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  • Orality approaches

    Forty language groups in SIL partnerships in India have orality projects running. Pray for the safety of the storytellers as they go around to share their stories. Praise God for those who receive the good news with gladness. Pray for the small groups of believers that are meeting in many places. Pray for courage for the new believers in the face of opposition. Pray for the trainers and consultants, that they will manage their many tasks well with perseverance and joy. Work will start in about fifteen more languages over the next year. Pray for the identification of the right participants and for enough funding.

  • Last Command Initiative

    In 2016, the Last Command Initiative partnership is serving 134 languages with respect to demonstration of the gospel—literacy, language development, local leadership, and social development using the mother tongue. This work is integrated with the Bible translation and storying in the local churches. Ask God to provide their funding needs and to raise up more local and state level facilitators.

  • Font development

    Pray for the final stages of development for Awami Nastaliq, a computer font needed to write the complex form of Nastaliq-style calligraphy used in a region of West Asia. This font is the first to be adequate for a wide variety of minority languages in this region. Until recently, no font supported any language but the national language.

  • Eurasia

    Heather Ford Lark, UK, staff care services co-ordinator for Eurasia area - In HR services in Eurasia, the overriding goal is to see all staff thriving in their current assignments and developing for the future. Many staff members work in very challenging environments, both physically and spiritually. The aim is to help them prepare well for these situations, but also to help them to process and learn from the tough events that they will inevitably go through. Heather coordinates a small team of experts able to offer counselling, advice about children’s education and staff care training within Eurasia area. Please pray that the team will be able to provide emotional, practical, supportive and spiritual resources to enable workers to remain resilient whilst working in challenging situations.  

  • SIL Nigeria staff conference

    Pray for the SIL* Nigeria staff conference which starts on 18 October in Jos. Give thanks to God for all that he has been doing among the Nigerian language communities through SIL Nigeria. Praise God for progress made in strategic planning this year. Continue to pray for increasing opportunities to engage in strategic planning together with other partners also engaged in reaching out to Nigerian language communities.

    *Wycliffe's primary partner organisation

  • Facing trials

    Three families in different communities of a language community in the southern Philippines have experienced severe trials after receiving the New Testament and believing the Good News about Christ. In two of the three communities, reading groups were formed where the Holy Spirit was their only teacher, but over the past two years they have been decimated by one medical crisis after another. Various illnesses have claimed twelve lives in the past year alone. In addition, one was bitten by a shark, two have been shot, and others have been in and out of the hospital dozens of times. So far their faith has held strong, and they continue to read the New Testament together. Pray that God will hold them through their trials so that their faith, knowledge and experience of His grace will grow, and that they will be a testimony to those around them. May the Word continue to spread throughout this language group.

  • Scripture engagement workshop in Chad

    Pray for the Scripture engagement workshop beginning in Chad on 17 October to help churches in using the translated Scriptures. Pray that God will guide each day of the six-day workshop.

  • Effectiveness for Non-Roman Script Initiative team

    Martin Raymond, Cheshire, part of the Non-Roman Script Initiative (NRSI) team - The NRSI exists to enable language communities to use their preferred writing system on computers without technical barriers. The team designs fonts for different scripts and script styles, and improves technologies for displaying and printing the written word. Pray for good feedback from language communities so the team can ensure their fonts include all the characters, in the appropriate style, to meet their needs. Please pray too that Scriptures which use the fonts would present God's word clearly and attractively. Please pray that Martin would lead and support the team effectively, ensuring they relate well to other departments and organisations.

  • Perseverance for Kamuku translation team

    Please pray for perseverance and stamina for the translation team in the difficult and detailed work of translating the Scriptures. The current team of four men have been faithful over the early years of the project and are well-equipped to continue the work although none of them are highly educated.

  • Technology development

    Pray for efforts to enhance an important computer industry technology - OpenType - to better support complex scripts. Because of SIL's success in developing a similar technology - Graphite - and their overall expertise in minority writing systems, SIL has been invited to participate at the ground level in this effort. SIL staff are working closely with those from Google, Microsoft and other tech companies. Please pray that key proposals are accepted and that the work would be a high priority for those companies. The resulting improvements could have a major impact in enabling many languages that need Bible translation.

  • Pray boldly for provision

    Funding for Bible translation in the Central African Republic has fallen steadily for the last five years, making it hard to buy essential computer equipment for the teams. During the recent civil war, much equipment was looted, and other items simply wore out. ACATBA’s* projects now need some 24 computers to get Bible translation work running at full speed there again.  Please pray boldly for these computers to be supplied, facilitating translation work in 22 languages. Pray for these Bibleless language groups too – some have an almost complete New Testament, others have no more than a handful of Scripture verses. Find out more about CAR.

     * ACATBA is the Bible Translation and Literacy Organisation of the Central African Republic

  • Finance Services Department in difficulties

    Parfait, ACATBA’s Finance Director,* recently had major computer problems, losing data and eventually having to replace the hard drive. Then a second accounting computer also stopped working just days later, after a hacking incident last year when someone in France accessed their data and began to blackmail the organisation. Now Wycliffe member Mike Buchanan is working from the USA to save ACATBA’s accounting data – please pray for success, and that God will provide new computers with the accounting software, and the training and IT support, that the ACATBA finance staff need.

    * ACATBA is the Bible Translation and Literacy Organisation of the Central African Republic

  • New committee for Kamuku translation project

    Please pray for effective local leadership of the translation work from the Kamuku Christian community as a new committee is chosen and picks up the baton this year. They will need wisdom and initiative in promoting the project in the scattered Kamuku churches as well as guiding the translation work.

  • Hindrances in Kamuku project

    The growth of the Kamuku translation project has been hindered by some interdenominational and relational conflicts in the last couple of years. Pray for healing of differences and a desire to work together across different denominations for the progress of the gospel among the Kamuku people.

  • Finding the final languages

    SIL International has been surveying languages in many countries for more than 50 years. In spite of this, there are still some places where the survey work has not been completed. Pray for the people involved in survey to have access to these last, often difficult, places. Pray for God to raise up additional staff willing to do the hard travel and survey testing. Ask God to reveal the final languages where translation may be needed in the future.

  • Partners with local churches

    Praise God for the small local churches in many minority people groups where there were none just 10-15 years ago. Ask God for wisdom for the translation teams working with these fellowships to provide Scripture. Pray that they take ownership of the translation process and support it with passion and commitment.

  • Growing new fellowships

    Pray that Jesus' followers among minority peoples would reach out to other minorities who live near them. They are often better able to share the Good News in appropriate ways. Pray that the minority churches would continue to grow up in maturity and independence so they can remain strong when difficulties come in the future. Where minority believers are not meeting together, please pray that the small, scattered groups of Jesus' followers would be able to organize and meet with one another. This will provide encouragement as well as providing input and feedback for translation in their language.

  • Teachers needed

    Pray for the families of translators working in several countries of Asia. Often there are few school options for their children.  A good option is when a teacher can come from the home country to teach the children. Without a good school option, one member of the team needs to spend most of their time teaching their children. Pray for teachers for children in this difficult situation.

  • Working together in unity

    Pray for unity among partners involved in Bible translation that may have different strategies or approaches to the work. In a few areas where translation teams are working, some partners have difficulty relating to the translators' desire to partner with the local church. They are reaching out to the local community apart from the traditional churches in the region. Ask for wisdom as translators build relationships with both types of partners in these areas. Pray for increasing ways to develop unity.

  • First complete book of Kamuku Bible

    As the first complete book of the Kamuku Bible (Luke) is published and made available in 2016, please pray that people will learn to use it in their personal lives and in the Christian community. With some pastors not being Kamuku speakers and having mixed congregations, pray for motivation for Kamuku speakers to use it and for strategies to encourage discussion and engagement with the Scriptures in the mother tongue.

  • Kamuku project in Nigeria

    Gareth & Katharine Mort, Nigeria, the Kamuku language and translation project in northwest Nigeria (Gareth is also SIL Nigeria language programmes coordinator and a New Testament translation consultant) – The Kamuku area has many village churches even though it is located in a predominantly non-Christian region, so there is great potential for the Christian community to support Bible translation work. A new Kamuku translation committee was recently elected, and is working hard to move the project forward. There is a committed team of four mother-tongue translators, and the first full Bible book (Luke) should be published this autumn. Pray for its impact, and for initiatives to encourage its use and teach more people mother-tongue reading skills. With good local support, the New Testament could be close to completion in the next five years.

  • Multilingual education event

    On 17 October AuSIL will sponsor a public lecture in Darwin presenting the outstanding results from a Multilingual Education program in three languages in Timor-Leste.  Pray that the event will be well attended and well received. Pray it sparks more discussion in Australia in regard to the need for teaching Indigenous communities in their first language first. This ​enables better learning and literacy in the national language.

  • Tii New Testament celebration

    Pray for Tii speakers from the Rote Island, Timor as they plan and prepare for the celebration of their New Testament on 22 November. Pray that God's Word will have a major impact on Rote Island. Speakers of several languages in this cluster* will be celebrating their New Testaments over the next few years. Pray for the organizers as they lay the groundwork for this event. Pray for the people that their hearts will be prepared to hear ​the gospel message clearly.

    *A cluster project is when several language communities work in parallel to translate the New Testament into their own languages.

  • i-DELTA course

    The Francophone i-DELTA course starts on 10 October. Please pray for all participants. Pray for the Lord’s protection on everyone during this two-month course. Please pray that there will be an open, friendly and encouraging atmosphere during the whole course that will enable mutual teaching and learning.

  • Consultant checking in Senegal

    Pray for the consultant checking of the book of Acts in the Ndut language in Senegal during the next two weeks.

  • Iraqi Kurdistan

    Thank God for the impact of the recent trauma healing workshops (see the article Hope and Healing in the Middle East online at: Pray for the restoration of hope for so many traumatised by recent events. Pray for follow up trauma healing workshops to be held later this year. Ask God that they will inspire hope and healing for many. Also pray for plans to expand the workshops into additional language groups.

  • Rebuilding after typhoon in Batanes

    Pray for wisdom in setting a date to launch and distribute the completed dubbing of the Jesus Film in Ivatan, especially taking into consideration the damage sustained from a typhoon that hit Batanes last month. Pray for those who suffered loss of property, crops, animals, etc. Pray as they heal and rebuild. Praise God that not a single person was killed in this storm.

  • Renewed interest in the Ivatan New Testament

    Praise God for a renewed interest in the Ivatan New Testament, resulting in the need for a reprint. Pray for an upcoming meeting with the Bishop and a local priest to secure the imprimatur* for the reprint, that the Lord would guide and direct this process so that ultimately more people will hear the Gospel message.

    *It is customary to get an imprimatur for Bibles published in a language area where the Catholic church is the majority.

  • Iraqi Kurdistan

    There continues to be openness to Christ and opportunities to share. As some local believers grow in public prominence, persecution is being felt. Pray for wisdom and boldness for believers to make the most of every opportunity to share their faith in meaningful ways.

  • Iraqi Kurdistan

    Changes have been difficult for others because many new shops that open fail to break even and have had to close again, having lost money in set-up costs. Please pray for all those who have been forced to change their work and those who have lost money and livelihoods in the process.

Results 31 - 60 of 870
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