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  • Protecting the Nomole people

    Access to the areas where the Nomole live is limited in order to protect them. But due to logging and increased tourism closer to where the Nomole live, there are growing concerns that they might suffer from diseases introduced by outsiders and for which they have no immunity. Ask God to protect them.

  • Nomole of Peru

    The Nomole of Peru are a nomadic people group uncontacted by the outside world, living in voluntary isolation in and near Manu National Park. Ask God to reveal his love to the Nomole, even as they live in isolation.

  • Participants at Two Week Stint

    The weekend in the middle of the Two Week Stint is designed for three things: relaxation, encouragement and fun! The weekend runs at a slower pace giving participants time to relax a bit. On Sunday, churches in the area receive part of the TWS gang where we hope that both churches and participants are encouraged by the contact. The Two Week Stint is held in a village on the River Rhone. There is always something wonderful to do and see. The scenery is breathtaking and speaks of the wonders of creation. Pray for the participants as they take a bit of time to relax and reflect on how God is working in their lives.

  • Language groups starting translation

    There is a tremendous amount of interest in Bible translation among languages in North and South Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Teachers, during their school holiday, are willing to volunteer their time to work on Bible translation. Previously, they have received initial introduction to Bible translation principles and help with their writing systems. Representatives from four languages: Nyanga, Nyindu, Hunde, and Kobo have asked for help in August to translate two parables: the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-39) and the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). Pray that this workshop will take place and that these teams can make Scripture booklets that can be distributed to people in their home areas for community feedback and to raise interest in further Bible translation.

  • Final Review Steps for a New Testament and an entire Bible

    The Tembo New Testament and the Fuliiru Bible are moving ever closer to publication in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Both teams are working hard reviewing their translations, making detailed corrections using the translation software Paratext, refining their glossaries, choosing illustrations and maps, etc. At the end of July, a consultant will work with both teams on all these tasks and help with technical details. Please pray that their time together will move both teams considerably closer to publication, and that they will all be encouraged and joyful at the prospect of the Tembo New Testament and the Fuliiru Bible becoming available in the next year or so.

  • Scripture Engagement training seminars

    Preparations are underway for Scripture Engagement training seminars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In August, several language communities will have opportunity to learn how to practically use Scripture in everyday life, in the denominational Bible schools and in their church services. Please pray for trainers and participants alike as they gather together. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work and all will recognize the powerful transformational work of the Bible in the local language. Pray that there will be good representation from each of these language groups: Lika, Budu, Ndaka, Bali and Komo.

  • Akoti people of Mozambique

    Chris Lyndon, UK, linguist and consultant-in-training – Pray for Chris and his children based in England but working with the Akoti people group of Mozambique. The Akoti are a sea-fishing coastal matrilineal people group. All children belong to the mother’s clan, and the mother’s brother is the authority and support figure in a child’s life. Through applying the translated Bible portions, Christian believers have a reputation as being the only group where marriages last and it is largely through this witness that the community want to know about the Bible. So please pray for the protection of the marriages of the Bible translation team. Pray also for the completion of the final two gospels – Mark and Matthew – and the recording of the JESUS Film later this year. Pray for good Skype communication for Chris and that his forthcoming trips to Mozambique will be productive.

  • Ethnologue training workshop

    The Ethnologue staff will facilitate two consecutive training workshops during the weeks of August 15 - 26.  These workshops are designed to train potential contributors to the Ethnologue in the use of the Online System for Collaboration and Research (OSCAR), which enables field researchers to enter proposed updates and corrections to the Ethnologue database. Twenty-three participants from 11 different Asian countries will attend. Pray for the organizers and local staff, for safe and uneventful travel for the participants, and for clear communication and understanding for those for whom English is not their first language. Pray for good internet connectivity, a minimum of technical problems as computers are set up, users log in to the system, and for those who are providing computer support.

  • University partnerships

    Representatives from SIL Philippines, the Department of Education and several Universities met earlier in April to explore possibilities for each University to partner with their nearby minority language communities to help them do the research and materials development needed to have quality education in their mother tongue. Pray for these and other partnerships, that they would grow, glorify God and benefit the children of the Philippines. More details are available here.

  • Updating language data

    Pray for the team facilitating training seminars for University researchers as they work towards updating the data on many of the 170+ indigenous Philippine languages. This is a joint project between the Philippine Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, SIL and various universities in the Philippines.

  • Rest before the last push

    Pray for Peter and Betty Green, project coordinators and consultants for the Inakeanon New Testament translation. Pray for a much-needed period of rest and quality visits with their family from mid-July to Mid-September. Ask God for a good time of interaction during an “Info Night” to help friends and supporters understand what Bible translation is all about and inform them of the progress of the translation. At least one workshop is also being planned for those in Canada who have expressed an interest in helping make Scripture promotion items for the Aklanon people. Pray for maximum benefit from this “down time” so that the Greens will be able to return to the Philippines fully ready for the last big push to the finish line.

  • Moving Grace International School

    Praise God for the safe move of the office furniture and computers of Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This school serves the Christian community of Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. Pray for safety as they move classroom furniture later in July. They will set up temporarily in a rented school facility while their new campus buildings are being built. Pray that all is ready for the beginning of the school term in August.

  • Busy Bible story facilitator

    Pray for a busy Bible story facilitator who is balancing several projects. She asks prayer to be able to send exegetical checks of the Bible stories to the story consultant on a regular basis. Her mother-tongue story crafter is discouraged that her relatives have not come to faith. Pray for her to see God's great power to bring people to Himself. Pray that this extended family respond to the truth they hear in the Bible stories and turn to Jesus for salvation.

  • Beginning Oral Bible Story workshop

    Thank God for the plans to hold a beginning Oral Bible Story workshop in early August. Pray for the staff who will be training and for the organizers as they put the details together for this event. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the participants to catch the vision of Bible stories in their language. Pray that they go on to prepare sets of Bible stories for their language community.

  • New team members

    One team in Southeast Asia has several new team members. They will have a two week orientation during the last two weeks of July. Then they will begin national language study to facilitate their communication in the local community. Pray for them and their children during the orientation weeks and as they look for housing and settle in. Ask God to give them good ears as they begin language learning and humble hearts to accept the correction needed to be fluent speakers of the new language. Thank God that He has sent new laborers into His harvest.

  • Uncertain future

    One language team in Asia is not sure that funding will be available after September to complete a long-term Scripture translation project. Pray for wise counsel and for God’s provision to meet this need. Pray also for effective community checking of these Scriptures in July and August and that all involved will be blessed in the process.

  • Oral Bible storying in Asia

    Gillian Buck, Southeast Asia, Bilo linguistic/translation project – Bilo co-partners recently received training in the oral bible storying method. The Bilo have a rich tradition of storytelling, so presenting Scripture in the form of stories is proving very effective. Please pray for further training for the team members, more opportunities to share stories and teach others, and the establishment of a storytellers' club where members can hone their skills, share their experience and encourage one another. Now that the Gospel of Mark has been approved, the Bilo team plan to work on a more comprehensive set of stories. Pray that new storytellers will breathe new life into an old Bilo tradition by expertly crafting and telling Bible stories.

  • Providing Biblical resources for translators

    Christopher Samuel, Biblical Researcher, working at home in Warwickshire with the Translation Resources Department in Dallas, USA - The task of Christopher’s section is to provide resources, mostly electronic, that will enable translators to gain better understanding of the original language source texts and thus produce more faithful translations. Within that area, his work has mostly been with the OT, as a Hebraist, not a programmer, so that translators can have better access to the Hebrew original. Please pray that the team may have the wisdom to provide those resources that translators need most, that translators may learn how to use the resources effectively, that the translations that result may be accurate and clear, and that the churches that use them would grow both in number and in maturity.

  • JESUS Film workshop in Senegal

    The second part of the JESUS Film workshop in Senegal begins today (19 July). Pray for all the participants from each of the 9 language groups involved.

  • Ndut translation in Senegal

    The checking of the Ndut translation of Acts begins today (18 July) in Senegal. Pray for strength and wisdom for the translators and consultants.

  • Two Week Stint event in France

    Today (17 July) is the first day of the Two Week Stint. Young people aged 18-30 from across Europe are starting two challenging weeks together in a village in the Rhone Valley in the South of France. Their time together will be completely bilingual which will be a new experience for many, and they will be working alongside people they have never met before. The most important aspect of the time in France remains a joint desire to roll one’s sleeves up and have a go at linguistics, literacy and Scripture impact. Pray that God would use the two weeks to plant a seed in these young people’s lives.  

  • New church in Koma village

    Please pray for a new church in one Koma village founded by a Koma young man who was a Muslim but decided to follow Jesus after reading the Koma New Testament. Pray that this church will grow and that through it many people in that village will hear about and receive God’s grace.

  • Luke Partnership for Eight Languages

    Pray for the 20 Papua New Guineans who will be part of a new Luke Partnership program “LP Ailan”. These Bible translators will receive training and support over four years to 1) Translate the Gospel of Luke, 2) Print portions of the book as they are translated, 3) Produce audio recordings of the translated portions, 4) Dub the JESUS Film* into the languages, and 5) Equip PNG translators to translate for their languages, with the hope they will continue on independently beyond the project. Pray for the staff as they train and advise, and that their lessons will be clear. Pray that the participants understand well, and that they encourage one another in Bible translation and personal growth. The next training module begins in September.

  • Working at a distance

    Praise God that the final consultant checks of the Mussau-Emira New Testament were completed in May. Pray for the translation committee which has lost their chairman, Leslie Sam. Ask God to comfort the team and to enable them to continue to work on some final edits to the text with their advisors, who will be away for a year. The typesetting is planned for 2018 when the team is together again. Pray that the technology works well so they can communicate during the coming year.

  • Old Testament translation progress

    Pray for the Kaninuwa translators who will receive training at the Translators Training Course 1 in July and August. They have made good progress in the month of June village testing portions of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. The translation advisors are preparing for an advisor check of additional portions. Ask God to give each one good health and strength.

  • Getting community feedback

    The Minaveha translation team is concerned about boat and travel issues and their inability to communicate with the rest of the world. The cell phone tower that served the south coast of Ferguson Island has been relocated, making communication unreliable and frustrating. The team is preparing five Old Testament books for their next committee meeting in November. Pray for Larry as he drafts Leviticus and for Tau as he tests the book of Numbers with community members. Pray for the team as they are close to finishing the Old Testament translation.

  • Koluwawa translation progress

    Pray for the Koluwawa translation team as they prepare first drafts of Acts and the Gospel of John. Pray that they get good input as they revise these drafts to produce a translation that is clear and natural-sounding to the Koluwawa community. Ask God to provide a consultant to check these books for the team so that they can progress smoothly.

  • Final preparations for publication

    Praise God that the final book of the New Testament in Doromu-Koki has been checked through by a consultant. Now the translation team is doing the final read-through in preparation for publishing it. Pray for this team during July and August as they do the read-through, that they catch any places that the text can be improved. Pray that the typesetting go well for this New Testament.

  • Sudest Old Testament translators

    Four Sudest men have been chosen to translate the Old Testament into their language. Pray for them as they attend an introduction to translation at the Translators Training Course 1 during July and August. Ask God to prepare their hearts and minds for the training, so they have good understanding of how to apply the course material. Pray for the team recording the New Testament from 1 August to 20 October.

  • God's stories in Koma

    The Koma project manager recently visited the two local chiefs that oversee the two sections of the village where the translation office are located. He gave each of them a copy of the audio version of God’s stories in Koma. He also took the opportunity to tell them about the wisdom of King Solomon – especially the story of the two women who were fighting over the live child after one of them had lost her child. The story of Solomon’s wisdom became the talk of the villages and led to many people wanting to hear more Bible stories in Konni, their heart language. Please pray for these two chiefs, that the Holy Spirit will touch them and their families, as well as the people in their villages, as they listen to God’s story.

Results 31 - 60 of 831
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