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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-12-14

A Covenantal Community, Part 1: Global

Recently, the Board of the Wycliffe Global Alliance decided that the Alliance would become a “Covenantal Community.” A Covenantal Community is characterized by all of the 112 Alliance Organizations developing deeper friendships with each other and living out the Alliance’s Principles of Community as they do so. Pray that Wycliffe Global Alliance will continue to grow in its desire and capacity to mirror the unity of the perfect community: the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

A Covenantal Community, Part 2: Global

The leadership of Wycliffe Global Alliance will work with each Alliance Organization discussing the details of becoming a part of the Covenantal Community. Each Alliance organization will express belonging to the Covenantal Community through a Covenant or Statement of Agreement. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom to abound in this process. Pray, too, that this process will be completed so that the Alliance can celebrate our new Covenantal Community at the May 2016 Wycliffe Global Gathering in Thailand.

Alliance Organizations with Bible Translation Projects: Global

Forty-two of the 112 Wycliffe Global Alliance Organizations are leading and managing over 970 Bible translation projects. This is a newer experience for many organizations, such as Wycliffe Russia who now is directly involved in Bible translation programs within Russia. Others, like LETRA Paraguay, who just celebrated the New Testament completed for the Ache people, are small organizations with limited resources. Thank God for how He calls and shapes organizations of all types and sizes to participate in helping meet the Scripture needs of language groups in their own nations and all over the world. Pray that the abiding presence of the Living Word, Jesus Christ, will be evident in all their strategies and undertakings.

Bible Translation Philosophy Statement: Global

In 2013, the Wycliffe Global Alliance released its "Bible Translation Philosophy Statement" which is a missiological foundation for guiding Bible translation programs led by Alliance Organizations. Pray for wisdom for the Alliance leadership as it looks for creative ways of helping Alliance Organizations assist and serve each other, those with expertise helping those who are developing expertise in Bible translation. Pray particularly for Dr. Bryan Harmelink, the new Global Consultant for Translation Collaboration for the Alliance. Bryan will be a key person in expanding the collaboration of Bible translation in and through the Alliance.

CILTA Students finish the course: Peru

Praise God for the Working Field Trip for 25 CILTA* students in Ayacucho, Peru in November. Thank God for a successful conclusion to the 2014 course, and for their graduation on December 17. Ask God for wisdom regarding the CILTA course for 2015. Only eight students have enrolled, and at least four more are needed in order to hold the course. Pray that God will send additional students soon, and that the 2015 course will not have to be canceled.

*CILTA – Linguistics, translation and literacy course for Latinos held at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

Far from home at Christmas: Americas

During 2014, eleven new missionaries from Latin America left their homes to work in Bible translation elsewhere in the world. For most of them, this is their first Christmas outside of their home countries and away from family and close friends. Pray that God will give them a blessed Christmas in their new locations, friends and coworkers with whom they can celebrate the birth of Jesus, and peace and joy for this holiday season. Pray the same thing for all the missionary families around the world who are celebrating Christmas away from their home countries.

Divine Familial Terms: Global

Please pray for the Divine Familial Terms Oversight Group as they continue to process the "Principles and Processes" document. This is the guide for assessing a translated product in any given language for compliance with the standards of SIL. A meeting of this global group is scheduled for December 18-22. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the oversight group, and patience for the teams whose projects have been on hold during this process. 

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