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  • Pre-publication decisions

     Pray for times when the Arrernte translators Neil and Frankie can have dedicated blocks of time together to complete the final read-throughs. Also pray for all the decisions regarding the typesetting and other necessary processes needed before publication.

  • Passing the vision of Bible translation

    Pray for the vision of Bible translation to be caught by more church denominations in New Caledonia. Since 2015, Oral Bible Storytelling workshops conducted in various parts of the country have involved mostly one denomination. Pray for other church denominations to embrace the vision and to participate in Bible translation, and that more Christians would be aware of the importance of having God's Word in one's own language. Ask the Lord to stir up interest and hunger for the Word of God in the language commmunities in New Caledonia.

  • Desiring to work in partnership

    The vision of Bible Translation Organization Tonga (BTO Tonga) is “to see the Scripture made available through Bible Translation to all peoples in the language they know best, the language of their heart.” They have made it their mission to present the work of Bible translation among the Tongan people. Pray for the staff of BTO Tonga to have opportunities to share about the work. Ask the Lord for positive feedback from their sharing. May the Lord motivate many Tongan Christians and churches to partner with BTO Tonga.

  • Preparing to serve in Papua New Guinea

    Pray for Lupe Mokena as she prepares to serve with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association. She is the first staff member prepared to be sent out from the Bible Translation Organization Tonga (BTO Tonga). With the help and support of BTO Tonga, Lupe is looking to the Lord for all her prayer and financial partners to fully come together so that she can go to Papua New Guinea in early 2017.

  • Luke Initiative for Scripture Translation (LIST)

    Pray for the LIST (Luke Initiative for Scripture Translation) Plateau Cluster Workshop that begins on 21 November in Jos, Nigeria. Thank God for the opportunity that these language teams have to meet again before the end of the year. Pray for good collaboration, sharing and progress for the eight language teams as they work on translating the book of Luke. Pray for the language committees of each language represented to be filled with vision and encouragement for how God will use his word to reach their communities with his life, hope and healing through Christ.

  • Completing Eastern Arrernte project

    Eighty kilometres southeast of Alice Springs in central Australia, live the estimated 2,300 speakers of the Eastern Arrernte language. The Eastern Arrernte communities face steep challenges that stem in part from widespread alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Strong believers in the community seek to see more people touched by the truth of the gospel and feel that Scripture in their language is an important part of sharing the gospel message with their people. Hear and read more about this project at:

    Praise God that so much work on translating the New Testament, Genesis, Ruth and part of Exodus has been completed. Pray for the final checking and read-throughs of Philippians and Ephesians.

  • Workshop for school teachers

    John and Lois Severn, based in UK, linguist-translator for the Husa* people in Southeast Asia, visiting twice yearly – The Husa New Testament was dedicated in May 2015, just over a year ago. John and Lois were so encouraged to go back for the anniversary service and continue the Scripture In Use programme among the church leadership at the same time. There is increased confidence in using the Husa New Testament and promoting the language usage through songs. Furthermore there is a desire in Husa to reach into the schools as well. So please pray for the impact of the workshop for school teachers that John conducted this autumn. In addition please pray for the village Husa translation team as they continue the Old Testament translation.


  • Slow progress

    Not much has changed for Central African Republic (CAR) languages without Scriptures in the last year, mainly due to the slow work of rebuilding lives, infrastructure and the economy after three years of conflict. Pray with the Central African and expatriate team working in CAR on these languages and in the languages with just a few verses. Bible translation can move quickly or slowly, depending on the phase. Overall it is slow, painstaking work. Pray for perseverance, for staff needed for the various roles and for finances. (For more information on praying for one of these languages visit

  • Death of the Executive Director

    After being ill for some time, David Tago, Executive Director of the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership (BTLP) of the Solomon Islands, was ushered into the presence of the Lord on 3 November 2016. David is survived by his wife Ribeka, now a single mother of three teenage children and a toddler. David served as the Director since May 2014. His passing has created a big gap in the leadership of BTLP. Please ask the LORD to uphold and comfort his family and BTLP in this time.

  • Need for new leader

    Please pray for the Board of the Bible Translation Literacy Partnership (BTLP) of the Solomon Islands. Pray especially for Pastor Andrew Fanasia, Chair, as he provides leadership for the organization after Executive Director David Tago passed away on November 3. Pray for wisdom for the Board as they seek to find a new director as soon as possible. Ask God for His guidance and that the person He is choosing will respond in obedience.

  • Making progress

    Praise God for the consultant check* completed on Psalms, Song of Songs, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi in the Nobnob language of Papua New Guinea. The translation team worked hard on this, and God's Word has touched many who are involved in the checking. “We want our Old Testament to be published so all our people will read it and be transformed.” The team has now finished 62% of the Old Testament. Pray for the team as they continue their work.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Facing hardship

    Ribeka Tago is the team leader of the Rennell-Bellona translation project in the Solomon Islands. Since the death of her husband, David* in early November, she faces additional challenges and responsibilities in her work, and and as a single mother of three teenage children and a toddler. Pray for God’s presence and peace to abide in Ribeka's family as they go through this season without the physical presence of a husband and a father. Work is in progress for the translation of Rennell-Bellona Old Testament as well as the revision of the New Testament.

    *David served as Executive Director of the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership (BTLP) of the Solomon Islands.

  • Oral Bible story tellers

    In New Caledonia, men and women were trained in Oral Bible story telling during workshops conducted this year. They are now sharing the Bible stories with people in their language communities. Pray that they will have the discipline to handle the Word of God well and communicate accurately. Ask the Lord to stir up the hunger for His Word as people listen to the Bible stories in their languages. Pray that this hunger will motivate the Church and communities to engage in Bible translation work in their languages.

  • Impact of Oral Bible story telling

    Participants in Oral Bible story telling training workshops in New Caledonia are witnessing the impact of God's Word in the lives of people. One of the stories they learned in the workshops is about Jesus sleeping in the boat during a storm and His power to silence it. A participant went home and shared this story with her two sisters who were visiting. She did not know one of them was deeply depressed and contemplating suicide. After hearing the story, this sister said, “If Jesus can calm the storm, He is able to solve my problems.”

  • Scripture celebrations

    Let us praise the Lord with 11 language communities in Papua New Guinea! For the past 10 years, translators worked together to translate portions of the Old Testament and the Gospel of Mark into their heart languages. Celebrations of these Scriptures take place throughout November in the Topura, Wedau, Kanasi, Anuki, Are, Kaninuwa, Iduna, Iamalele, Maiadomu, Buhutu and Kakabai language communities. Pray for the people as they engage with the Scripture in their languages.

  • Impact of Bena New Testament

    Elizabeth Broomhall, Mbeya, Tanzania, translation adviser for the Bena New Testament - Praise God for the publication of Mark, Luke and Acts in the Bena language, and the imminent publication of the pastoral epistles. Please pray for the impact of these newly published Scriptures on Bena church leaders and their congregations (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Bena region is a large area and a lot of people in the villages know nothing of the ongoing translation work in Mbeya. To prepare the Bena people for the impact of the complete New Testament, please pray for improved methods of distributing Scripture portions, more literacy teaching, and general awareness-raising and spiritual hunger.

  • Advisory committee meetings in Tanzania

    During November church leaders from numerous denominations in Tanzania's Mbeya Region will meet together as the advisory committee for the 13-language translation project based in Mbeya. Pray for wisdom for these leaders as they give direction for the project, particularly as several of the languages are nearing completion of the New Testament, and the communities are considering options for continuing to translate Old Testament portions.

  • Bible storying course

    Pray for the Bible storying course that is taking place at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy) this week (16 November). It is a six-day course for those interested in learning about story crafting and biblical storying, which are useful tools for those working with people who enjoy audio and visual learning as well as those working with Scripture in an oral culture.

  • Understanding hidden costs

    New financial and administrative requirements are affecting many translation programs. One financial manager asked for prayer for wisdom to develop a plan for translation programs to pay for the indirect costs of the projects. Indirect costs include things like office rent, vehicle charges, and some preparation costs for translation, Scripture use and literacy workshops. Pray for wisdom as decisions are made about how to do this. Pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funding to cover these costs so Bible translation can continue unhindered.

  • Scripture engagement workshop

    Pray for a Scripture engagement workshop planned for late November. Pray that it will enable participants to understand their own worldviews, and identify important issues for Scripture application in their culture. Ask that they also gain skills in Bible study, teaching, and preparing Bible study materials. Pray for safety and good health for all the participants during the event.

  • Translation advisors needed

    Praise God for the many new languages that will be beginning Bible translation in a country of Asia. A critical need for the work of this coordinated project is new staff to act as translation advisors for the translation teams. Ask God to raise up workers to fill this role in a timely way. Pray for them to be equipped by Him for this work. Thank God for the openings for translation that create this need.

  • Scripture engagement activities

    Praise God for the many ways that newly translated Scripture is being used in one region of Asia. Many Scripture songs have been produced already. Another song writing workshop is being planned for late November. Other teams are encouraging literacy and include Scripture use activities. Pray for wisdom as they develop materials. Pray that local Christ-followers continue to grow in faith and to reach out to people in neighboring language communities.

  • Scripture Engagement specialist

    Praise God for the new person serving as the Minorities Scripture Engagement Coordinator for Wycliffe Thailand. Pray for her as she learns the new role and makes contacts. Pray for the translation teams as they pass the translated Scripture projects to the new Coordinator for her involvement. Ask God to give her wisdom as she develops training materials to use with church leaders.

  • Bible story crafting

    Praise God that the Bible story crafters are nearly finished with the set of stories for the Central Thai who practice traditional beliefs. They have just four or five stories to do. Pray for the team using these stories to adapt a second set into Northern Thai. Pray for these teams as they have many opportunities to network with various organizations and individuals who want to use the stories. Ask God to show them His direction.

  • Strategic engagement & HR support

    Pray for the Eurasia area human resources services leadership team who are currently meeting (15 November) in Germany to work on plans for strategic engagement and HR support.

  • Learning principles of translation in Chad

    Pray for the translation principles workshop which begins in Chad on 14 November - pray for God’s blessing on each of the teachers and participants as they learn the principles of translation. Pray that they will be inspired and envisioned for working in Bible translation.

  • JESUS Film workshop in Mali

    Pray for the four-week JESUS Film workshop in the Dogon Jamsay language in Mali that begins this week (13 November). Pray for good understanding between the Dogon Jamsay community and the translation consultants. Pray that they will find good clear translations of key terms such as grace, cross, and resurrection. Pray that this will touch the hearts of the Dogon Jamsay community and that they respond to the good news. Pray for the expansion of this programme to other Dogon languages on the cliffs and in the plains they live on.

  • Typesetting in Rangi language

    Pray for the typesetting of the book of Acts in the Rangi language of Tanzania, which is scheduled to happen during November. This, together with an audio version and a smartphone app, will then be made available to the 350,000 Rangi speakers, many of whom follow another major religion. Please pray that God would continue to use Scripture to reveal himself to the Rangi.

  • Wycliffe World Day of Prayer

    11 November is the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer – please pray for all the prayer events happening today around the world. Ask God to inspire people to pray for all he is doing through Bible translation.

  • Literacy work in Tanzania

    Pray for the network of volunteers in Dodoma, Tanzania, who give time after harvest and until the following rains to teach basic literacy in their village communities. Pray that as people learn to read and also as they begin to read God's word in their languages (Rangi and Burunge) that God will speak to their hearts. Pray for success in initial literacy work which the team in Tanzania are working to develop with the Alagwa and Mbugwe communities.

Results 31 - 60 of 884
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