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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2015-02-22

Diaspora forum: Global

An important event called Lausanne Global Diaspora Forum will be held in the Philippines in March 2015. This will be a gathering of up to 500 invited participants from across the globe who represent various organizations and church denominations that study and/or relate to "people on the move." Pray for all the preparations as well as for safety and travel plans for all the participants. Ask God to provide wisdom for all the speakers who will lead the plenary and breakout sessions. A compendium on diaspora missiology is one of the expected outputs of the Forum. Ask God to use the Forum to further equip and inspire His people on how to effectively respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the global diaspora phenomenon.

Local churches using translated Scriptures: Nigeria

Praise God that some Nigerian churches are using translated portions of the New Testament in the local language of Bwaatye for their Sunday Scripture readings. Pray that God’s Word will communicate powerfully through their mother tongue. Pray for the translation process to proceed without hindrance as the translators give priority to team-checking Bible books and to providing critical input that will largely determine the final form of each book. Intercede for the family and friends of Pagiel, one of the translators who passed away last year. Pray for comfort and encouragement for those who are affected, giving them joy during this challenging time.

Growing in faith: Myanmar

The Church in Myanmar recently celebrated the 200th anniversary of the arrival of missionary Adoniram Judson. While Christianity has grown to almost 9% of the country's population, the growth came through hardships. Many Christians face serious challenges that include finding good educational opportunities for their children. Pray for the faith of Myanmar Christians to grow strong so they can continue to demonstrate the love and glory of God in spite of testings and difficulties. Pray that they will have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and a deeper commitment to God's mission.

Jesus Film in Central Sulawesi: Indonesia

Praise God that the people of Central Sulawesi will be able to watch the Jesus film in their own language soon. With the help of the Jesus Film Project, the film will be dubbed in the five languages of that region this year. Pray for wisdom and strength for all the teams. Pray that the local communities will be fully supportive of this project and will start making plans for showing the film systematically in different places. Pray that the people of Central Sulawesi will have a deep encounter with Jesus and recognize Him as their true and only Lord and Savior as the film is shown.

Visa challenges (Part 1): Global

Wycliffe personnel serving overseas are required to renew their visas on a regular basis, often every three to six months, or in some situations every one or two years. The renewal process can be tedious and involve a significant amount of money. At times, errors are committed in the stamping of visas on the passports which takes extra time to correct. Thank God that an error on the visa of a Wycliffe member serving in Asia was corrected in time so she was able to attend an important gathering. Pray that the work of many Wycliffe expatriates will not be slowed down by visa challenges. Thank God for providing liaisons who effectively assist them in complying with visa requirements.

Visa challenges (Part 2): Southeast Asia

The Ministry of Labor in a Southeast Asian country is seriously considering a new policy that might disallow expatriates from serving in Bible translation projects in that nation. Pray that  this policy will not be fully implemented and that God’s work in this country will not be hindered. Whether the decision will be made soon or negotiations will continue, ask the Lord to provide wisdom, grace and peace for all the people concerned. Claim for God’s wonderful plan to be accomplished despite government policies that could limit Bible translation work in the country.

First missions conference: Thailand

A missions conference was organized recently for the first time in the history of Christianity in Thailand. The conference was attended by hundreds of followers of Jesus. Praise God for the various organizations that collaborated in making this event possible. Thank God also for the opportunity given to Wycliffe Thailand to promote the work of Bible translation during the event. Pray for the participants that they will continue to understand how God wants them to get involved in missions. Pray for Wycliffe Thailand as they develop ways to follow-up those who expressed interest on Bible translation ministries.

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