How to run Global Connect 2021

Every organisation should tailor the timetable to meet their own requirements. The only fixed events are the opening celebration on Monday 13 and the opportunity for directors to meet Stephen Coertze on Friday 17. All other material will be provided as pre-recorded videos and written discussion guides. You can schedule these into your week as best fits your organisation.


Meeting together as the Alliance is always special, and we look forward to the day when we have those opportunities again. However, the virtual nature of Global Connect provides new opportunities. We are no longer limited by physical space, the expense of flights and accommodation or the bureaucracy of visa restrictions. For this reason, we would like Alliance organisations to take the opportunity to include their wider leadership teams, heads of departments and even potential future leaders in Global Connect. We hope that, for all participants, there will be a greater understanding of the Alliance and what it means to be part of this global movement.

Meeting together

The value of the Alliance gathering is to hear different perspectives. This is more difficult to enable in a virtual environment, so here are some ways you may be able to add this kind of value to your organisation.

  • Include a wider team in discussions. As you process the content from each day, do it with a wide cross-section of your organisation. You could include different people from your office in these conversations, but you could also invite others who work in different contexts to connect via video conferencing.
  • Connect with other organisations. You could share a summary of your day's discussions with other organisations in your area or even further afield. Don’t wait for someone to arrange this for you. Why not connect with a couple of organisations and suggest that you share notes via a shared drive, or even set up a call to meet each other and discuss what you have heard?
  • Invite others to join you. Some Alliance organisations are quite small. Why not invite those organisations to join your discussions either virtually or physically where travel allows?

Assign a Global Connect Coordinator

Organising staff, rooms, video projection, etc, does not need to be the responsibility of the director. Why not assign a team member as your organisation’s Global Connect coordinator and give them responsibility for running the event?

If you do assign the task to someone else, please let me know with an email to I'll make sure the person is added to the necessary mailing lists.

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