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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2014-09-15

Bible dedication: UK, West Asia

The dedication of the New Millennium Version of the Bible in Persian, produced with a partner organization, will take place on Monday, September 22, in the United Kingdom. Pray that God will change lives as people read this new, easy to understand version. May many find, read, study and share it online and in print.

Team challenges: Central Asia

The national language Bible translation workers in one country* have experienced a continual list of challenges. Three of the translators are mothers of young children who often need to work from home. Two of the translation advisors are working from countries thousands of miles away from the team. Please pray for the team to have times to work together, rather than in isolation from one another. Pray for the hearts of those in the translation team to be knit together, so that they will encourage one another at every opportunity.

*Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

Translation progress: West Asia

Praise God that major orthography decisions were made for a translation project at a workshop earlier in the year. Pray for good implementation of the orthography changes as John’s Gospel is made ready for publication, Mark’s Gospel is prepared for audio recording, and the translation of Acts is finalized for submission to test readers. Ask God for protection from spiritual attack for the translation team as these tasks are completed.

Resistance to the new translation: Central Asia

The four gospels were published in this national language* in 2010 and they are being used by the churches. A collection of Jesus’ parables with local illustrations was published in 2013, and people are asking for more. The translation of the rest of the Bible continues. Just as modern English translations were initially greeted with suspicion, so these newly translated texts are encountering some resistance in the church. Those outside the church are reporting that the text is easy to understand. Pray for greater acceptance of this translation and for the team to continue to translate the Word accurately and understandably.

*Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

Follow Up: Fighting Nearby: West Asia

Please pray for continued safety for those living in a West Asian country that has seen a recent increase in fighting among factions. One family has decided to leave the village in which they live and travel to a neighboring country because the area of instability is getting closer to them. Another family remains in a large city some distance from the area of instability. Pray that the family which is leaving will find a suitable place to live while out of country and that those who remain in country will make wise decisions about their safety. 

First draft completed: West Asia

The project coordinator writes, “It was an emotional moment when we finished the first draft of the SW Tengir* New Testament. The mother tongue translator wept as he prayed for freedom for his homeland and that one day his people would be able to read and hear the good news about Jesus in their own language.” The mother tongue translator is applying for asylum in Canada. Pray that the team would make the best use of their remaining time with him in his current location. Two trips are planned to begin revising the New Testament and make consistency checks.

*SW Tengir is a pseudonym.

Follow Up: Miraculous Intervention Needed: Asia

In February, workers in one language project received an accusation of proselytism which was sent to the Ministry of Education. Several literacy projects had been stopped by the education department because of this. Praise God that recently they received the blessing of a positive report from the Ministry of Education's investigation of the work. Now all the projects that were stopped can move forward.

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