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  • VITAL workshops

    Joe & Heather Patrick, Alotau Regional Centre managers, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea – Over the last 10 years, the regional centre has hosted a series of VITAL workshops (Vernacular Initiative in Translation And Literacy), training Papua New Guineans to translate into their own languages and also in literacy and Scripture use. The culmination of VITAL has been the recent dedications of mini-Bibles in 11 Milne Bay languages. For several of the language groups, this is their first printed Scripture. Pray that it will be well used and bear much spiritual fruit.

  • Time of transition

    Chris and Marina Darby – Chris and Marina’s assignment as literacy specialists in Senegal came to an end in July 2016, and they have returned to live in Berkshire. Thank God for the hugely enriching time they had serving in Senegal for over 11 years. Pray for the ongoing work in Senegal, especially among the Manjak people and through the multilingual primary school project in the Seereer language, which brings hope to hundreds of learners and the wider community. This year, Chris is doing a full-time MA in education at Reading University, with plans for ongoing consultancy work in French-speaking West Africa. Please pray for this time of transition and adaptation for both Chris and Marina, for God to lead them both forward in his plans and for Chris to benefit fully from the MA course and to be a blessing.

  • Literacy work in Tanzania

    Margaret Beckett, Dodoma, Tanzania, literacy coordinator – Pray for the Alagwa, Burunge, Rangi and Mbugwe communities where Margaret works, that literacy work will equip them to receive and understand translated Scripture, in audio, visual and written forms.

  • Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy

    The Linguistics for Literacy and Meaning and Communication courses start at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy) in Gloucester today (4 January). Please pray for the students as they return from the field to continue their studies for the next five months.

  • Ministry to language communities

    Pray for those working with UNTI as they serve the language communities of Mexico. Their most important projects are related to Bible translation. Their mission also includes diverse projects in education, health, environmental stewardship, human rights and legal matters. Pray that God will supply the necessary personnel, creativity and wisdom to continue and advance these projects in this new year.

  • Scripture in use

    AWI* members in Peru are working together with pastors to help equip church leaders and villagers to read and use the Bible in their languages. Biblical comprehension is the new focus of AWI’s literacy efforts. They are also encouraging the use of Quechua hymns, Sunday school lessons and Bible studies in their services. Pray that pastors in the pilot program will support this training and that church members will better understand God’s Word and teach it to others.

     *AWI – Quechua partner organization participating in the Bible translation movement in Huaraz, Peru


    Praise God for the completion of the CILTA* course for 2016 in Peru. Give thanks that the students who graduated in December have returned to their home countries safely. Ask God to inspire their churches to partner with them as they seek His guidance and the financial resources needed for future ministry in translation and literacy.

    *CILTA - International course in linguistics, translation and literacy at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

  • A time for renewal

    Those involved in Bible Translation in Peru will have a time of spiritual retreat January 22-28. Pray that they will quiet their hearts before God and learn what God wants to teach them from His Word. Ask God to give them good fellowship and growth in their love for Him, one another and the people who do not yet have His Word. Pray that God’s Spirit will be evident in their lives, conversations, meetings and hearts. Ask for God’s guidance in the business sessions and in the election of the Advisory Committee members for this year.

  • Kingdom growth through PAAM

    Pray with PAAM that God will awaken more churches in Panama to the mission of the Kingdom of God. Ask that they will send many more workers into areas where the message of salvation has not yet been delivered. Pray for PAAM personnel and volunteers serving around the world. Ask God to show His power at work in every mission project and in every country where God has led workers. Pray that He will provide physical and spiritual resources for them. Continue to lift up the leadership of PAAM, that God will give them wisdom, direction and strength.

  • A place to prepare for ministry

    Pray for SETECA, the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala. Alumni from lay and pastoral-training courses and university-level studies are making an impact for Christ. They work in Spanish-speaking countries and global cross-cultural ministries, including Bible translation. Pray for the recent graduates preparing for or beginning the ministries to which God has called them. Pray for the faculty, staff and students, that they will continue to live lives of humble dependence on God reflecting the love of Christ in their relationships and studies.

  • TOTAL it up

    Taste of Translation and Linguistics (TOTAL) is a five-day course to help people determine if Bible translation, linguistics and cross-cultural ministry are right for them. Two TOTAL courses were held in the United States in early January, one in Texas and one in Florida. Students were exposed to phonetics, phonology, grammar, cultural studies, semantics and more. They saw and heard video field reports about translation projects. Special sessions on Ethno-Arts, Scripture Impact, Literacy and other themes were also available. Pray for those who participated in the TOTAL experience. Ask God to confirm His call to those whom He is leading into Bible translation ministry.

  • Raising additional support

    David and Evelyn Baines, Scotland – David is a member of the language software development team and a teacher at Redcliffe College. Evelyn has a new role as member care assistant for Wycliffe members in Scotland. At this time they are both focusing on raising their support back up to 100%. For a few months now, Wycliffe has supplemented their income which is a great blessing, however, this can't continue indefinitely. Please pray for opportunities for David and Evelyn to share about their work and for new partners to join their support team.

  • Promotional event for Inakeanon New Testament

    Pray for the results of the Inakeanon translation team's second Scripture promotion event last month on December 25th. Pray for an increased excitement for the translation, as well as spiritual fruit in the lives of those who bought items. Continue to pray for good progress and minimal interruptions on the revision of Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Hebrews and Revelation.

  • Progress update on Bible Story crafting deadline

    Give thanks to God that the 33 Brooke’s Point Palawano Bible stories are in the process of being consultant-checked. Praise God for a successful community check to discuss key terms on December 22. Pray that the stories are approved and ready for an audio recording on January 19-26. So far one Palawano has volunteered as a "voice actor." Please ask God to provide an additional 9 volunteers, and that He would bring about the fruit of changed lives through the hearing of His word.

  • Printing and launching plans in progress! Philippines

    The Bantoanon translation team has completed the review of the text for the typesetting of the Bantoanon New Testament. The manuscript is now at the printers. Pray for God’s protection over the equipment and the people involved in the printing of this precious book, and pray for the team of people making plans for the book’s launching set for April 6, 2017 in the Philippines.

  • Digo and Duruma teams

    Pray for the Digo and Duruma teams in Kenya as they begin consultant checking Habakkuk and Joel today (2 January). Ask God to watch over them as they work.

  • Serving in sensitive countries

    Pray for new Wycliffe members Nathan* and Becky*, that God will guide, strengthen and protect each of them as they prepare to go and serve in sensitive countries. Pray that their work in those countries will bring many people to faith.

    *names changed for security purposes

  • All-night prayer meeting

    New Year’s Eve is an all-night prayer meeting for many believers in Senegal. Pray for them as they meet together and seek God's blessing over their lives and seek wisdom in how God can be glorified in Senegal during 2017.

  • Prayer and financial support

    Pray that the Lord will help new member, Sharon Dennis to raise the necessary prayer and financial support. Pray also that God will guide her to the location where she will be best able to serve.

  • New overseas assignment

    Pray for guidance for Rachel Robinson as to where she should go for her overseas assignment in 2017. Rachel is interested in francophone Africa but is open to other ideas. Ask God to make it clear where he is calling her to serve.

  • New home

    Pray for retired member, Richard Lee, as he puts down roots in his new home in Norfolk. Please also pray for various health problems to ease. Pray for Richard and his siblings as they keep an eye on their mother (aged 90) who is now happily living in a care home.

  • New field of service

    Pray for the adjustment that Liz Olsen needs to make now that her identity as a missionary with Wycliffe is coming to an end. Pray for a new field of service for the Lord through her home church.

  • Retiring Wycliffe UK couple

    Ask that God would be able to use the skills and experience that John and Ruth Hamilton have gained through their years with Wycliffe to continue to serve his church worldwide. Pray that during their retirement they will be able to enjoy the family God has given them and the world God has created for us to live in.

  • Reading about the birth of Jesus

    Thank God for the birth of Jesus – also thank God that many more people can read about the birth of Jesus through the translated New Testaments that have been launched during the past year.

  • Just solution for Ro people

    Pray for a just solution for the situation of the Ro which enables them to live in peaceful coexistence with the different groups around them. See more at:

  • Ro* believers translating Acts

    Three Ro* believers who are helping to translate the book of Acts were arrested for their faith and thrown into a crowded prison. Thank God that they were able to share their faith with some of the other prisoners. Praise God that they were released on bail after three months. Pray for protection from evil and continued growth in their faith for these believers. See more at:

    * Name changed for security reasons

  • Provision of Ro* Scriptures

    Pray for the provision of Scriptures in the heart language of the Ro*. There are many challenges involved – it is an oral culture, there is no agreed writing system, and migration has meant that the language is changing as the Ro integrate words into their language from the languages of the places where they are now living. See more at:

    *Name changed for security reasons

  • *Ro families

    Pray for *Ro families that have been separated through migration, especially for children who are separated from their parents, or who have been orphaned. Pray that God would comfort and guide them. See more at:

    *Name changed for security reasons

  • Sangu Scriptures nearing completion

    The entire Sangu New Testament is scheduled for completion in 2017. Sangu is one of the 13 languages included in the Mbeya Cluster project which represents about three million people in the Mbeya area of the United Republic of Tanzania. In partnership with the local churches, Bible translation and mother tongue literacy programs have been launched in most of these languages, with Tanzanians trained to take leadership roles in the work. Pray that more Sangu people will learn to read and engage with the Scripture. Pray for protection for the translation team and their families as they prepare the Sangu Scriptures for publication.

  • Final steps for the Kinga New Testament

    Across the United Republic of Tanzania an estimated 140,000 people speak Kinga. The Kinga New Testament published in 1961, is difficult for today's generation to read. A newly translated New Testament is in the final stages before publication. Pray for the completion of these steps so the team can work on pre-publication. Pray that Kinga speakers will be eager to have God’s Word. Ask God to help them become advocates for Bible translation in other languages. Kinga is part of the Mbeya Cluster Project in Tanzania which focuses on 13 languages in the region. (More about the Kinga people here.)

Results 31 - 60 of 598
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