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  • Scripture nearing completion

    The translators among the Urat in Papua New Guinea are worn out, so lift them up in prayer, asking for renewed strength and continued healing for some serious health problems. One of the key team members is going on furlough this year; pray for safe travels for her. Ask God to bless her with a restful time back home so she is reenergized to return to the field and continue her work. Typesetting is planned for the end of this year. In light of this excellent goal, continue to pray for the translation team to have good health, clear communication and positive spirits. Pray for wisdom and accuracy as the last stages of the project come into sight. There are 6,280 speakers of Urat.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Two Saliba translation teams in Papua New Guinea received training last year in computers, typing skills and using Paratext software, a tool useful in evaluating the accuracy and consistency of translation drafts. They also attended a Translators’ Training Course for further development of their translation skills. Their new skills are valuable and helpful to their translation process, especially as they work with project advisors in Austria via the Internet. Half of the team is drafting the Epistles of Paul, and the other half is working on Revelation and 1 Peter. Pray for the two teams to work together efficiently, communicate well and exchange helpful feedback. Ask the Lord to bless them with perseverance and good health. Lift up the advisors in prayer as they plan to visit the Saliba project in September to revise the drafted texts onsite. Pray for the resources they need to make that trip a success. There are 2,500 speakers of Saliba.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Lord has answered prayers! A complete read-through and final editing of the Northern Tlaxiaco Mixtec New Testament and Old Testament portions was completed last year. The manuscript was submitted to printers. As the people (pop. 14,000) receive God’s Word this year, pray that it will be joyfully received and widely used. Local believers are eager to have it. A Mixtec popular grammar book has also been produced. Thank the Lord for its completion, as it will add prestige to the language. Pray for the mother tongue translator who serves in a local government position. He would like to be released from the position so that he can return to adapting this New Testament to a neighboring language.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Palanan New Testament is a cooperative project in the Philipines among several entities. Praise the Lord for a consultant from the Philippine Bible Society who checked several books last year. Pray that the consultant will be available this year and next in order to help meet the completion goal of 2016. Give thanks for an Agta media specialist who made audio recordings of several books of the Bible. Ask God to use them to encourage believers and transform the Agta people (pop. 1,500). Lift up the translation team members in prayer as they make decisions about how to print the New Testament; they are considering several options.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The end is in sight! The translators among the Vitu (pop. 8,800) in Papua New Guinea intend to finish consultant checks in May. Next they must conduct a read-through of the New Testament and then begin typesetting. Pray for available consultants so that the team can meet this goal. The translators communicate with one another and also with consultants online and have experienced a variety of computer problems over the years. Pray that they will be able to exchange notes, questions and corrections by email without hindrance. Intercede for translator Vena and his family as they handle the financial and emotional strain of their teenage son attending school on the mainland in a secular environment. Pray for resolution for some language dialect complexities. Unless the Vitu accept a certain spelling and pronunciation, they will have to print two different New Testaments.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Give thanks that a manuscript of Old Testament portions in the Tarok language of Nigeria is almost ready for typesetting. The team has made progress by back-translating Daniel and Leviticus, as well as conducting a team check of three other Old Testament books. The translators are pushing ahead in the face of the numerous obstacles that plague them — grief, lingering illnesses and computer problems. Pray for God’s healing power and comforting presence among the team members. Ask the Lord to renew their joy and continue to speak to them from the Scriptures they are translating. There are 523,000 speakers of Tarok. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Thank the Lord that the Tangle West people of Nigeria are interested in the newly translated Scriptures. The books of Ephesians and James were printed, and the team checked both Revelation and Peter’s Epistles. Pray with the translators as they face numerous challenges — they and their families are stressed and miss each other. Claim God’s promise in Philippians 4:19 to supply all their needs. Ask that God would grant the team a plot of land for their offices, as well as wisdom and creativity in the search to supply materials for Tangale primary schools. Pray for translation work to progress, and for God’s encouragement and daily renewal for each team member. There are 130,000 speakers of Tangale West. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God for a growing interest in the San Luís Popoloca Scriptures! An audio recording of the New Testament is being produced in Mexico early this year. Lift up the recording team in prayer, asking for the equipment to work well and the readers to speak clearly. When the recording is completed, the New Testament will be typeset. Pray that this process will go smoothly and that all the computers and printers involved will work without any glitches. Intercede for those who will print the New Testament, praying that they will produce a quality product. Above all, ask the Holy Spirit to create a great hunger for the Word within Popoloca communities (pop. 4,730). A dedication will take place in 2016.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The San Juan Popoloca translation team members in Mexico are revising the New Testament that was published in 1982 and adding Psalms and Proverbs. Thank the Lord that last year they completed a multi-voice recording of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Having God’s Word available in audio format will greatly increase the audience for these Scriptures. Ask the Lord to give energy and to the team as they prepare the final manuscript for printing. Pray that they will find any remaining spots that need corrections. Ask the Lord to protect the printer’s equipment so that when it is printed, the result will be clear and durable books. Pray for God’s Spirit to bring many Popoloca (pop. 4,000) into God’s kingdom as they read and listen to his Word.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Paratext is a software program that provides translators with a wide variety of automated checks to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of a translation draft. It can also compare a draft to original source texts. Praise God, the Tera team in Nigeria used Paratext to run checks over the whole New Testament last year. They also published Genesis, and tested two books with the community to make sure the text was clear and sounded natural. Pray for God’s abundant grace and wisdom to fill them as they press on to complete the New Testament. Thank the Lord that the Scriptures are impacting the Tera people (pop. 100,000). During an annual Christian conference, people recited whole chapters of heart language Scripture. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Pray that God would bring peace to Nigeria. The violence in the country has deeply affected many families. Although a tentative peace exists where the Tyap live, join with the team members, their families and many others in asking God for a permanent end to the hostilities. Give thanks for the progress the Tyap translators have made. They completed an audio version and are performing a final proofreading of the Tyap New Testament. Give thanks that the translation is already being put to good use in family prayer meetings and several local churches. The team members are eager to turn their attention to the translation of some Old Testament books. There are 130,000 speakers of Tyap. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Tula New Testament is being typeset. Though team members in Nigeria struggle with the technology, praise the Lord that they are highly motivated. The New Testament dedication is tentatively scheduled for Easter. Pray that this goal for completion can be met, and that the Tula people (pop. 60,000) will be able to celebrate the living Lord with Scripture in their mother tongue. The team is promoting literacy within local churches and conducting workshops for literacy teachers. Pray that when Tula believers receive their copy of the New Testament, they will read it enthusiastically and use it for training and sharing the good news. Seed Company

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Advocacy

    The Wycliffe Global Alliance serves as a part of the worldwide Church and the global missions community. Alliance Organizations partner with churches, missions organizations and other institutions in their countries and spheres of influence. Wycliffe Global Alliance and all of its related organizations have a common commitment to God’s mission of reconciliation and the transformation of individuals, communities and nations. Please pray that God would direct the Alliance as it collectively serves in advocacy with minority language communities to see God’s Word translated, accessible and in use in every language community that still needs it.

  • Music Composition

    Pray for the music workshop to be held in Lomerío, Bolivia, for the Chiquitano language community in August. Two Argentine musicians and a pastor will lead this event. The objective is to compose praise and worship songs in the Chiquitano music style, using Scripture in the mother tongue. Pray for God to protect those who travel to the workshop, and to inspire all participants with an an attitude of worship to the praise of His Glory!

  • Learning Together

    A meeting of the leaders of the Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area in Panama in June, resulted in the formation of Communities of Practice*. Various groups were formed and pledged to continue meeting with one another, in order to give mutual support and collaborate on related issues they share. Pray that participants of the groups will be faithful in attendance and that they will learn together in a spirit of unity and love for God and one another.

    * A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

  • Service and Intercession for the Mission of God

    In May, the Cooperación Misionera de Centroamérica, (COMCA*) celebrated their Assembly XI. Participants analyzed and discussed two important topics: “Mobilization as part of the Mission of God,” and  “Strategic Prayers for Mission Intercession.” Praise the Lord for what is being done strategically from this region to raise a generation that continues in training and mobilization.  Ask that the result will be a great harvest of people ready to join in God’s mission to the world.

    *Missionary Cooperation of Central America 

  • A New Perspective

    In August, 2014, four leaders from the Yanesha language community in Peru, were trained as facilitators for the workshop entitled “Planning the Future of Your Language.” In October, 2014, two of the leaders used the guide for the course with a group of Yanesha pastors. The facilitators said, “We started out the workshop talking in Spanish, then the group started mixing in Yanesha words, and soon we were all talking in Yanesha.” The attitude about their language changed instantly, and now they want to use it more.  Pray that this new appreciation for mother tongue language use and development will spread as a result of workshops led by Yanesha facilitators in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

  • Translation Goals met

    Your prayers are making a difference! Five Quechua* translation teams met their goals at the April translation workshop in Peru. The completion of revisions of the entire Bible in the five languages is within reach by the end of this year. Although they had distractions, sickness and challenges, these faithful teams persevered. Ask God to guide in this translation program as the five teams near the finish line.

    * Huamalies Quechua, Huaylas Quechua, Margos Quechua, Northern Conchucos Quechua, and Southern Conchucos Quechua

  • Follow

    The Wycliffe Global Alliance organization, FEDEMEC, gives thanks to God for its new office “home.” Those working with FEDEMEC are thankful for His providence and faithfulness and for the new volunteers in the communication and administration departments. Ask God to give them a spirit of community within a culture of peace. Pray that they will establish new relationships between FEDEMEC and pastors of Costa Rican churches. Ask for more workers to join in Bible translation. Pray that the FEDEMEC staff will be able to complete tasks that have slowed or stalled during the moving process. 

  • New Office Site for FEDEMEC

    In Costa Rica, the office for FEDEMEC is in transition. The building that houses their current location has been sold. Pray for guidance for the board of directors regarding a house they hope to purchase for the growing ministry of FEDEMEC. Ask for peace, wisdom, guidance and grace for FEDEMEC director Andres Blanco, and for all who form the community of the organization. Pray also that in this time of transition, all the processes of the office routine will continue to run smoothly.

  • Translation Consultant Development Workshop

    Pray for those preparing for and attending the Translation Consultant Development Workshop beginning in late July. Thirty people will begin the training to be consultants, so they can work with translation teams. Pray for the directors of this training (Dick Kroneman, Brian Migliazza and Angie Seow) to communicate clearly in their presentations. Pray for the 19 senior consultants to communicate well with the trainees under their care. And pray for those teams who will be having translations checked as part of the training.

  • Kamtapuri arts for ministry

    Kamtapuri church leaders recently met to learn how to use new Scripture songs and dramas in their ministries, discuss how they might distribute these materials throughout northern Bangladesh, and how to keep working together to spread God’s Word through media.  Give thanks for involvement from a wide range of denominations representing most areas where Kamtapuri is spoken.  Pray that God’s Word would impact and change many people as it goes forth through music and drama.  Pray also that a website can be developed to make these materials more readily available to a growing number of people with computers and smartphones.

  • Roviana final decisions

    As a translation project nears completion, many details need to be addressed to ensure a good quality translation. Pray for the Roviana translation team and local church leaders as they seek to finalize word choices. Pray for wisdom as decisions regarding plans for the Bible dedication and a possible audio recording are also being considered. Pray for God’s strength and protection of the translation team, their computers and printers and a unity of spirit as they complete the project.

  • New staff arrivals

    Praise God for new staff arriving to take roles in AuSIL. Michael and Lynette Wilson will attend the Pacific Orientation Course (POC) in September and then join the team in November. Mike and Eve Brooks will visit Timor in July, before joining the POC course in September. Pray that POC will be a special and profitable time for these teams as they prepare for their new AuSIL assignments.

  • Recording trip

    Pray for Alan Rogers and his friend, Clinton, who will be doing a recording trip through Aboriginal communities during the end of July. They plan to spend time recording in Ngukurr, Urapanga, Minyerri and Kewulyi. Lucy Rogers will be working with Maung translator Sandra to record the Gospel of Mark during the last two weeks of July. Pray for the recording sessions and for Lucy as she completes the editing.

  • Tii translators make final changes, follow

    Thank God for the work done already by the Tii team as they make final changes to prepare for publication. Pray for them as they make final decisions on key terms, spelling, word breaks and clarity. Pray for them as they interact with local government and church officials to increase awareness of the publication date. The local government is favorable toward the translation and is asking for details so the event can be included in their annual budget.

  • Kukatja translator

    Pray for Nancy, a Kukatja woman, who is translating Scripture into her language using Ngaanyatjarra as the base translation for her work. Ask God to give her clear thoughts as she puts the phrases of Scripture in Kukatja. Pray for Amee Glass, a retired translator, who has offered to assist her.

  • Mother tongue translators of the “JESUS” film

    Pray for mother tongue translators of the "JESUS" film script who have the challenge of matching the new language as closely as possible to the exact syllable count of the original English script. This helps make the lip-synced version look as though the actor is speaking the new language. JESUS Film™ staff members understand and respect the skill and precision needed to bring God’s Word to life for people in their mother tongue through scripture translation. Pray for all involved in the translation process.

  • “JESUS” film distribution

    Through the global network of The JESUS Film Project® including hundreds of partner agencies, the "JESUS" film, “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” “Rivka,” “My Last Day” and others are made available to individuals and ministries who wish to use these films in strategic ways to help fulfill the Great Commission. Praise God for the wonderful cooperation within the Body of Christ that has made this work possible. Pray that God will continue to draw men, women and children to Himself as they hear and see Jesus speak the language that most effectively touches their hearts.

  • Editing and mixing “JESUS” film translations

    The voice recordings of the “JESUS” film translations are edited to fit the lip movements of their character on the screen as closely as possible. Music and sound effects are mixed with the voice track. This editing and mixing is done over a one or two day period at the end of the recording so that a DVD copy of the completed film can be given to those who participated. The new version is also uploaded to the Jesus Film Media website and mobile app so that the film can be available free of charge to anyone with digital access. Pray for God to continue to call capable technical people to participate in this work.

Results 31 - 60 of 667
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