Working in partnership to provide the Scriptures

The Pacific Wa’a Partnership meetings in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in May reported that Scriptures are being distributed to peoples of the Pacific through the efforts of partner organisations. Even through the pandemic, the Word of God is gaining traction.

The Proclaimer device provided by Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) is now a tool sought-after by many people in the Pacific Islands. It has recordings of translated Scriptures in various languages of PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Hundreds of the devices in several languages were distributed in language communities in the Highlands provinces of PNG and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Winterford Barua, YWAM PNG representative, told about the Proclaimer devices he distributed in the Melpa language in the Western Highlands Province. Women who received them carry the device in their bilums (string bags) into the gardens, hang the device on a tree branch and listen to the recorded Scriptures while they work.

JESUS Film staff members continue to train people to record and dub in the narration of the Gospel message and provide equipment to show it in communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent restrictions, groups like YWAM continued to show the JESUS film in PNG. In a recent showing in Mount Hagen city, the film was shown in a local language. A PMV (public motor vehicle) was transporting people to a place further up the highway. As they approached and passed through the city, those on the truck could hear and see the film being shown in a public place. They stopped the driver, got off and joined the crowd to watch. Copies of the film were distributed to those wanting one. FCBH Proclaimer devices were distributed to those who were interested. A YWAM team that visited several villages in the outskirts of the city that evening heard people listening to the recorded Scriptures in their language and Tok Pisin throughout the night.

The FCBH leader for the Pacific reported about his goal to promote the Proclaimer ministry in churches; find out about the needs in language communities where translations have been done and talk with people about recording these Scriptures and making them available.

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