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  • Online dictionary software problem

    Pray for the programming team working on a web-based dictionary program. The program seems to work well for small dictionaries, but sometimes fails when testing with dictionaries of 50,000 words or more. Because the failure is intermittent, it is hard to find the problem. Ask God for guidance to find the problem, and wisdom in how best to fix it. Pray also for upcoming training meetings where computer specialists will learn how to use new software that supports Bible translation.

  • Pray for hope to become reality

    The Mandja Bible translation team in the Central African Republic lost two out of three members in the last three years – one in the civil war and the other to sudden illness. Please pray for Edmond Ngodi, the remaining translator, and the wider ACATBA* team, as they come to terms with this and try to keep the project running. Pray for the widows and children of Elisée and Bravo trying to make a living in a country with no social security provision. Pray that Edmond’s hope to publish Mark’s Gospel in Mandja in the next year may come to fruition.

    * ACATBA is the Bible Translation and Literacy Organisation of the Central African Republic

  • Pair up in prayer for the Nzakara translation

    Bienvenu Gomisset sought out the Nzakara Bible translation team while he was visiting the war-torn Central African Republic’s capital city, “to check if the Nzakara translation project is still alive”. Cut off from the team by the war, the population back home think the work has stopped, but once Bienvenu located the team and got the Jesus Film and Nzakara Hymns on his phone, he determined to become the project’s ambassador once he got home. Become Bienvenu's partner in the prayer he has promised to pray: “May the New Testament we are all waiting for become a reality!”

  • Crucial IT support need

    Bible translation teams in the Central African Republic desperately need IT support. “Months ago, our Paratext* stopped working properly, so the consultants we work with in the USA and elsewhere couldn’t access our files, and we couldn’t send them our back translations to prepare for translation consultant checking sessions,” wrote the Nzakara team. “Translation consultant Christoph Mueller spent a whole week on it, and now our Paratext works well.” While we thank God for this, the CAR teams need a dedicated IT specialist so that translation specialists can focus on translation and experienced IT troubleshooters can fix the bugs!

    * Paratext is a computer programme with many resources for translators, which is also used for typing and editing translated texts.

  • Lutos speakers appeal for your prayers

    “It’s amazing to see what the Lutos team has done!” said Blaise Tomnadji, a Lutos speaker from the Central African Republic. “In 2010, they came and set up a Community Language Committee. Then war broke out, and the only booklet we had to read is what they’d translated and given us.” Even unbelievers have been touched by this booklet, at a time of huge personal and social trauma.  Grateful for what God has done through donors and pray-ers, they ask you to continue praying for peace in CAR, and for resources for the Lutos team to continue their translation work.

  • Security needed for survey work

    “Alive and kicking!” is how the Central African Republic’s language assessment team found two languages in the south-west of the country, that survey work in 1995 had suggested had died out*.  “Our boss couldn’t believe what we were telling him!” they added. Pray for security in CAR, only just recovering from a vicious and destructive civil war, so that the team can continue their work, despite travel being often dangerous and always difficult. Pray for funding also, so that these well-trained and highly motivated young men can continue to identify real needs for Bible translation in their country.

    * Survey, short for "sociolinguistic survey," is the activity of gathering information on how language is used in the society.  It is an important step in discovering what Bible translation needs exist and assists in making strategic decisions.

  • Surprises in survey work

    “Our boss couldn’t believe what we were telling him!” writes the language assessment team from the Central African Republic. Survey work* in 1995 showed that two languages in the southwest had died out. But when this team visited more than 20 years later, they found those languages alive and being used!  Please pray for funding for these well-trained and highly motivated young men to reach other parts of their country and identify real needs for Bible translation. In a country recovering from a civil war it’s hard to find the money at home for this vital step toward having their own Scriptures.

    * Survey, short for "sociolinguistic survey," is the activity of gathering information on how language is used in the society.  It is an important step in discovering what Bible translation needs exist and assists in making strategic decisions.

  • Printing of Lenthomi* Bible

    Pray that printing of the Lenthomi Bible will go smoothly, that equipment will function well. Pray for the health and stamina of those involved in this stage of the work. Pray that printed Bibles will be kept safe while being transported and stored.

  • Good communication needed

    Pray for the Language Program Management department of SIL to develop appropriate ways to communicate strategic concepts and current training material to those they train and guide around the world. Many of those needing the information work in partner organizations. There may not be direct means of contact with these partners. Pray for God's wisdom as they develop alternative ways to communicate important principles and directions.

  • Training program managers

    Thank God for the team who work in the Language Program Management Department of SIL International*. They provide support and training for language program managers, the people who coordinate all aspects of a translation and literacy project. Ask God to show these leaders how best to provide training for program managers from many countries. Pray for guidance as they provide training resources to training programs around the world.

    *SIL is a major partner of Wycliffe Global Alliance

  • Siberia

    Pray for the Vostok project planning workshop taking place this week in Siberia (21 September). Praise God for the faithfulness of the people participating in the project. Praise that there is a team of faithful and trained people to use in more potential projects. Praise that every project found speakers to work with and that the stories were embraced by the people who were translating them. Please also pray for distribution, which is a major challenge. Speakers are often older and live far away from each other, and it is difficult to know how to help them to spread the stories around. 

  • Spiritual attack

    Recently, there was a sense of spiritual attack during a translation checking session of Romans in a language in Asia. Both the consultant and the translator’s computers developed similar problems that required several days to repair. Those involved in Bible translation work experience spiritual attack in various ways. Pray for the many language workers around the world, for on-going protection and victory in the spiritual battle of translating God’s Word.

  • Follow Up to Urgent need for permission to fly

    Praise God for answered prayer. After over a year of waiting, a Christian airline in the region has been granted permission to resume flying. This will significantly benefit the local language teams since travel by road can be unsafe.

  • Nigeria

    Pray for the Guide to Planning the Future of Our Language workshop starting in Jos, Nigeria (20 September). Pray for fruitful teaching and learning for facilitators and participants as vision is cast and methods shared for how language communities can learn to take greater ownership of their own language development and translation work.

  • Chad

    Pray for the literacy workshop that begins in Chad on 19 September to help language associations create reading materials for those already literate in French to learn to read and write their mother tongue.

  • Senegal

    Pray for the editing of songs written based on the book of Luke in the Saafi-Saafi language in Senegal which takes place this week (18 September).

  • UK Church Engagement team meeting

    Pray for the UK church engagement team meeting in Belfast at the start of next week (17 September). Pray that God will guide and inspire the team as they meet.

  • Papua New Guinea

    Two translators divide their time between the regional translation centre in Ukarumpa and the village – please pray for their safety and wellbeing as they travel. Pray for younger people to join the two ageing men as translators to speed the work of giving God’s word to the Maring.

  • Tanzania

    Pray for the consultant checking of Revelation in the Kabwa and Jita languages of Tanzania, which takes place this week (15 September).

  • Papua New Guinea

    Thank God that the Maring New Testament has been drafted and pray that the process of community and consultant checking will go well and quickly.

  • Papua New Guinea

    Please pray for increased community and church support for the Maring project and that local churches will become more aware of, and excited by the project.

  • Training programme in England

    The Assignment Related Training stage of the training programme for new Wycliffe members begins at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy) on 12 September. Please pray that God will be with each member and teacher through the period of the course.

  • Papua New Guinea

    Pray for health and strength for the translators Martin Ponomb and Anselem as they work towards a Maring Bible.

    Translation work for the Maring started back in the late 60s or early 70s, but the project has faced significant obstacles – death, spiritual attack, and a lack of community support – along the way. The whole New Testament has been drafted and now needs village checking and consultant checking. The current two translators Martin Ponomb and Anselem Kuloi are not as able to actively engage with the work anymore due to their age. Young people are needed to rise up and carry on the work.

  • Finding Scripture for refugees

    In the past months aid agencies and Christian groups have been gearing up to provide what help they can to the refugees in various countries, some in resettlement places (schools, gymnasiums, reclaimed / remodelled buildings) and others still in large camps. Close Wycliffe partners in the regions from which the migrants are fleeing have worked together to create a document for Christian groups and other partners which contains information about where to find various translated Scripture and Scripture-based products in the refugees’ languages. General distribution of this document began in June. Pray that this document will lead many to discover the Bible in their language.

  • Sharing Bible stories in Siberia

    A Chukchi teacher in the primary school of a key Chukchi village recently finished proofreading a book of Bible stories. Praise God  that this teacher said, 'I love the stories! I believe them, and I'm digging deeper and deeper into them!' She even took a few copies of the book to use in class with her school kids. The book will be even better with the new changes, pictures and the audio. Please pray for this teacher as she shares these Bible stories with her classes.

  • New Deaf staff for Chilean Sign Language translation

    Praise God for two additional full time Deaf translation staff who will join the Chilean Sign Language translation team this fall. Pray for God’s provision and protection as they relocate to a new city and prepare to join the only other full time person on the team.

  • International Literacy Day

    8 September is International Literacy Day. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Wycliffe literacy workers around the world to know how to utilise this day and events related to it in order to invest in relationships and partnerships for the purpose of seeing literacy activities furthered in the many language communities they work in:

  • Music composition

    A large part of the life of a church consists in singing and praising God. From October 22 to 30, two Argentine leaders will facilitate a workshop for the composition and recording of traditional-style music in Bolivia. Musicians from the Ignaciano, Trinitario, Tacana and Chimane communities will participate. Pray that this workshop will encourage local musicians to compose, record and teach praise songs in their own musical genres and languages. Ask God for safe travel and favorable weather. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give inspiration and creativity to the musicians.

  • New headquarters for Wycliffe Caribbean

    Praise God with Wycliffe Caribbean for the provision of a small sixty-room hotel in Kingston, Jamaica for its Mobilization and Training Center and headquarters. Purchased at below market value, the property needs much work. Pray for funding for each stage of development including work teams, security and the complete design for remodeling. Pray that work on the main offices will be completed within the next two months. Ask God to use Wycliffe Caribbean and this facility to promote and advance Bible Translation in the wider Caribbean area.

  • New Testament nearing the finish line

    A family of Argentine Bible translators has served for 15 years in Southeast Asia. The translation team they work with rejoices that the New Testament is almost ready to publish. They tell us, “We are thinking of the format for the New Testament and who will publish it. We ask for your prayers. There are many things to decide. Ask the Lord to protect this project and provide the help we need. Pray also for the funds to print the New Testament. We know that God, Who has provided for us to this point, will continue to do so.” Pray that the Book will be ready to send to the printers in 2017.

Results 31 - 60 of 829
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