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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2015-04-12

New understanding, new materials: Southeast Asia

A group of church leaders from one language community met with translation and literacy staff in February to discuss their situation. They acknowledged that their church members are not growing in faith, and that this is partly due to their use of the national language, rather than their own language, for prayer and teaching. The church leaders have determined to change this. The group worked together to prepare some books to teach the sounds in their language that are different from those in the national language, and to write some prayers in their language. Pray that these materials enable these leaders to transition to use of their own language in church.

Bible story recording sessions: South Asia

Pray for those recording the Bible story sets for two languages in South Asia. These will be made available using audio players for story fellowship groups in various villages. Pray for strong voices and no technical problems with the recording. Pray that all the staff stay healthy for the sessions. Ask for wisdom for those who distribute the stories on audio players and mobile phone apps. Pray that the listeners respond to the Scriptures with faith and obedience.

Going deeper in translation: Southeast Asia

Praise God for His faithfulness in deepening the faith and obedience of a translation team. They are continually tested, and are holding fast and learning to trust Him more. Pray for them as their translation advisor encourages them to go deeper in understanding and in using their language to communicate the Scriptures as they translate. They need to apply an understanding of the discourse structure of their language, and also the complex thoughts of the more difficult epistles. Ask God for wisdom as they work.

AWANA clubs use local language Scripture: Bangladesh

AWANA has 1,250 clubs throughout Bangladesh, serving 63,000 children. AWANA's national director has a heart for ministry to children through Scriptures in their mother tongue. The translation team translated into Mru the Scriptures in the first AWANA book, and the EthnoArts team is in dialogue with AWANA about working with Mru musicians to create songs using these verses. Pray that powerful songs are written which will impact Mru children attending AWANA, along with their families. Give thanks for AWANA's growing vision to reach minority children through their heart language and heart music.

Literacy program needed: Asia

The largest church for one language community is outside the homeland. The people learn the national language of their new country at school, and do not learn to read or write their mother tongue. Pray for those seeking to begin a literacy program for these expatriates: for the right time and place, and for the provision of literacy booklets and materials. Ask God to use the translated Scriptures in their language to strengthen them as they read. Pray that they, in turn, can share the good news with others in their community.

Encouragement: South Asia

Pray for the translator in a South Asian language community who is waiting for a new visa for the country where she works. Pray that her visa request is granted. A team leader will visit her for encouragement in May and is also awaiting a visa. Pray for this one, too, and that she can travel safely. This is a project nearing completion, so the the translator is under a lot of pressure. Pray for grace and peace during this difficult time.

Sharing about Scripture apps: Asia

One translator thought that a mobile phone app* for distribution of Scripture might take two years to develop. At recent meetings he found out that the technology is already available. A minor adjustment was needed to put the Gospel of Luke on a mobile app for both tablets and smart phones using the Android platform. Praise God for the regional meetings where the information and expertise was shared to make this possible. Pray for those organizing the follow-up meetings, for wisdom on the right program and facilitators to make everything run smoothly.

*A mobile app is a computer program for handheld devices to serve a special function. There are now mobile apps to read Scripture, to listen to audio Scripture and to view sign language Scriptures.

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