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  • SIL Nigeria staff spiritual retreat

    Today (15 April) is the start of the SIL* Nigeria all staff spiritual retreat. The theme is ‘The Walk of Faith.’ Pray for refreshment and renewal as staff and families gather for a few days of learning together from God’s word, fellowship, and recreation.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations.

  • Launch of new websites for mother tongue resources

    Project personnel from twelve language projects in eastern DRC participated in a two-week seminar that culminated with each having their own website. They were trained to set up and maintain their websites. The websites were created in their mother tongues, with the option of adding a French tab and/or a trade language. They uploaded resources in electronic print such as their translated scripture, dictionaries, songs and other literacy material. Other resources they uploaded included audio recordings of their translated scripture, Bible stories and music as well as The Jesus film dubbed in their language. Pray that word about the websites would spread quickly. Pray for the project workers as they strive to maintain their new websites. Praise for the spread of God’s Word via technology.

  • Leadership teams in Papua New Guinea

    Please pray for the respective leadership teams from SIL* Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Bible Translation Association of PNG* as they begin a time of spiritual reflection and retreat together in Madang (14 April). 

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations.

  • SIL Senegal, Gambia & Guinea

    The annual branch meeting of SIL* Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau begins today (13 April). Please pray for God’s leading and guidance as a number of important discussions and decisions are due to take place over the next five days.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations.

  • Seminar on prayer and Bible reading

    Josh Oldfield, Wycliffe student worker in Scotland, is leading a seminar on prayer and Bible reading at St Andrews University Christian Union tonight (12 April). Pray that the students would be encouraged to value God's word and not neglect spending time alone with God during the summer holidays.

  • Soninke translation

    Consultant checking of the Soninke translation of Mark begins in Mali today (11 April). Please pray for God’s wisdom for the consultant and the translators as they work through the translated text.

  • Translation checking workshop

    Ruth Raharimanantsoa, SIL-Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), involved in linguistics and translation – Tomorrow (11 April) will see the start of the fourth and final translation checking workshop for the Old Testament stories translation programme in Brazzaville, involving five languages. Ruth's main task is orthography checking for Teke and Ngangulu, having worked with these languages in orthography development.

    Following the workshop, Ruth will work with the translators to get their texts published and recorded, as well as finalising reading and writing manuals and developing picture dictionaries in both languages. People are requesting help to read the Scriptures in their languages, since they are only used to reading in French. Pray that God will raise up people in the communities who are willing to teach others to read the translated Scriptures, using the reading and writing manuals. Please pray with Ruth and the team that God's Spirit will speak to people's hearts through these Old Testament stories!

  • Serving needs in Francophone Africa

    Pray for the international team producing exegetical Bible commentaries in French. The Translator’s Notes in French series*, written in everyday French, aims to meet the specific needs of Bible translators in Francophone Africa. This is a key resource because very few training and reference materials about translation are available in French. Pray for productive collaboration within the team as the commentaries are drafted, checked and revised multiple times for clarity and accuracy.

    * Comprendre pour traduire

  • International meetings in May

    Pray that those attending the international meetings in May in Asia will come with hearts and minds prepared in advance for what God will be doing among them. Pray that each one will have time to prepare for the meetings and will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to guide the advance preparation team so all will be in place before the meetings begin. Pray specifically for safe travels for all participants.

  • Translation checking workshop in April

    The fourth and final translation checking workshop for the Old Testament stories translation program involving five languages will be held in the Republic of the Congo April 11-29. Pray for the consultant whose main task is to check the orthography for the Teke and Ngangulu languages. Following the workshop, translators from these two languages will work with the consultant to have texts published and recorded. They will be finalizing reading and writing manuals as well as developing picture dictionaries in both languages. Pray that people in the communities would be willing to teach others to read the translated Scriptures, using the educational materials.

  • Computer technology conference

    The IT Connect conference, for the computer-technology staff of Wycliffe-associated organizations, begins near Nairobi on 17 April. Other African organizations of ICCM-Africa will participate April 20-23. Pray for good contacts to be made, for sharing of expertise, and for IT staff to learn well from each other during the conference. Also pray for discernment as they look at how to deploy technology to support the advancement of ministries for the glory of God. (Click here for an article about IT Connect.)

  • Scripture song recording workshops

    John & Sarah (& Elizabeth) Gieske - Ziguinchor, Senegal, audio media and EthnoArts – John and Sarah are part of a small team based in the southern Casamance region of Senegal, who spent much of last year meeting with local pastors and leaders in order to understand how we can join God where he is already working. Please pray for planning meetings as John and Sarah attempt to chart a path for the upcoming years based on what the team has learned. In John’s main role as Media Specialist he is looking forward to several Scripture song recording workshops this year. Pray for productive workshops where God is honoured. Pray for God's protection for Sarah and baby Elizabeth in John's absence. During this year of maternity leave, pray for Sarah as she takes care of the family finances and communications as well as seeking to spend more time supporting colleagues in prayer.

  • Ndop translation and orthography

    Jane Ingle, Ndop cluster project, Cameroon, linguistic research in Bamunka, currently working on tone orthography - New Testament dedications are planned for Bamunka and Bambalang some time in 2017. Pray for the translation teams as they revise the drafts in preparation for publication and for consultant Greg Beyer currently working with them remotely from the USA. Adequate tone orthography for Bamunka is essential before publication can go ahead. Please pray for Jane as she helps to propose a suitable system for marking tone and tests the proposal later this year. The JESUS film is available in the Bambalang and Bamunka languages. Thank God that it has been seen by many people with great impact. Pray for other language groups – Bafanji, Bamali, Bamunkumbit, Bamessing and Bangolan – for ongoing Scripture translation and preparation of the JESUS Film. Pray that each project will have good local support.

  • Visas and travel

    Many leaders will be traveling for meetings in the coming weeks. Ask God to change hearts and provide visas for outstanding requests. Pray that the Visa-on-Arrival program will grant visas for those who expect to receive them. Pray for safety and good healh as people travel. Pray for connections work well, and for ground arrangements to get people safely to their hotels. Thank God for the global transportation system that supports these meetings.

  • Ndop cluster project

    Jon and Sandra Blackwell, Ndop cluster, North-west Cameroon, literacy and translation support, mainly in the Bamunka language – The Ndop cluster has ten languages, with one published New Testament and two in draft form. Team members provide technical and logistical support for translation, literacy and Scripture engagement activities, which are increasingly carried out by our Cameroonian colleagues. Jon and Sandra’s primary focus is literacy, but they also provide support for the Bamunka translation team, working remotely with occasional visits. Please pray for this work, for good communications and for safe travel! Please pray also for the Bambalang multilingual education project. Pray for Melody, Emmanuel and Daniel as they give guidance to the teaching staff. Pray for other Cameroonian team members engaged in educational programmes preparing them for additional responsibilities: Pius, Novethan and Edward (to be translation consultants); Emmanuel and Daniel (literacy). The workload is heavy.

  • Last New Testament books checked

    Praise God for two Bible translation projects that consultant checked* their final books. Ask for wisdom for these teams as they take additional steps toward publication, such as compare parallel passages, unify key terms, and read through of the prepared text for the final time. Pray for careful attention to detail in the typesetting process. Ask God to prepare hearts in the language communities which will soon have the New Testament available to them.

    *Consultant Check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • New consultants prepared

    Praise God for the four new consultants that have prepared themselves for service to various language communities. Three of them are literacy and education consultants, and will help those planning literacy and multilingual education programs. One is a linguistic consultant, with a specialty in phonology. Pray for each of these as they come alongside teams in their areas of specialization. Pray particularly for one woman who is having visa problems, that she would know where to live, and whom to serve.

  • Train the trainer workshop in Nigeria

    Today (6 April) a four-day Train the Trainer literacy workshop begins at NBTT (Nigeria Bible Translation Trust) in Jos, Nigeria. Please pray for each of the teachers and participants, that God will bless them and that what they learn will help them in their literacy work in Nigeria.

  • New language program staff

    Praise God that two new Scripture engagement teams arrived in Vanuatu. Pray for them as they begin their language learning. Another team should arrive soon to begin translation work in the Malafaxal language. Pray for them to receive adequate funding as they finish preparations. Ask God to call additional members of the Mota Lava language community to be part of the translation team.

  • Culture meets Scripture course

    In June, a Culture Meets Scripture course will be held in the Solomon Islands. This course will be aimed at church leaders and educators who can, in turn, train others in the process of thinking through cultural practices and how they line up with Scripture. Pray that God lead participants to the course who will be able and willing to teach the material to others. Ask that the discussions and activities bring a new awareness of Scripture to many language communities.

  • Roviana recording Scripture

    Praise God for the successful read-through of the Roviana New Testament and continued read-through of the Old Testament. Pray for the health and safety of the team as they finish all the preparations needed for the typesetting and publication of the Bible. Faith Comes by Hearing will be recording the New Testament in May. Pray for the preparation for the recording to ensure a successful and timely completion of the project. Pray, too, for those who will edit and finalize the recordings for distribution.

  • Transportaion challenges

    A recurring challenge for translators and translation advisors in the Solomon Islands is finding transportation to and from their village homes on remote islands. This April two families are awaiting safe shipping options from the capital city of Honiara. Pray for these families to find a reliable ship that can take them and their things to their villages soon. Ask God to keep safe all those who are involved in Bible translation ministries as they travel on the seas this year.

  • Operations manager needed

    An Australian volunteer serves as the operations manager for the Solomon Islands team. When he leaves in June, there is no one to take over his work. Pray that someone will be found for this critical role so that a translator will not need to take on this job.

  • JESUS film workshop in Mali

    Today (5 April) a JESUS Film workshop continues in Bamko, Mali. Pray for the five language groups that are gathering to complete writing scripts for the JESUS Film which will be dubbed into their languages later this year.

  • Culture meets Scripture workshop

    In Southeast Asia a ten-day Culture meets Scripture workshop begins today. Important cultural rituals associated with events such as births, weddings, and deaths can create great inner turmoil for believers when local rituals conflict with Scripture. Participants will first review these cultural rituals, then evaluate them and decide whether they need to be modified, replaced or even discarded. Please pray for wisdom for the participants and the teachers, and also pray that the workshop will be of great help and blessing for believers as they reconsider these cultural rituals in the light of their faith.

  • Language work in Asia

    Sara, Asia*, language study – Sara is currently studying the national language prior to being assigned to work on a language project. There are many people groups here who still do not have the word in their mother tongue and she is seeking to know which people group she should work with once her national language study is complete. Once the national language study is complete, studying a minority language will begin. Please pray that Sara can study effectively and absorb and retain all the new vocabulary and grammar. Please pray that God will make it clear where and with whom Sara should work in the future.

    (*exact location and names disguised for security reasons)

  • Roma translation progressing

    Praise the Lord for very fruitful consultant checking on Luke chapters 12-21 in the South Vlax Romani language in Romania. One participant writes: “The discussions were fruitful, because we have made the text more understandable. Most of all, we had beautiful discussions of how God is at work.” Pray for continued good progress in translation for this language community.

  • Wycliffe display at conferences this summer

    Over the coming months Wycliffe will be at a number of summer camps and conferences. Please pray that the Wycliffe display will attract people to come and find out more about what is going on today through the UK church / Wycliffe partnership throughout the world. Please pray that the brand new interactive game using a computer and TV screen will not only attract people, but will get them thinking.

  • Old Testament translation beginning

    Edmond Teppuri has visited Lord Howe in the Solomon Islands to discuss translating the Old Testament. He met with chiefs of Luaniua and the chairman of the church as well as two Anglican priests. They shared their opinions and views and have plans to discuss this with the broader community. Pray for these leaders as they take ownership of this project and determine who should be part of the translation committee.

  • Leadership transitions

    Pray for those involved in the leadership transition for the Director of SIL in the Pacific Area. Pray for Mark Taber as he shares what he knows with Jason Griffiths who will take over in May. Ask God for Jason to develop good relationships with leaders in the Wycliffe Global Alliance and with directors of the various SIL units in the region. Pray for wisdom for him as he balances the challenges of two important roles.

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