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  • Completion of entire Bible

    The Lenthomi* language of Asia has approximately 25 million native speakers. Later this year the complete Bible in Lenthomi will be printed. The translation project began in 1994 and many Scripture portions have been released. In 2013 the provisional text of all 66 Bible books was made available online.

    Praise God for completion of the entire Bible in the Lenthomi* language! God has sustained this translation project over the years, bringing it through many challenges and using it to raise up followers of Jesus among Lenthomi speakers for the first time. Several agencies have worked together closely in the project and their unity has borne much fruit. Low turnover among team personnel has resulted in productive long-term working relationships. Thank God for enabling those directly involved in the work to persevere, as well as those who have supported it through prayer and monetary gifts.


  • French translator's notes

    Laura Dun, UK, author of French translator’s notes and translation consultant – Laura is part of a team working on a series of commentaries / guides for translators. The materials are in French, and designed for people who haven’t had as many opportunities for higher level academic training, but need to translate into their own language. There’s a real need for more resources in French, and the guides are having an impact throughout Francophone Africa. Laura works on Old Testament books, and the notes on Esther are now in the very final stages of preparation. They should be published in electronic form very soon. Please pray for the reception of these notes and for Laura as she continues to work on the second volume of notes on Genesis.

  • Teenage children in ministry families

    Pray for the teenage children of families in cross-cultural ministry. They often struggle with their faith. Pray that they know and follow the Lord whole-heartedly and don't succumb to the temptations of the world. Pray for them as they make decisions about their future work and education plans. Pray that their security would be in God, not in friends who often move away. Pray that they would be fully surrendered to the Lord and walk humbly with Him.

  • Crossing language barriers

    Tony and Kathrin Pope, Basel (Switzerland), assigned to Togo-Benin - Tony is working on various projects in the area of exegesis and the meaning of Greek words, to help translators all over the world with their understanding of the texts they are translating into local languages. Please pray for perseverance and clarity of mind. Kathrin is a language-learning specialist. She is likely to be leading a language-learning workshop for SIL* members in two countries in Asia, probably in late May, to give these members new courage and fresh ideas for crossing their language barriers. Pray for wisdom and strength for her.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations

  • Asia

    Alice Eastwood, Papua, Eastern Indonesia, Multilingual Education Specialist – Please pray that Alice’s abstract would be accepted, and for wisdom as she prepares her paper for the fifth International Convention on Language and Education, which will take place in Asia later this year.

    Alice is working on a mother tongue literacy project for the Lani people of the highlands of Papua, in the far east of Indonesia. Praise God for initial financial support from the provincial government of Papua. Pray that this will continue and increase. Pray that the combined work of the team will result in the Lani people desiring to, and being able to, read their Lani Bible. The area is nominally Christian but the influence of pornography is evident on many school walls. Pray for God’s protection in June as the team travels to the interior on small planes into an area of civil unrest.

  • Printing of preliminary materials

    Praise God for the preliminary printing of Old Testament portions for a language of Asia. This will allow for distribution and feedback on the text before the main print run. Praise, too, for an advanced literacy booklet with Bible stories which can be distributed along with the Old Testament passages. Ask God to bring fruit from these booklets and to prepare the hearts of people for His Word. Thank Him for the fruit that is already being seen in this language community.

  • Increased level of prayer

    Praise God for the increasing interest and involvement in prayer by teams in Asia. The Holy Spirit has been prompting workers to seek God in an increasing way. Pray for intimacy with God to increase for these seekers. Ask God to continue to prompt His people to pray for His work to bear fruit. Pray, too, that this movement of prayer expand to other fieldworkers throughout Asia.

  • Multilingual education project

    Pray for approval of the proposed multilingual education project for a language community in Asia. Preliminary discussions with officials have been positive. Pray for open doors for this proposal to be implemented, and for clear communication with those involved, including officials and teachers. Pray that teachers with the right skills and attitudes will be trained in the first stages, so that the project will be successful. Pray for wisdom for the project leaders as they develop materials.

  • Mongu cluster project

    Philip and Heather Saunders, based in N. Ireland, translation and linguistic consultants primarily in Zambia, where Philip is lead consultant in the Mongu cluster project, and Heather is one of four other consultants – Five expatriate translation consultants are assigned to monitor ongoing translations in five languages. The Gospel of Luke and the JESUS Film have been produced. These are the first ever Scriptures to be published in these Western Zambian languages. One thousand copies of Luke in each language will be taken to the language areas from spring 2016 onwards – please pray for safe transportation, wise storage and distribution, and that the Scriptures will have an impact on the people who are eagerly awaiting their arrival. An important ongoing prayer request is for protection from theft. Between some of the workshops in 2015, five project laptops mysteriously “disappeared”. The current goal is to complete Acts in early 2017. Pray for the sixteen national translators involved.

  • Potential new translation projects

    Praise the Lord that André, SIL Eastern Congo Group Director, and his wife, Nicole Aguila had an encouraging visit to towns located in the North and South Kivu regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A number of language communities in that area want the New Testament in their own languages. Several have started work on their own. Now they have approached SIL and asked for help for the next steps. Praise the Lord for this new vision and passion for Scripture in their mother tongues. Pray for God's wisdom for SIL and other organizations to know how to respond to these needs. Pray for good partnership among the various translation and service organizations in this area.

  • Strategy meeting in Nigeria

    A strategy processing meeting takes place with the staff of SIL* Nigeria today (17 May). This is an opportunity to engage with strategic goals of the organisation, to assess progress and continue to plan for the future. Pray for God’s thoughts and directions to supersede all human thinking, processing, and planning so that it will truly be God’s will accomplished in this meeting.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations

  • Language development in the Torres Strait

    Praise the Lord for increasing Facebook responses to the Torres Strait Languages Read, Write, Speak page. Pray that Rod Kennedy will find the time to respond to messages and to increase his Facebook skills. Pray that he continue to use Facebook, the AuSIL web pages and phone calls to stay in touch with and encourage the Torres Strait Islanders from the Western Islands that he visited late in 2015.

  • Audio in Bible apps

    Praise God for the many Bible apps* now available for languages in Australia. There is a great demand for the feature that allows the app to play audio as the Bible text is highlighted. Pray for the technical team preparing the audio files for additional languages. The process requires a technician to listen to each verse while properly marking the files. Pray for others to join the team to speed the process of marking the audio files. Pray for wisdom for the team as they design the app to download the audio files from a different location, because they are too big to put with the text in the Google PlayStore.

    *apps are applications or specialized software that are downloaded onto computers or mobile devices.

  • Bible apps created

    Praise God for the 12 languages which now have functioning Bible apps* for Android phones. Growing numbers are downloading the apps in both Australia and Timor. Give thanks that there is now a person in the Kupang office trained to create apps for languages in West Timor. Pray for the SIL developer who is working on an iPhone version of the Bible apps. Praise God that He is using new technologies to bring glory to His name.

    *apps are applications or specialized software downloaded onto computers or mobile devices

  • Mbembe project

    Katharine (Katy) Barnwell, a translation consultant, mainly working in Nigeria, also visits to Madagascar - There is exciting evidence that the Lord is working through the translated word. Katy was blessed by time in the Mbembe area in Nigeria, where a reprint of the New Testament is being urgently called for. The Mbembe Old Testament project is now underway. Katy will serve as a consultant to the project. The first OT consultant checking sessions are planned for July 2016, aiming to have Genesis and Ruth ready for checking. So please pray for everything involved in this. Please also pray for the identification and mentoring of Nigerian translation consultants-in-training - a major focus for Katy. There are 25 active Nigerian CiTs, and more are needed. Katy asks for your prayers for wisdom in knowing how to adjust as she gets older, and that she will be able to keep in the centre of the Lord's will.

  • Mbeya cluster project

    Katherine O'Donnell is a Scripture engagement consultant partnering with the many churches of the Mbeya region of Tanzania. She wants to offer training to the leaders and believers of the region to help them grow spiritually by engaging with God's Word. This includes training Sunday school teachers in how to teach children the Bible in interactive ways and training leaders in churches to run Bible studies. Pray for wisdom as Katherine teaches in the local trade language. Pray especially for God to open doors for teaching where it can have the most impact.

  • Mbeya cluster project

    Katherine O’Donnell, Mbeya cluster project, Tanzania, Scripture engagement consultant - The Mbeya region of Tanzania has many churches and it is Katherine’s longing to see believers growing in maturity as they engage with God’s word in meaningful ways. Please pray for Katherine as she comes alongside her Tanzanian colleagues and others in the local churches and seeks to train people in how to engage with the Bible. This includes training Sunday school teachers in how to teach children the Bible in interactive ways and training leaders in churches to run Bible studies. Pray also for wisdom for Katherine to know what to focus on, for God to open doors for teaching where it can have most impact and for energy and perseverance when frustrated by the challenges of working in a different culture. Please also pray for clear and appropriate communication as Katherine works in a different language (Swahili) in a predominantly oral culture.

  • Old Testament Translation for the Tolpan

    Praise God that Tolpan speakers in Honduras are requesting help for an Old Testament translation in their language. Pray that God will open doors to carry out a pilot translation project as a first step in fulfilling their request. Thank God for those who are creating new educational materials in their language. Ask God to prepare the hearts and minds of the Tolpan speakers to be receptive to His messages for them in Old Testament Scripture.

  • CILTA 2016

    Twenty-six students are attending the 2016 CILTA classes in Lima, Peru. This linguistics, translation and literacy course is taught at the Ricardo Palma University. Classroom students are from Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. In addition, students taking the course online are from Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Peru. Ask God to bless all participants with good health and a rich learning experience, so that they may be equipped to participate in future Bible translation and literacy projects.

  • God’s sovereign care demonstrated

    In January and February, 25 students completed the Fundamental Course in Linguistics in Cordoba, Argentina, a prerequisite for those who desire to study at CILTA. On February 15, a strong windstorm struck the city of Cordoba. Several roofs were destroyed and some trees fell at CCMT, where the course was in progress. No participants were hurt, and the course continued in spite of a decreased amount of water. A generator replaced the normal source of electric power. Thank God for His protection and provision.

  • Concentration on the Old Testament

    Pray for the Ashaninca Old Testament translation project team in Peru. While they check the last 60% of the Old Testament not yet published, they are also revising the first 40% published in 2005. Pray for good health for these translators and for continued effective teamwork as they strive to complete checking the last books of the Minor Prophets by the end of February 2017.

  • Six Quechua Bible translations reach a milestone

    For nearly 12 years, a team of dedicated Quechua men has been translating the Old Testament for six Quechua languages in Peru. The team, assisted by Mark and Patti Bean, translated the final verse and also revised the translated New Testaments in those languages. Most of the final read-throughs are finished. These involved Quechua speakers from different parts of each language area. Give God glory for this major milestone. Two years of checks and proofing remain to prepare these Bibles for printing. Pray that He who began this good work will bring it to completion in His time.

  • New Testament nearing completion

    An Argentine Bible translation team working in Southeast Asia is focusing on the publication of the New Testament. Pray for God´s guidance in the many decisions that need to be made and for His protection over the project. Ask God for both human and financial resources, and for everything else necessary to bring this New Testament to completion. Their testimony is this: “We know that God who has provided everything to this point will continue to do so until the end.” Pray that the New Testament can be printed in 2017.

  • New members and chairs of Wycliffe Global Alliance and SIL International

    Praise God for new members and chairs of both the Wycliffe Global Alliance and SIL International boards. These people took up their new roles during the Global Gathering and ICON 16. Pray that God will enable them to serve well, give them wisdom and protect them. Ask that each board would work together in unity and each member walk closely with God. 

  • Graduation at Theological College of Northern Nigeria

    Today (13 May) students from the Bible translation department of TCNN (Theological College of Northern Nigeria) graduate. Pray for each student that God will guide them as they seek to use their skills to translate the Bible.

  • Trauma healing

    Trauma Healing Workshops are being held in areas where many have suffered from war and violence. Participants are first helped in their own healing and then are encouraged to help others who are hurting. Please pray for each participant to use their training to help others by holding workshops for them. Pray that many will find comfort and healing. Read the story of one participant here.

  • Scripture on mobile phones

    A preliminary version of the Bible text in a major language of Central Asia has been available on several mobile phone apps for some time. Soon the final version of the text will be available on these apps. It will include all the helps for readers such as footnotes, hyperlinked glossary entries, maps, tables, etc. Pray that it will be widely distributed and have deep spiritual impact for the speakers of this language community.

  • Preparing to publish

    A full Bible in a major language of Central Asia will soon be ready to print! The typesetting team completed the Scripture text and is working on the supplemental material that will accompany it. Proofreaders are checking each page. Pray that any errors will be found and corrected. The completed text will go to the printer in late June and should be finished by October. Pray that the printing of the Bible will go smoothly. Pray that permission will be given to import the printed copies. 

  • New team arrives

    Praise God that a couple has completed their training and raised the support needed to join a translation team in Africa. They ask for prayer to know God’s presence as they arrive and adjust to life in a new location, a new culture and a new language. Pray for God’s provision of a suitable host family to live with, local people to help with language learning and mentors. Please pray for other new teams going to others parts of the world who have similar needs.

  • SD cards for Scripture distribution

    New technology allows for creative ways to distribute Scripture. One partner organization is preparing 5,500 SD cards* for distribution in a large language community in Asia. The cards will be loaded with various Scripture versions and resources to be used with mobile phones. Pray that many people will hear and respond to the Scriptures through this strategy.

    * An SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is an ultra small flash memory card designed to provide high-capacity memory in a small size.

Results 31 - 60 of 766
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