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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Latest Articles

Prayer Focus Bulletin 15-07-05

Church Focus on Missions: Panama

In June, representatives from PAAM met with a group of 70 pastors and leaders from various denominations in Panama. The purpose was to reflect on church involvement in missions. Interesting points were raised and conclusions reached. As a result, 10 churches made the decision to unite with the one-year program, “The Route to Becoming a Missional Church,” facilitated by PAAM. This program equips and strengthens national church leadership to develop the full potential that God has placed in them to reach the world for Christ. Pray as they follow through on this important decision.

Training Workshops for new Workers: Panama

Pray for new candidates in Panama, who participated in a security information workshop in May. It was led by a security specialist who teaches workers throughout the Americas. Thank God for this vital information for those who are going into new cultures to serve Him. In July, those preparing for assignments of service have the opportunity to attend a workshop on raising financial resources for their work. Pray that God will give them good methods to reach their goals and that He will fully meet their needs.

Education and Inspiration for God’s Work: Dominican Republic

The Kairos course was presented in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, June 20-24. It is an interactive program with nine sessions about the global Christian movement, designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to participate actively and significantly in the work of God. It establishes a solid foundation in the Christian life and the local church for global Christian mission. Twelve students took the course, and some of them will be trained to present the course in other parts of the country. Thank God for people from four organizations, including TRADUCE*, who helped with the course. Pray that the vision for God’s mission will continue to expand in the Dominican Republic.

*TRADUCE is the name of the Bible Translation movement in the Dominican Republic.

The Jesus Film: Peru:

Praise the Lord! The “JESUS” film is now being adapted into several languages of Peru. Please pray for the recording technicians working on the adaptation for Quechua of Margos, Ambo Pasco, Panao and Wanca. Pray also for plans to begin next January to adapt the Jesus film into Quechua of N Conchucos, S Conchucos, Huallaga and Huamalíes.

Training for Bible Translation and Literacy: Venezuela

The “Specialized Diploma Course in Alfa-Education” will be given in Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela July 27-September 4. The course is organized by ETNOS of Venezuela, in association with the Central Lisandro Alvarado University. Pray for Luis Lara, a graduate of CILTA , who will be coordinating the course. The “Fundamental Course in Anthropology and Linguistics” will be taught in the language community Kariña, Venezuela, August 4-September 4. This course is organized by SIETE*. Pray that both courses will serve to better prepare persons desiring to serve in Bible translation and literacy.

*SIETE is the name of the Bible translation organization in Venezuela

New Challenges: Argentina and Chile

Praise God with the Argentine Wycliffe organization, Puente a las Naciones (PaLN). After three years of working together with a group of congregations in Chile, they have celebrated a global cooperation agreement to train and send workers to serve in God’s global mission. As an initial step, PaLN is joining with three principal leaders of the denomination in Chile to travel to a country in South Central Asia. More than 50 young adults, many university students, have expressed the desire of their hearts to participate in this mission effort. Pray for wisdom, strength and God’s guidance as they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Preparing for Bible Translation: Mexico

Pray for the students who have registered for the Fundamental Course in Linguistics and Cultural Empathy July 12-August 12 in Oaxaca, Mexico. The course is organized by Bible Translators of Mexico, A.C. Ask the Lord to provide spiritual strength, health, finances, encouragement, and much joy for all who are involved; organizers, volunteers, teachers, students and members of the Mixteca language community where the field project will be accomplished. Pray that all involved will continue in the work of Vision 2025. Pray for more workers to serve in the Bible translation movement.

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