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  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God! After a delay due to lack of funds for printing, God provided for the Lambya project. Five thousand copies of the New Testament have been printed and shipped to Malawi. Pray for God to guide in preparations for a dedication and that many Lambya will participate. The translation of the Old Testament continues and over 50 percent has been checked by a consultant. Lift up the translation team, asking the Lord to give them endurance and joy as they work closely with God’s Word. Pray that they will grow spiritually in the process. Pray for sufficient funds for consultants to check the remaining books. The goal is to finish the Old Testament by the end of 2017. Thank the Lord for 40 literacy centers operating among the Lambya. Intercede for those attending the classes, that they will be better equipped for life and ministry, and delight in reading God’s Word. The Word For The World

  • Scripture nearing completion

    After a major flooding in the area, Elhomwe believers discovered that the Word of God provides comfort and hope during even the gravest of disasters. Praise God that Bible translation work continues as the team drafts Ecclesiastes, Amos and Daniel. Drafting Amos reminded the translation team that God can use anyone, no matter how lowly their position, to accomplish his grand purposes. Pray for the ongoing distribution of the published New Testament, that it will reach many Elhomwe speakers. Ask the Lord to grant the people “ears to hear” so they understand the truth of the gospel and grow in grace. The translators are thankful for their committee of reviewers who carefully read through drafted books and provide helpful feedback for improving the translation. Lift up the translators, and pray for their protection from discouragement and distraction. Bible Society of Malawi; Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Give thanks to God, the Tharaka translation team is finishing consultant checks for the remaining Old Testament books. All books have been drafted and the team hopes to complete the Old Testament in 2016. Pray for God's guidance as they begin the final checks and do a read-through to prepare for typesetting the manuscript. The Tharaka people have embraced Scripture and decided it belongs in every aspect of their community. As they receive the Bible in their mother tongue, they weave Scripture into the varied textures of their lives. Pray that the Tharaka would continue to use the translated Scriptures within their homes and that it would transform their lives. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God that 32 Bible stories prepared in the Samburu language over the past two years have been audio recorded. Now these audio Scriptures can be distributed to nonreaders in the community. Prepublication spelling checks, technical advisor checks and final edits are underway for the Samburu New Testament. Give thanks for those who attended an adult education seminar that trained 30 teachers to use the Samburu translated Scripture materials. Pray that the seeds these teachers plant will bear spiritual fruit. Ask the Holy Spirit to give health and strength to the team members and their families. Lift them up in prayer so that nothing would stop or distract the translation team from their work. Pray that the Lord would supply enough rain so that crops would grow. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God for good Internet connections between the Rendille translation team members and their consultant in Kenya, and a team member in South Africa. Using Paratext Live, an editing software program that allows them to have direct access to one another’s computer, they have reviewed Mark, Matthew, John, Luke and Acts. They also compared parallel passages among the Gospels and checked key biblical terms across the New Testament. This year they want to revise Ephesians, Philippians, James, John and possibly Revelation. In addition, they hope to complete a check of key terms. Please pray especially for the health of the team. Nick, in South Africa, has had unexpected health issues. Ask God to put his healing hand on him so he can continue to work. Pray too, that new hearing aids will greatly benefit him. Africa Inland Mission

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Ilchamus New Testament project is restarting after a few years of inactivity. Thank the Lord for a renewed desire among the people to have God’s Word! The project has been under attack. Pray for a successful restart and for the formation of a new, strong and energized translation team. Ask the Lord to provide the resources needed for project expenses. They have a goal of completing the New Testament by the end of 2018. Prayer is vital in bringing God’s Word to the Ilchamus in their heart language. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Giryama Old Testament is approaching the finish line. Last year the translation team checked the final book over Skype with a consultant based in Europe. They also reviewed the New Testament, and some pastors in the community made a final read-through of the complete Bible. Lift up the team as they now typeset the Bible, a detailed task involving many formatting decisions. Ask the Lord to give them strength, alertness and joy. Pray for the printing firm in South Korea to produce quality, well-bound books and for the books to be safely shipped back to Kenya. Depending on the time frame of these activities, a dedication could possibly be held by the end of the year. Pray for the Giryama to love Jesus and be transformed by his Word. Bible Translation and Literacy Kenya

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Rejoice! The Manjaku team completed typesetting the New Testament last year and sent it to be printed. Pray that a problem with receiving funds for printing will be quickly resolved so that the printing will proceed without hindrance. A dedication is planned between July and October 2016. Pray for an ongoing literacy project to successfully prepare readers, not only in Guinea-Bissau but also in Senegal, Gambia and other countries where Manjaku speakers are scattered. Lift up Manjaku women in particular; 86 percent of them are non-literate. May they soon have the joy of reading, and especially reading God’s Word. Lift up the translation team and their families, asking the Lord to keep them healthy and safe from spiritual attacks. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God, a consultant finished checking the Yemba New Testament last year and the translation team began to work with a typesetter to lay it out for printing. Pray for wisdom in decisions they make about formatting. Ask the Lord to give them keen eyes as they proofread the final manuscript. Thank the Lord for the Interchurch Committee, a body of all denominations in the area that partner in the translation project. Together with the local language committee, they are planning for and setting up committees to prepare for a dedication event late this year. Pray for successful ongoing literacy courses to prepare readers for the New Testament. Give thanks for Yemba who are so eager to have God’s Word in their heart language that they have pre-purchased copies, even before it was sent for printing! Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy; Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Rejoice! The translation team worked with a typesetter in 2015 and prepared the Yambetta New Testament for publication. Praise God for new Paratext computer software that sped up the translation process. Pray that the printing process will move forward seamlessly and that the books will be safely transported back to the Yambetta area. Lift the translation team up in prayer, as well as the community of Yambetta, as they draw near to the end of the project. Ask God to give people patience as they wait for their finished New Testament. Pray that God will protect the team from illness and harm as the dedication day approaches. Ask the Lord to give wisdom and strength to those planning the dedication and Scripture engagement activities. Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy; Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God, the complete Lamnso’ Bible will soon be available to the Nso’ people! Lift up the need for funding to print the Bibles. Pray for the Nso’ to fully engage with God’s Word and for whole communities to be transformed. Pray that the truths of God’s Word will break down cultural practices that oppose the gospel and ultimately lead people to true freedom in Christ. Pray for the various denominations to promote the Lamnsoʼ Scriptures in their churches. Thank the Lord that a program designed to train churches on how to lead Bible studies using audio Scriptures brought together seven denominations. Pray for success in the efforts of literacy organizations so that many Nso’ will be able to read. Pray that the Lamnso’ dictionary will be completed soon. This will raise the prestige of the language and enhance research in Lamnso’. Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy

  • Scripture nearing completion

    It was a dedication celebration like none other. On April 25, 2015 two Bum chiefs carried the newly published New Testament to the front of the crowd on the throne normally used to carry chiefs for enthronement. Local church leaders had mobilized the entire community for the event, with many people trekking for hours to participate. A drama demonstrated the bondage people live in, showing that only the Word of God can liberate them. The two chiefs who carried the New Testaments had believed after listening to the Scriptures in their mother tongue. One of them began a literacy class in his palace, along with a prayer meeting and Bible study cell group. In the district capital of Bamenda, a group of Bum people who live there meet each week to sing, read and meditate from the Bum New Testament. Praise God, his Word is being used and making an impact! Pray for this to continue and for many to come to Christ. Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy

  • Salt and light

    Give thanks to God for the residence where retired Wycliffe UK member, Gillian Story, lives in Lindfield, Sussex. Pray that she may be salt and light among the staff and fellow residents. Pray also for her as she grieves the loss of her friend and colleague, Con Naish, who passed away in November 2015. Beginning in 1959, they served together in Alaska and Canada doing linguistics (Gillian) and translation (Con) for several language groups.


  • Preparing for consultant checks

    Praise God for the reviewers checking workshop held for several languages in South Asia. 56 Christian leaders and believers took part. The workshop coordinator wrote, “They [the reviewers] were so happy to see and hear the word of God in their own language, and it was a totally new experience for them. Many of them promised that they will continue to pray and help the translator in the coming days.” Pray for this taste of Scripture to ignite a passion for God's Word in the hearts of these leaders and believers.

  • Planning for literacy and Scripture engagement

    Pray for the team of project leaders who are meeting in February and March to plan literacy and Scripture engagement activities for the coming three years. They will meet with partners several times to learn of the local interests and concerns. They need to agree on the priorities and major emphases as they discuss the future. Ask God for His wisdom to guide their discussions and for a unity of heart and mind as they determine the priorities.

  • New Testament printing

    Pray for the printing to go forward for a New Testament. Regional issues caused a delay in bringing together all the resources needed for the print run. Ask God to enable the printing house to complete the job quickly so that the New Testaments can reach readers this year. Pray for those planning the celebration for when they arrive in the language community. Ask God to touch hearts and minds as the Word is read in this community.

  • Training and ongoing support

    Praise God that Lizzie Poole (new member of Wycliffe UK & Ireland) has had a good start to training and a smooth adjustment back to full-time studying. Pray for her ongoing support-raising as her start date, to some extent, depends on this.


  • Follow

    Give praise that the meetings went well and each one attending travelled safely. The participants and partnership leaders dialogued openly about the challenges of reaching special audiences with God’s Word in culturally sensitive ways. All engaged in the clear and helpful presentations. They agreed upon a few concrete next steps. Further action will depend on follow-up communication. The group will meet again in Thailand in early May. Please pray for the follow-up steps to be completed and for continued progress the next time they meet. 

  • Follow

    Thank you for your prayers for Anne and her battle with two types of cancer. Her wound healed and she received chemotherapy. Recently she received the encouraging news that the mesothelioma is stable which means no further chemotherapy at this time. The next evaluation is in 6 weeks. This window of time will allow Anne to have cataract surgery on her right eye, which has been delayed for a year due to the cancer treatments. The family hopes to take a holiday between surgery and oncology appointments. Please pray for effective cataract surgery, a refreshing holiday and for the mesothelioma to be healed.

  • Follow

    Phil, the finance manager of the SIL Eurasia Area UK office, is improving medically with treatment for myeloma. However he is feeling very poorly following in-hospital treatment in January. He has a long recovery from this point. He has been advised that his dose of chemo was “equivalent to open heart surgery and not to expect to feel well for a long while.” He will recover at home for several weeks before attempting to return to work. Please pray for God to restore Phil’s strength and to continue the healing process.

  • Training of Trauma Healing facilitators

    The second session of a three-module facilitator training course in Scripture-based trauma healing is taking place in Isiro, DRC from Feb 3 - 8, 2016. Please pray for the staff and the participants. Once we see this group of trainees through the three modules, we hope to have a good number of strong trauma healing facilitators for this area of DR Congo and for the churches here from which they come. Pray that God continues to use these materials to bring healing and transform lives.

  • Partnership development & sharing what God is doing

    Pray that as Phil and Tany Prior (new members of Wycliffe UK & Ireland) seek prayerful and financial support to serve with the Global Alliance, they would point people to God and what he’s doing through the Bible translation movement. Also pray for Tany, Amy and Sophie when work takes Phil away from home - pray for health, safety and security when they are apart and happy reunions when he returns.

  • Final checks needed for publishing

    Pray for the final checks needed before publishing Scriptures in a country of Southeast Asia. The New Testaments will be published by the Bible Society, and they have consultants who must approve each text before publication. Ask God to supply the right person for each check. Pray for good health, wisdom and adequate funding for each one. Thank God that these are ready for publication and pray that they reach the language communities soon.

  • Puppets for language learning

    Praise God for the language learning coordinator for many teams in Southeast Asia. In mid-2015 she taught a workshop for parents on how to use puppets to help their children learn the local language. The results are already apparent: many of the children are more comfortable in their new location. Now she is planning a second round of training and coaching with 33 families. She will report her findings at a language learning conference in April. Pray for these families as they learn the new techniques. Pray for the children, as they settle in to new countries where their parents plan to work.

  • Multilingual education conference

    Pray for the International Conference on Language Policy in Multicultural and Multilingual Settings planned for February in Myanmar. International and local experts will come together to discuss the themes of multilingual education, language policy, social cohesion and peacebuilding. Ask God for wisdom and a spirit of peace in these discussions. Pray that this will result in a good way forward for multilingual education in this society.

  • Scripture engagement team in Nigeria

    Pray that the Scripture Engagement team that Helen Fisher (new Wycliffe UK & Ireland member) will join in Nigeria may know God's guidance, wisdom and protection as they seek to share the good news about Jesus.


  • Jonah and Ruth translated

    Praise God that a language group in South Asia has finished the translation of Jonah and Ruth.  A color, comic book style version is ready, with an animated video to follow.  Resources will be uploaded to the internet for speakers who are scattered around the world. When one lady heard Ruth being read, she said, “That is just like us! We too have lost our sons and our husbands and are having to make a new life in a foreign land. It fills me with such hope to hear how God helped Ruth and Naomi all those years ago.” Give thanks that these Scriptures and some short New Testament portions will soon be available to people in various countries, bringing hope to many.

  • Songwriting workshop

    Ten participants from five different language groups attended a songwriting workshop in late January. Each participant showed love for the Lord, musical gifting, and a willingness to be open with the others in the group. In addition to spending time studying the Word and learning about the songwriting process, the group recorded a total of 36 songs during the week. Most of the songs were newly-composed during the workshop. Some are translated songs or songs previously written. Praise God for these new songs! Pray that they will be used effectively in each community.

  • Final stages for completion of the Fuliiru Bible

    The well-used and appreciated New Testament in Fuliiru, (pop. ±400,000), was dedicated in 2000.  This year, Lord willing, the complete Bible, including the revised New Testament, will be typeset and sent to the printer in South Korea. Much work remains to be done, including applying the results of some updates to the orthography.  At least through the end of September, the manuscript will be undergoing consultant and community checks, and spelling checks (including orthography updates.)  Typesetting is currently scheduled for October 2016, in Nairobi, Kenya.  Pray that the checking will be finished in good time, and that the funding needed for publication will come in.

  • Transitions for new Wycliffe UK & Ireland member

    Pray that Marie South (new member of Wycliffe UK & Ireland) would make good transitions: from industry to Bible translation; from a bustling work-place to home-based working; from serving scientists and patients to serving language workers and communities.

Results 31 - 60 of 657
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