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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-11-16

Bible Translation Philosophy Statement implementation: Africa

In the month of September, Wycliffe Africa Area hosted Bible translation consultants, translators and language project managers from Wycliffe Organisations in Africa. They reflected on the Bible Translation Philosophy Statement, its implementation, and implications for how Bible translation is done in Africa. A few representatives from SIL were also present at the meetings. Pray that the matters discussed will form a good basis for the translation practitioners as they serve in their various countries. Pray that the Bible translation movement in Africa will be enriched by the philosophy statement.

Old Testament translation nearing completion: Kenya

The Giryama language community has had a New Testament since 2004*. The church uses the Scriptures extensively and continues to pray and to give time and resources for the translation of the Old Testament. Drafting of the Old Testament is almost complete. It is the prayer of Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) that God will provide all the funds to bring this translation to completion. Pray that the translation will be completed within the agreed upon time. Pray that the translators will work with good speed and accuracy, and without any interruptions. Pray, too, for their health and strength as they work to complete the translation.

*Read the article One last wish about the Giryama translation.

Peace in volatile areas: Kenya

Recently, Kenya experienced acts of terrorism and violence in a number of regions in which Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) runs translation and literacy programmes. These incidents of insecurity caused immense loss and grief in the affected communities. There has also been a lot of disruption to the activities of the BTL programmes, as staff had to be evacuated to safer towns. Pray for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. Kenya is a socio-economic hub in the region and also hosts refugees from war torn-countries in the region, including Somalia and South Sudan. This places the country in a vulnerable position. Pray, too, for the security and safety of BTL staff who live and work in insecure areas.

New Wycliffe Togo Director: Togo

Wycliffe Togo has a new Director, Antonin Azoti. Antonin serves with Wycliffe Togo and also worked with SIL Togo-Benin. Pray for God's grace, guidance, wisdom and strength as he takes on the leadership of the organisation. Pray that he and his team will lead Wycliffe Togo in carrying out the ministry of Bible translation in Togo to the Glory of God.

New Wycliffe Organization: Ethiopia

The formation of a new Wycliffe Organisation in Ethiopia has been ongoing for the last few months. It is proposed that it will be called "Wycliffe Ethiopia". Praise the Lord that the process is almost complete. Praise the Lord also for the Ethiopian Church which has supported the formation of the organisation. Pray for the new Board members as they work out the final registration stages. Pray, too, that the Board Chair will lead the organisation with great wisdom and humility. Pray that Wycliffe Ethiopia will form Kingdom partnerships with like-minded organisations and also that their partnership with SIL Ethiopia will be strong to the Glory of God.


ATALTRAB (L'Association de la Tchadienne de l'aphabetisation de la Linguistique et la Traduction de la Bible) is the Wycliffe Organisation in Chad. The organisation has a new Board chairman, Pastor Abel Ngarsouled. Pray for wisdom for him and the entire Board as they govern the organisation. Pray for good health and protection of the staff and their families. Some of their children have had health problems in the last few months. The team will take an English Language learning course in the month of November. Pray that they will be successful.

New Executive Committee at NBTT: Nigeria

The Nigeria Bible Translation Trust will be electing a new Executive Committee (EC) in January 2015. Pray that the Lord will prepare the right people to serve in the EC and that the process will go smoothly. Pray that the people the Lord choses will serve their terms diligently.

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