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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2015-03-29

Media Consultation: Europe

The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation will be held in the Netherlands, April 13-16. Around 400 people from 135 organizations will participate. Pray for the Lord's blessing and favor for 40 participants needing visas to travel to the Netherlands. Pray for safe travel. Ask God to speak to and encourage the participants and that this event and those leading it will glorify God. Pray that all attending will put their new knowledge into action after they return home.

Scripture portions: Romania

Recently translated Scripture portions in two Romani languages in Romania were checked by a translation consultant. After making corrections, further editing and adding study material, the portions will be published. Pray that the Lord will use the resultant publications in the churches and in the community to strengthen His people and build His Church.  

Bashkir New Testament: Russian Federation

Praise God for the newly-printed Bashkir New Testament. The New Testament will be introduced as a scholarly book. Pray that many Bashkir will recognize God’s Word as truth. Pray for wide distribution to those who are seeking God. Ask God to speak in new and living ways to the Bashkir people through His written Word.

Bible storying project: Russian Federation

Please pray for team members travelling in far eastern Russia as part of the Siberian storying project. Weather problems, lack of roads and limited transportation options make life unpredictable in these regions and plans need to be flexible. Pray they will identify villagers who are ready and available to help craft Bible stories in their own language. Pray that the team will make friends, work together well with the villagers and see steady progress. Pray too for safety and peace for their families back home.

Funding changes: Europe, Asia

SIL Eurasia Area needs to significantly adjust how projects are designed and submitted for funding because of recent changes made by the primary funding partner. Please pray for God to provide the time, energy, direction and wisdom required to make these adjustments.  

Considering relocation: Europe, Asia

The SIL Eurasia Area director and his wife thank the Lord for their renewed resident permits and house lease in Kenya. These give them more time to decide on the best location from which to serve. Please pray for clarity as they consider relocation options. One consideration is the need for safe and direct travel routes. Another is assisting with the needs of an aging parent. 

Work permits needed: Caucasus

Visas and work permits are necessary to enter certain countries of service. Praise the Lord that two team members received a 1 year work permit and some others received short term visas. Please pray for other visa and work permit applications that are currently in process, to be approved soon.

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