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  • Good progress toward completion

    Praise God for the good progress in translation toward completing the New Testament by the team in one language community. They completed consultant checks* of Colossians and Jude in July. They will check Romans at the end of August. The last book, Revelation, is being drafted by the main translator. Pray that the remaining checks can be held soon to complete this translation of the New Testament.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Preparing Bible stories, follow-up

    The church leaders who participated in the July story workshop are very happy to have God's stories in their languages and art forms. They wrote additional songs using traditional instruments redeemed from earlier uses. One group created a dance for the story of Jesus calming the storm. Praise God for these testimonies of how God is working. Pray for them as they continue to prepare oral Bible stories before the next workshop.

  • Promoting Scripture use

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Northern Thai New Testament is almost complete. Pray that these audio files will be shared widely among believers in the northern provinces of Thailand. Pray for the team working to promote the use of the Northern Thai New Testament in both audio and written form. Ask for clear communication and wisdom as they approach church leaders and develop interest among church members.

  • Leading listening groups

    Pray for those invited to attend a training workshop on Scripture listening groups. Ask God for wisdom for those choosing whom to invite. Pray that the invited workers agree to attend the training. Pray that this will spread the use of oral Scriptures throughout the region. Ask God to use these leaders to spread His Word and transform communities through engaging with Scripture.

  • Translation team communication

    Different cultures have different protocols for communication between older and younger people or between equals. One translation team in Asia is having communication difficulties. Pray for them to find healthy ways to discuss work assignments and the wording of translation drafts. Ask God to strengthen their hearts to fully engage in the translation task and to keep them from a fear of failing. Thank God that translation is happening for this language community.

  • Staff for Theological College of Northern Nigeria

    A new term begins on 17 August at TCNN (Theological College of Northern Nigeria) in Jos, Nigeria. Thank God for the provision of an interim head of department for the linguistics & Bible translation department. Pray for God’s perfect provision for an individual to follow God’s call to this position on a longer term basis. Pray also for more department lecturers in the areas of literacy, translation, and language software. Pray for a smooth transition of responsibilities for staff filling the new roles of assistant to the head of department, department administrator and librarian.

  • Considering Future Directions

    After international meetings in May, the SIL* leadership has begun the process of using the input of ICON2016 to set directions for the future. They have written a document that will be discussed by SIL staff in meetings at all levels. Pray for those who read and consider the concepts, that they give good feedback to the leadership. Pray for the leadership as they consider the additional input and revise the document. Pray for the SIL Board as they consider the revised document at their fall Board meetings.

    *SIL International is a major partner of the Wycliffe Global Alliance

  • New leadership

    Pray for Maxy Koloamatangi, a young Tongan who became the director of the Bible Translation Organization, Tonga in early May. One of the challenges Maxy faces is to seek innovative ways to raise funds for the ministry. Ask the Lord to give him courage as he leads this new organization. Use the verse 1 Timothy 4:12 to cover him and his family as they serve the Lord among their own people.

  • Health issue of the Director

    Tony Kotauga, the Executive Director for the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) has been very sick for a number of months. This has kept him from participating in important work commitments. After many visits to the hospital, doctors eventually identified the cause of the distress. Medication is now helping him to sleep and to feel a bit better. Pray for the Lord to restore him to full health. Praise the Lord for answering the many prayers of His people and for those who have provided funds for the medical bills incurred.

  • Use of newly published Scriptures

    The launching of the Urat New Testament on 30 July 2016 was a joyous occasion witnessed by many people. Over 160 copies of the 460 copies printed were sold that day. By mid-August, Urat speakers had purchased more than 300 copies. Pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word into the hearts of the people and that Scripture use efforts will help the people learn how to use, read and engage with their newly acquired Scriptures.

  • Health challenges of a Director

    David Tago, the Director of Bible Translation Literacy Partnerships, Solomon Islands, has been struggling with health issues for many months. These have created a lot of discomfort and disturbance to his work. Medication has helped relieve the condition but complete healing is still needed. Ask the Lord for His mercy to heal and restore David. Pray for his wife Ribeka who is fully involved in Renell-Bellona New Testament revision and Old Testament translation.

  • Translation training

    The communities of Sudest, Kaninuwa Topura, Suau, Ghayavi, Are and Miniafia have newly trained people in their translation teams. Thirty people from these language groups completed their first five weeks of training in translation. Pray for these men and women as they apply the skill and knowledge gained in their translation work. Thank the Lord for the many young people taking up the work of translation alongside the older people in the language teams.

  • Partnership and the “JESUS” film

    A number of Pacific Islanders received training to assist with the recording of the “JESUS” film in more than 10 languages in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Praise the Lord for this remarkable achievement within a six-month period from January to July 2016. This report was given by “JESUS” film staff during the Pacific Wa’a* partnership meetings held recently in Melbourne, Australia.

    *Pacific Wa'a is a collaboration of partner organizations involved in seeing Bible poverty reduced in the Pacific Islands. The word Wa'a means 'canoe' in Hawaiian. It is a symbol of journeying together.

  • The “JESUS” film and its impact

    During the showing of the recently dubbed “JESUS” film in a village in the Solomon Islands, some young men came to disturb the showing and attack the people. The Spirit of God convicted these young men and brought about a great turning away from sinful living. Praise the Lord for the power of His Gospel as it is shared in the Solomon Islands through audio and video format.

  • Roma leadership team meeting

    Pray for the Roma leadership team meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria which begins on 16 August. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all the leaders involved.

  • Plateau Cluster Workshop

    Pray for the LIST (Luke Initiative for Scripture Translation) Plateau Cluster Workshop in Jos, Nigeria, which starts on 15 August. Pray for good participation and progress for eight language teams from Plateau State as they work together on translating Luke’s gospel into their own languages. Pray for God to touch and prepare the hearts of each language community as God’s word will soon reach them in their languages for the first time. Pray for God to provide sufficient funding so that these projects can continue to move forward.

  • i-DELTA course in Cameroon

    Please pray for the organisation of the Francophone i-DELTA course. The course will take place in Yaoundé, Cameroon in October and November 2016 with the objective to equip colleagues in French-speaking Africa in the areas of translation, literacy and Scripture use. Please pray that God would meet all the needs in terms of funding, personnel and logistics. Please pray for the teaching staff, for good health and good preparation of teaching materials. Please pray for all the students who will need to prepare for their trip and to leave their families behind for two months.

  • Channel of God's blessing

    Pray that the local community and church leaders will actively support ACATBLI’s* work. Pray that ACATBLI will always be a channel of God’s blessing to the Ifè people and that the Ifè people will be a channel of blessing to the nations of Togo and Benin and beyond.

    *ACATBLI - Association Chrétienne pour l'Alphabétisation et la Traduction de la Bible en Langue Ifè or Christian Association for literacy and Bible translation in the Ifè language.

  • Translator’s Notes for French Speakers

    Praise the Lord for the various volumes in the French Translator’s Notes series (Comprendre pour traduire or CT) now available. Thank God for the outgoing leader of the team which has been preparing them. Pray for a smooth transition for Graeme Lawson as he takes on leadership of this team. Pray that more volumes in this series will become available quickly, to support translators in French-speaking countries.

  • Ife literacy programme

    Pray that the Ifè literacy programme and those managing it will be enabled by God to help many more Ifè adults to learn how to read and write their language. Pray that the printed New Testament and Old Testament books, as well as the recorded New Testament and the weekly radio broadcasts, will draw many Ifè to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Ndali orthography

    Please pray for good understanding as the Ndali language committee meets in Tanzania to give official community approval of the Ndali orthography (spelling system) on 11 August. Pray that there would be unity between speakers of different dialects and ages and increasing enthusiasm for reading and writing Ndali, especially as the New Testament nears completion.

  • JESUS Film Script Adaptation Workshop

    Praise God for the five language groups* attending the Script Adaptation Workshop at the SIL Research center in Manila! All five are translating the script for the JESUS Film using the Gospel of Luke in their own language. Pray that they will be diligent to complete their scripts and then to carry out community checks of the scripts when they return home in preparation for the next workshop in November. Pray that these carefully prepared materials will be used by God to communicate the message of Jesus in a powerful way.

    *SIL and TAP and JESUS Film Project people are involved, along with the five language groups: Sarangani Manobo, Rinconada, Teduray, Inonhan, and Agusan Manobo.

  • Ife Old Testament project

    Pray for a spirit of humility and unity to infuse each individual involved in the work of ACATBLI* in Togo and Benin. Pray that even as their work prospers, the ACATBLI team will remain humble before the Lord and obedient to his call on their lives.

    *ACATBLI - Association Chrétienne pour l'Alphabétisation et la Traduction de la Bible en Langue Ifè or Christian Association for literacy and Bible translation in the Ifè language.

  • Ife Old Testament project

    Pray for God to give the ACATBLI* leaders the wisdom and innovation needed to manage the project, personnel and activities. Pray especially for: Komi Sena (Ifè translation coordinator/exegete); Edoh Kaleb Agounkey (executive director of ACATBLI/translator); and the members of ACATBLI’s board of directors.

    *ACATBLI - Association Chrétienne pour l'Alphabétisation et la Traduction de la Bible en Langue Ifè or Christian Association for literacy and Bible translation in the Ifè language.

  • Successful Bible Week

    Praise God for a successful Bible Week here in Vanuatu. SIL joined Bible Society, Scripture Union, and the Vanuatu churches to encourage use of their Bibles. Our table at the Bible Society Bookshop had many purchases and many inquiries like, "When are you going to do MY language?" Pray for Bible translation programs to start in the languages still needing them in Vanuatu.

  • Consultant check completed

    Praise God for the consultant check* completed on Matthew in the Mota Lava language. This project still needs some translators to come along and become fully involved in translation. A few of the younger people involved in the checking have good potential. Pray for God to move in the hearts of the translators he wants to join the team.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Ife Old Testament project

    Pray that God will protect the members and staff of ACATBLI*, as well as their extended families – from ill health, from accidents on the dangerous roads, from the temptations of our spiritual enemy.

    *ACATBLI - Association Chrétienne pour l'Alphabétisation et la Traduction de la Bible en Langue Ifè or Christian Association for literacy and Bible translation in the Ifè language.

  • Drafting Ife Old Testament

    Pray for the Ifè translators to be inspired by the Holy Spirit as they draft the Old Testament. Pray that they will make steady progress through all the revision steps and reach their goal of a complete Ifè Bible. Pray particularly for the consultant checks of Joshua and 2 Samuel happening soon.

  • New Horizon Bible Week

    Pray for Ricky and Marlene Ferguson as they oversee the Wycliffe stand at the New Horizon Bible Week in Coleriane (Northern Ireland). Pray that they will have productive and engaging conversations with people attending.

  • Health & administration for Eurasia work

    Phil Barnett, UK, administration for Eurasia area – Phil is a volunteer based in the UK working part time with Wycliffe UK and SIL Eurasia. He is one of the many people involved in keeping the wheels turning for folk in the front-line of translation work through his role as finance officer ensuring staff are paid expenses, producing official letters to enable folk to gain visas etc for the countries they work in, conducting interviews for those applying for membership with Wycliffe UK and in teaching on the Living in Christ course as part of the annual ART* training for new members. Please pray for Phil as he is currently recovering from blood cancer and needs prayer for strength and stamina to continue to fulfil all these responsibilities within the Wycliffe family.

    *ART Assignment related training

Results 31 - 60 of 814
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