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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-08-18

Fighting nearby: West Asia

A language team of two families and a single translator are living and working in a West Asian country that has seen a recent surge in fighting among factions. Though they live in a relatively stable part of the country, one family is closer to the area of fighting than the others. Pray for God’s protection, peace and wisdom for this team and other people in the area. Pray they will have adequate time to evacuate if the situation continues to deteriorate. Pray for peace for this country and protection for its citizens during this time of unrest. 

Follow Up: Assyrian Scripture Online: Global

The Aramaic Bible Translation (ABT) website received an email from a person who wanted an Assyrian New Testament. They explained that they had grown up in a Middle Eastern country and had come to faith in Christ three months earlier as a result of the witness of friends in Sydney. They concluded, “I'm so anxious and excited to get my Assyrian Bible!” The New Testament had just become available on Scripture Earth less than 30 minutes before. The timing was perfect! Please pray that Assyrians from around the world will continue to find and use these Scripture resources.

Scripture Engagement: Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia

Praise God that the three recent Scripture Engagement seminars held in Russia and the Caucasus were very helpful. One participant writes: “There was a fantastic sense that God was with us as we shared creative ideas for engaging local people with Scripture despite significant challenges.” Ask God for good follow through as plans are being created as a result of the seminar. Pray that through new initiatives more people will be encouraged to read, hear and live God’s Word. 

Protection: Asia

In a sensitive* language community in Asia, the followers of Jesus are receiving death threats from those opposed to the Bible translation. They are afraid to meet together now. The team leader needs to know the way forward with this language program. Pray for wisdom, protection and direction for the community and for the team leader.

*Sensitive situations. Giving more specific details could cause danger for the work being done or the people involved.

Nenets translation and recording plans: Siberia

Later this year the Nenets Scripture engagement team*, in partnership with the local church, plans to visit people in the communities to distribute a package with both the written text and the audio recording of the Gospel of John. After that, they are planning to create a mini audio Bible that includes the Gospels of John and Mark and a yet-to-be translated set of Bible stories. Pray for a good recording process by IBT and for full funding of this project. Pray that this Scripture will be widely distributed and speak truth to the hearts of the Nenets people.

*Click on the following links for stories about what God is doing among the Nenets peopleWho will sing of love for the Nenets?Foundations of FaithPytor Khudy: Hopeless to JoyfulSongs of the TundraBirthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

Team building: West Asia

Please pray about changes in two of three leadership teams in one group. Changes in leadership personnel mean there is a greater need to continually build team relationships. Pray that the change will strengthen the teams and individuals to be more effective in their work and lives. Pray for strong stable teams to develop out of the process. 

Home Leave: Global

Cross-cultural workers must balance connections to two cultures, their home culture and the culture where they work. An important way to stay connected to home is to occasionally take home leave. This enables them to visit their support team, rest from cross-cultural stress and maintain family connections. Please pray for strength and grace for families and individuals currently on their normal home leave rotation. Pray that their spirits will be refreshed, their bodies restored and their home country support team strengthened. Also pray for strength for colleagues on the field who cover their responsibilities while they are away.

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