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Glossa Translation Diaries

Glossa Translation Diaries

Adapted from actual messages sent to prayer partners about the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.

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Prayer Focus Bulletin 2015-03-22

Praise update – Tamajaq Tawallammat Scriptures: Niger

Tamajaq Tawallammat translators in Niger faced special challenges to produce two New Testaments in two different scripts. This praise report came in February: “Thank you so much for your prayers which carried us through, along with the technology we used. The typesetting of the New Testament in Latin script and in Shifinagh script has now been completed! The files have been sent to the publisher in Switzerland, who will soon send them to Asia for printing.” Pray for the publication and printing process for these Scriptures and for safe transport back to Niger. A public celebration to present the Tamajaq New Testament is planned for January 2016. Pray that the one million Tamajaq Tawallammat speakers will be drawn to Christ and transformed as they read the Scriptures.

Easter celebration for the Konai community: Papua New Guinea

A celebration to launch the Konai New Testament is planned for Easter Day in Papua New Guinea. Typeset digital files were sent to the Korean Bible Society for printing last year. Konai speakers, population 600, eagerly anticipate God’s Word; 180 copies have been sold in advance. Ask God to guide those who are preparing and planning the Scripture celebration. Pray that this New Testament will speak clearly to the Konai people and bear much fruit within their communities.

Bandial Scripture celebration planned: Senegal

Ask God to help those organizing the celebration to launch the Bandial New Testament planned for April 18. Pray for good communication between the translators in the community, the linguist and exegete in France, and the Scripture use promoters in Dakar, Senegal. Pray for God’s Word to bring many Bandial people, population 11,200, into his kingdom. The New Testament was typeset last summer and sent to South Korea for printing. Pray for God’s blessing on the many details of the plan to record an audio version of the New Testament in partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing.

Epi Cluster Project final revisions: Vanuatu

Intercede for the Baki and Lewo translation teams in Vanuatu as they complete final revisions in these two New Testaments. Pray that they find any sections needing improvement before submitting the Scriptures for typesetting in April. Pray for the typesetters who make decisions about formatting, font size and type, placement of maps and pictures, and footnotes. Pray for clear, strong voices for those recording audio versions, and that computers and recording equipment will function well. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and lives. Pray for successful strategies to engage individuals, churches and whole communities in using the Scriptures.

Welcoming the Mayo Scriptures: Mexico

Give praise that the complete edition of the Mayo-Spanish New Testament will be available mid-2015. Mayo speakers in the towns of Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico received the initial print-on-demand copies of the New Testament in March 2014. Mayo pastors along with representatives from local Bible institutes and several church organizations attended the joyful celebrations. Some listening groups received Audio Proclaimers.* Pray that many Mayo people, population 40,000, will read, hear and be transformed by God’s Word.

*The "Proclaimer" is a digital player preloaded with an Audio Bible recording, usually a New Testament.

Hamer-Banna translation in two scripts: Ethiopia

Thank the Lord that the Hamer-Banna New Testament will be available in both Latin and Ethiopic scripts to make it accessible to those who read either script. Both editions were typeset last year and are at the printing company. Pray for high-quality, durable books and for safe shipment to Ethiopia. Pray that the volumes will arrive safely by mid-2015, and for preparations for the Scripture celebration. Uphold the Hamer-Banna people in prayer, that they will eagerly read and hear the Word of God and apply it to their lives. SIM International  

Central Mnong (Bunong) Scripture nearing completion: Cambodia

More than half of the Central Mnong (Bunong) New Testament is in print and people have purchased over 1,000 Scripture portions. Some literacy classes have grown into Bible study groups. For the first time, Bunong speakers created songs of praise in their traditional music style. Pray that the translation team will persevere with joy and wisdom to finish drafting and checking the remainder of the New Testament. Working in two different scripts, their next step is typesetting. Last year, people were excited to obtain the Gospel of Luke in audio form on MP3 players. Pray that the Holy Spirit will transform the Bunong people, population 27,000, as they listen to and read the Scriptures.

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