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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-09-29

Celebrating Original Languages: Mexico.

Because of the faithful work of various organizations, the Bible has been translated into 10 languages of Mexico, and the New Testament in approximately 130 more. These accomplishments motivated UNTI* to organize the “First International Congress for the Translation and Distribution of the Sacred Scriptures in Original Languages,” held in Oaxaca in August. Representatives from linguistic communities in Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru joined those in Mexico to attend this event and  participate in a grand parade and celebration with music and other traditional arts.**  With the goal of keeping the languages of Mexico alive, UNTI is crossing frontiers and expanding their work throughout the country. Give God glory for these advances in His kingdom!

*UNTI – The National Union of Indigenous Translators in Mexico 

**To read more of this story click here

Preparing Bible Translators: Peru

AEL* Peru, an organization of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, is giving praise to God for three people who were trained in its Fundamental Courses and who are now serving in Bible translation. Two are working in Mexico, sent by their churches and under the auspices of RALN**. The third is in a translation project in Peru. Pray for more people to accept the call to Bible translation and literacy. Ask God to provide teachers for phonetics, linguistics and acquisition of a second language. AEL desires to serve succeeding generations in Bible translation. May God provide workers for this ministry!

*AEL - Alcanzando a las Etnias en su Lengua (Reaching Every People Group in their own language)

**RALN – Rumbo a las Naciones (Going to the Nations) serves to mobilize and recruit Latin American teams to work in areas of Bible translation need throughout the world.

Bible Translators: Argentina

LETRA* Argentina is giving praise to God for María and Adriana, who are current CILTA** students. Praise God for the six possible candidates from Argentina for CILTA 2015.  Pray for God to guide them and provide financial resources. Julieta has a strong desire to participate in the 2015 course, but she has to present a final thesis in her current university course of study to be able to apply to CILTA. Pray that God will remove the obstacles and make it possible for her to prepare for Bible translation.

*LETRA – Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy

**CILTA – International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

That Seeing They May Hear: Chile

In 2007, Oscar Gomez, a leading member of LETRA* Chile, traveled throughout Chile, planting a vision that all the Chilean Deaf would have the Bible in their own language! Oscar says, “Many people made fun of me and few were supportive. Today, after many prayers, tears, and traveling with no money, we have a team of Deaf persons trained and ready to put the wonders of God into Chilean Sign language. Thanks be to God!” Pray for Malu, who with prayer and passion serves in translation with her team to transform the Word of God into her heart language.

*LETRA – Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy

Accepting the Challenge: Americas Area

Praise God for the increasing number of Latin American missionaries who are accepting the challenge to serve in Bible Translation for those who have never had His Word in their own language! Pray for the protection and health of those who work in isolated areas of the world. Ask God to continue to provide for their needs through those who have promised to support them financially. Pray for Christian companionship and spiritual strength. Give thanks to God for their commitment and passion to serve the Lord in difficult situations.

Life transformation: Global

Before reaching the age of 30 and after experiencing several devastating situations in his life, Samuel found a Bible translated in his own language.* Reading it, he knew he had discovered the truth. In his new life as a Christian, he felt God’s call to begin a Bible translation in another language. The Word gave him wisdom and spiritual growth. In 2013, he was appointed to a position of leadership in a translation program. Pray for Samuel and for more people to be transformed as he was, so that more language communities may learn of salvation through Jesus.

*To read more of Samuel´s story, click here.

Progress in the Southern Cone: Americas Area

During August 18-21, the four LETRA* organizations in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay) met with  facilitators from the Wycliffe Global Alliance in Córdoba, Argentina. The goal of this meeting was to enrich the development of Bible translation mobilization and to evaluate its impact. The participants reflected on the mission of God, the community of God, and working together in God´s kingdom. The meeting finished with a commitment to continue to serve in unity. May God advance the mobilization efforts of these organizations.

*LETRA – Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy

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