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    On July 22, 2015, in the village of San Bernardo, approximately 300 members of the Culina community gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in their language. Dressed in their best clothing, the people happily received the New Testament. They welcomed it with singing and traditional dancing. Eighty-six New Testaments were sold and 28 were given to translation assistants, teachers and pastors from the various villages. Praise the Lord for the good flying weather, safety in flights and river travel and a joyous celebration. Please pray that God will continue to bless this community as they use and understand His Word.

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    Give thanks to God with Argentines Leo Vartanian and Dario Figueiras for the music workshop they led for 20 members of the Chiquitano church of Puquio, Bolivia. Young people and adults enthusiastically composed new songs, improved old ones, and recorded them onto compact discs. In addition, the leaders of the church shared concerns, asked for counsel and discussed issues of leadership. Pray for a spiritual awakening in the region, and that God will use the music to His glory. Ask God to strengthen marriages, motivate young people in their Christian lives and continue to grow His Church.

  • Testing Scripture Recording

    In July, four members of the Guarani Ñandeva translation team in Paraguay recorded the Gospels of Matthew and Luke in audio. They will go to all of the Ñandeva communities with these recordings to test the translation. Give thanks to God for progress made on this project. Praise God with LETRA Paraguay that they were able to purchase land for new headquarters, which will be used to facilitate translation and recording activities in the future.

  • New Translation Strategy

    In Ontario, Canada, the translation committee members for the Oji-Cree Bible have developed a strategy to immediately engage local people with portions of Scripture as they are translated. They decided to focus on the “Prayer Book Lectionary.” It contains portions of Scripture that are read weekly in the local church. The team has a goal of completing over 1,600 New Testament verses during the next year. Pray for the Oji-Cree translators as they develop their skills in both Bible translation and word processing. Praise God for the mini-workshop that was held for them in Kingfisher Lake, Ontario last month.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – the Need

    There are more than 6,900 living languages in the world today. It is estimated that nearly one billion people, representing more than 2,000 of those languages, do not have the New Testament or Old Testament in their language. As many as 340 million people speak languages in which no Bible translation work has even begun. They do not have a single verse of the Bible in their own language. Many of these language communities have oral cultures and many have no writing system for their language. Thank the Lord for those serving in organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance and throughout the Bible translation movements worldwide as they engage in holistic ministries, serving with these communities in various ways. Pray for more people and organizations to become involved.

  • Global Consultation on Music and Mission

    An attendee at the Consultation wrote, “The Global Consultation on Music and Mission was a great experience. It was an opportunity to network, share and learn from others worldwide on what is happening in the arts, particularly music, in the church. We praise God for safe travel and the opportunity to attend. Praise, too, that the presentation on dance in the contemporary indigenous churches in Australia went well.” Ask God to use the presentations from this conference to encourage worship in many churches around the world.

  • Discourse workshop preparation

    Pray for several AuSIL linguists as they prepare materials for an in-depth discourse workshop planned for late September and October. To take full advantage of the training they will need to bring language texts to the workshop that have already been recorded, transcribed and word-by-word glossed. Ask God to give them strength and perseverance as they prepare. Pray that the trainers have wisdom and energy as they prepare the training sessions.

  • Language and the Law conference

    Pray for the members of AuSIL who will participate in the Language and the Law conference planned for August 28-30 in Darwin. Pray that they will represent the interests of Aboriginal language communities well at this conference focused on interpretation issues.

  • Planning future Scripture recording

    Pray for the Lord's guidance for those considering a trip to do Scripture recording in the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin. Ask that the right readers will be available for the recording sessions and that the technical and editing staff will be available to facilitate the process. Thank God for the many Scripture recordings that have been done this year from May through August.

  • Partnership in Scripture recording

    Pray for AuSIL and Faith Comes by Hearing as they work together to record portions of the Amarasi New Testament. They hope to join together to work on additional projects in the future. Pray for this partnership as they work together to develop good processes for producing quality recordings. Pray, too, for the Amarasi people who listen to the recordings, that their hearts and lives will be changed by hearing God's Word.

  • Burarra Scripture prepared for Bible app

    Kathy Glasgow has completed recording of the New Testament in Burarra. Pray for Alan Rogers, Chris Guthrie and others as they edit the final files, and then incorporate the files into the newly created Burarra Bible app so the text is highlighted as the audio plays. Pray for the Burarra listeners to be transformed as they listen to God's Word.

  • Importance of Scripture recording

    When serving indigenous language communities which have strong oral traditions, it is important for audio recordings of Scripture to be available as quickly as possible once new translation portions are complete.  Many things are needed to make this happen including technical expertise, quiet recording studios and mother tongue readers for the language being recorded.  After recording is done, workers edit and finalize the audio files.  Pray for those involved in the recording and editing process for many languages in Australia.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Service

    Organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance facilitate compassionate service among the world’s minority peoples, encouraging sustainable, locally-owned initiatives and programs that will help communities thrive. When people meet God through the compassion of His followers and through hearing Scripture in words they can understand and relate to, lives can change. Families, communities and cultures can grow stronger. Hope and love can become realities, not just dreams. Justice and mercy can become tangible, not just words. Pray along with the Alliance, that individuals, communities and nations will be transformed through God’s love and Word expressed and experienced in their languages and cultures.

  • Flooding disaster

    Pray for those affected by flooding in Myanmar. The worst problems began when Cyclone Komen hit the southern states. Recent reports say over one million people were affected and 100 died in the disaster. Pray for local and international relief efforts to provide food and shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed. Ask God to provide a bumper crop of rice in fields not affected by flooding, so there is sufficient for the coming year. Pray for those who will continue in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts as the waters recede.

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    Thank the Lord that the Assyrian Bible translator who had a heart attack recently is home from the hospital. He is recovering well, walking without a walker, and is generally feeling better. He has the strength to begin working a little on the translation via Skype. He looks forward to being able to do more. People from all over the Assyrian-speaking world have been sending emails of well wishes and prayers. He is grateful for all the prayers. Please pray for his full recovery and full strength.

  • Assyrian Old Testament progress

    The Assyrian Bible translation team is reviewing Old Testament books that have been drafted, checking them against the Hebrew for accuracy, checking spelling, and reading them through for clarity and naturalness. When the checks are done, they will put them online as drafts for anyone to read and give feedback. They just finished Joshua and are working on Judges, Ecclesiastes, Jonah, and Ruth. Pray for accuracy in each step of the review process.

  • Church beginning

    There are at least five churches or home groups meeting for worship using a certain minority language in West Asia.  Please pray that these groups will grow and multiply, that God will give them unity, depth and maturity. Pray that more people from this language group will meet Jesus and commit their lives to follow Him.

  • More resources needed

    Pray for adequate financial and personnel resources to engage in partnerships with language communities that request help in language development and translation projects. There are a number of potential projects which could ask for help and which we would struggle to respond to under current circumstances.

  • Health challenges

    Pray for the wellbeing of translation and language personnel working in West Asia. A number of them, or close family members, are experiencing health challenges at the present time. In a number of cases this is affecting the work they are able to do. Pray for refreshment, strengthening and healing.

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    Several thousand calendars with local poetry and Scripture verses were distributed during an important Yakut summer festival. Yakut is the major language of Eastern Siberia, with nearly 500,000 speakers. Please pray that these calendars will create a desire for more Scripture and to know God better.

  • Leadership development

    New, upcoming leaders are starting to get involved in the SIL leadership team that is a part of the Bible translation work in the Russian Federation. Pray for grace for them to listen and learn well. Pray for God’s guidance on their development as leaders.

  • Short return allowed

    One worker who was refused re-entry into the Russian Federation and had to move out of the country, was allowed to return for a short time. She writes, 'I want to express my great joy and thanks to God that I have been able to visit [Russia] and to meet dear friends again…I hope to be able to go back soon.' She had meetings with the members of the translation team, worked on three books in progress, and checked the translation with different people. Praise God with her for this visit, and pray for unity among the team members.

  • New workers

    Thank God for several new workers who have recently arrived in the Russian Federation. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction on them and their leaders, as they discern and choose project assignments. Pray for good adjustments to the culture and location.

  • More cancer

    Anne, who just finished treatment for breast cancer, was diagnosed with another form of cancer, mesothelioma. Please pray for her healing and strength. Specifically pray that the wound from the operation to drain fluid from around her lungs will heal. No other treatment can start until it is healed. Pray that the treatment planned will prolong Anne's life well beyond the average of one year and that she will be well to see her daughter Liz married in August next year. Pray that Anne and her family will know God's overwhelming love for them throughout this experience.

  • Mother tongue translator loses his job

    A team leader writes: "When the mother-tongue translator decided to join our project a few months ago, he was informed 'coincidentally' that he would lose his job.” Please pray that God will give him peace, guidance and provision in this difficult situation.

  • Myeloma diagnosis

    Phil, the finance manager of the SIL Eurasia Area UK office, writes: “I have received a confirmed diagnosis of myeloma, a form of blood cancer.  I am starting treatment and we’ll have to see how that affects my ability to work. I will need to take at least a month off, probably around March, to be in hospital for a stem-cell transplant.” Ask God to give Phil comfort, courage and grace. Ask God to heal him and restore his health.

  • Hundreds join to celebrate in Central Ifugao

    Praise God for the Central Ifugao (Amganad) whole Bible celebration in Piwong, Ifugao on May 20. Hundreds of Ifugaos joined together to celebrate this event, highlighting life transformation that has happened in Ifugao communities through the translated Word. Many people pre-purchased the Bible months before it even went to the printer! May their communities continue to be impacted through God’s Word.

  • Scripture awareness among Kagayanens. Philippines

    An ongoing challenge for pastors and others is to create adequate awareness of the importance and benefit of translated Scriptures and the difference it can make in people’s lives. They must understand why their translation is not going to look exactly like whatever Bible they have been used to using. Pray for Kagayanens to grow in awareness of the benefits of their translated Scriptures.

  • Teacher Training Transition

    Much work has gone into training teachers in how to help Grade 2 students bridge their literacy skills in the mother tongue to reading and writing in Filipino in three language communities. Now, SIL, along with Save the Children, are turning over these MTB-MLE* materials and training modules to the Department of Education. Pray for a smooth transition. Pray also for the Lord’s guidance in how SIL can continue to serve these communities and be a resource for the teachers. 

    *MTB-MLE stands for Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education and provides for education in a child’s mother tongue in the early grades, which has been proven to increase attendance, participation and learning.  A strong foundation in the mother tongue also helps students to successfully acquire Filipino and English, which are the languages of instruction in later grades.

  • Introduction to Bible storytelling

    Pray for the four days of 'Taste and See' Oral Bible Storytelling workshop in mid-August in New Caledonia. Pray for the Spirit of God to brood over the workshop participants and facilitators as the Oral Bible storytelling approach is shared with the church there. Ask the Lord to open the hearts and minds of church leaders and pastors about the use of the mother tongue and the importance and need for Bible translation work. Pray for Sineina Gela and Badi Vila as they work with others and help coach two young New Caledonian Oral Bible storytellers, Koko and Billy.

Results 31 - 60 of 707
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