Wycliffe Malaisie - Toucher des vies par la Parole

First thing first! Worshiping God together at the beginning of the celebration. Photo: Ling Lam

With the theme “Touching Lives through the Word”, Wycliffe Malaysia held a celebration ceremony for its 25th anniversary on 2 November 2019 at the Bible College of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 200 people came rejoice together with Wycliffe Malaysia, including individual believers, supporting churches and partner organizations.

In her welcome message Lay Leng Tan, the Executive Director of Wycliffe Malaysia, shared a milestone of the organization, “We have grown from being a recruiting and sending organization, to initiating and leading language projects also.”

Lay Leng Tan, the Executive Director of Wycliffe Malaysia, gave a welcome message at the celebration. Lay Leng has been serving in the position since 2016. Photo: Ling Lam

Realizing the Bible translation needs around the region, Wycliffe Malaysia has committed to taking up the challenge of meeting the needs of some of these language groups.

Entering into a brand-new season, Vivegananthan Supramaniam, the Board Chair of Wycliffe Malaysia, challenged Malaysian Christians to take part in this unfinished task: “I pray God will move your heart, that many people will rise up in this nation to serve in Bible translation.”

On behalf of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, Simon Wan (right), the Director of Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Area invited Vivegananthan Supramaniam, Board Chair of Wycliffe Malaysia to receive a commemorative plaque as an appreciation for the faithful services of the organization in the Bible translation movement. Photo: Ling Lam

Though it is not going to be an easy task, he reminded everyone in the room that God will move before us and remain faithful by quoting a word from Hudson Taylor: “There are three stages of every great work of God. First it is impossible. Then it is difficult. Then it is done.”

2019 also marks the 100th year of the publication of the Chinese Union Version (CUV), a Bible version that has been read by almost every Chinese Christian and broadly used by Chinese churches around the World. For this reason, Wycliffe Malaysia invited Rev. W Leung, who is experienced in mobilizing Chinese churches in many countries for missions, to give a speech, entitled “Gratitude and Inheritance – CUV 100th Year and Wycliffe Malaysia 25th Anniversary” as a part of the celebration for both.

Rev. Leung first reviewed the blessings that CUV has brought to Chinese culture, churches, and the translations of other Chinese Bibles. Then he led those gathered to reflect on the questions, “What have we inherited? What have we learned, and what should we do?” Rev. Leung left Wycliffe Malaysia and others these four reminders:

  1. To be aware that Bible translation must go hand in hand with the reading and understanding of the Scriptures;
  2. To inherit the good example of unity that shown during the translation of CUV;
  3. To pay attention to how technology brings translation works to a new stage; and
  4. To engage the local believers who now play an important role in translation.

Around two hundred came to celebrate with Wycliffe Malaysia for its 25th anniversary. Photo: Ling Lam

Wycliffe Malaysia was incorporated in 1994. Over the last 25 years, Wycliffe Malaysia has sent out a total of 42 personnel to serve in 14 countries in the areas of Bible translation, literacy, community development, orality and administrative support, etc.

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