation consultant understands and can use to check for omitted or extraneous material, or possible misconceptions.

Story testing seminar: Southeast Asia

Pray for Mr. V as he leads a story testing seminar for those planning to test oral Bible stories in two languages. He will work with local believers from two or three churches to show them the techniques for getting oral feedback from the Bible story sets. Pray that all the details are covered so the seminar runs smoothly. Pray for the translation advisers for the two language projects. They also work with story testing in a neighboring country.

Testing Sign Language Translations: Global

Praise God for the progress being made by SIL and partner organizations on software to test sign language translation videos. This process will allow comments on the videos using sign language, and also to publish and present translations on video. Ask God to give wisdom on further developments that may be needed. Pray for the new interns who are joining the Global Sign Languages Team. Ask God to show clearly how they fit into the work, and which roles they should fill.

Working toward publication: Papua New Guinea

Pray for the teams attending the Vernacular Initiative for Translation and Literacy workshop in Alotau in October. They are "pressing on" to finish translated material for Scripture books. In October, the Iduna, Kaninuwa and Buhutu teams will have books consultant checked.* In November, the teams working with the Are and Ghayavi language communities will have checks of their books. Pray for all the logistics involved, for equipment to work properly, and for good health and strength for those working together. There will be more than 60 working in the limited space of the Alotau centre.

 *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

New Scriptures available: Asia

Praise God that Scriptures in four languages of Asia are becoming available after a long slowdown in the translation and publication process. Pray for creative ways to distribute the Scriptures to the people in the language communities who are eager to read them. Pray that God's Word will go deep into their souls and lives and produce His good fruit.

Bloom literacy software: Global

Praise God for the Bloom software that has been written to enable literacy workers to create books easily. Although it is about three years old, recent enhancements have been made to expand its capabilities. Pray for the development team as they receive feedback on the software and consider further enhancements. Pray that its use will spread in local language communities throughout the world. Ask God for wisdom for those promoting its use.

Ukarumpa Health Centre follow-up: Papua New Guinea

A major program of the Ukarumpa Health Centre (UHC), operated by SILPNG, is a mobile health clinic and vaccination program that visits 13 different villages each month.The UHC is staffed by Papua New Guinean nurses and Community Health Workers, and recently completed a successful vaccination program for 4000 children. This program is currently operating on outside donations following a reduction in government funding. Pray that the government would re-classify the Centre to a higher level so it would qualify for more funding, or that outside sources of funding would be found.

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