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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-07-28

Bible story projects: Asia

Many revision and recording workshops will be held for four on-going Bible storying projects during the middle of 2014. Please pray that God would bless all the storytellers, facilitators, and consultants with great wisdom and endurance in making final revisions to the short story sets for the languages involved. Pray especially that these stories will go out with God's blessing upon them and that those who hear them will have their hearts opened to His truth and love.

Marma translators sharing Mark: Bangladesh

The Marma translation project began in 2013. As translation progresses, the team is seeking ways to use the completed portions of Scripture in the language community. The translation team recently completed a booklet and short videos from the book of Mark. Pray that the team can encourage the use of these new materials. Pray that the Marma church leaders will gain greater vision and passion for using mother-tongue Scriptures. Pray also for wisdom, team unity and focus as the Marma translators work independently while the translation advisor is away for several months.

Perseverance in trials: Asia

Praise God for the mother-tongue translator for a language group in Asia. She initially found the work stressful. She has gained confidence and has improved the quality of the translation by making the translation flow better with discourse and sentence-level adjustments. She has also found mistakes with the draft translation where the ergative marker* was placed on the wrong participant. Ask God to strengthen and comfort her as she works.

* Ergative marker: a case marker in a language where the subject of an intransitive verb and the direct object of a transitive verb have the same marking.

Difficult to access: Asia

Pray for those working in Scripture translation with language communities that are difficult to access. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain government-issued work visas. At other times there are physical difficulties in traveling to the language area. In a few cases it is hard to find people willing to be part of a translation team and work on a long-term basis. Ask God to draw people into His kingdom who can be part of the project teams. Pray that He will strengthen the hearts of those who are already committed to the task.

Maintaining hope and vision: Asia

The translators working in one language community in Asia are struggling to maintain their hope and vision. They say "At first there are only a very few believers in a language group—or sometimes even just one believer—who grow in their faith and, over a period of years, become mature and devoted in their faith. Sometime much later other people in the same language group might come to belief. And this is often through the faithful witness of one or more strong believers from their own language and cultural community. But it often takes a lot of hope and patience to maintain a vision for this eventual possibility... Pray for us and our team and all of those who uphold what we do, that we may continue to hope."

Coming together for fellowship: Asia

Pray for the many language communities in Asia with only a handful of believers. In many of these groups, the believers come to faith one or two at a time, and are not close enough geographically to meet together for fellowship and teaching. Pray that God will provide opportunities for fellowship for these scattered Christians. Where they are working in Bible translation, ask God to speak to them through His Word as they work. Ask God to build His church in these places.

Working together: Southeast Asia

Praise God that one team in Asia has finished checking and revising Old Testament portions. The national Bible Society has personnel available to do their separate checks to approve them for publication. Pray that this process goes smoothly. Praise God that the Bible Society has personnel to check another New Testament as well. Ask God to speed these publications to those waiting for them.

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