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  • Alliance organizations visited and encouraged

    The Director of Wycliffe Asia Pacific Area , Simon Wan, visited a number of Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations in the Pacific during the month of January. Praise the Lord for his visits to the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association, the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands, the Bible Translation Organization Tonga and Wycliffe New Zealand. David Gela, Director for the Pacific Island Affairs for the Area, joined Simon in visiting the first two organizations listed above. This is an important time for bonding and for getting to know the Pacific organizations more as Simon provides leadership for them. Pray for wisdom and clarity for Simon and David and the rest of the Area Pacific leadership team as they work with Alliance organizations in the Area. 

  • Roma leadership team meeting

    Pray for the Roma leadership team meeting in Bulgaria which concludes today (11 February). Pray that the outcomes of the meeting will enable them to serve the Roma all over the world.

  • Planning meetings

    Pray for the staff preparing to attend planning meetings in late March. There are many documents to read and some major issues to consider. One key issue that will be presented is the multilingual situation of people in many language communities. Speakers in minority language communities are often in contact with speakers of the regional or national language. This complicates decisions about how best to encourage them to interact with Scripture. Ask God to guide the preparations and discussions in these meetings.

  • Shifting global directions

    Thank God for meetings last year that helped to outline some shifts in the thinking of SIL International. This year the staff and leadership are processing some new directions that will influence the life of the organization, and their ministry to language communities. Pray for wisdom for the staff at all levels as they learn about the new proposals and interact with the documents. Ask God for strength as they prepare to implement some changes. Pray that each person listen for God’s direction in this period of change.

  • Strategies for multilingual situations

    An increasing trend in the Global Church is the use of multiple languages by individuals, depending on their situation. This leads to questions about how to promote the use of Scripture for these individuals and situations. Some research and recommendations will be presented at leadership meetings in March. Ask God to give wisdom as they process the findings and look at ways to implement the recommendations in training programs and language and translation program management. Pray for wisdom for the leaders as they plan action items and develop further research topics.

  • Wycliffe event in Edinburgh

    Pray for *First Steps happening in Edinburgh tonight (10 February). Pray that it will be inspirational for all those who come.

    *First Steps is an informative, inspiring and interactive event exploring what Wycliffe’s work is all about.

  • 32 stories recorded

    Praise God for the 15 Brooke’s Point Palawano voice actors who, in three and a half days, successfully recorded 32 panoramic Bible stories, a set of instructions and a song. This was the culmination of their teamwork over the last year and half. People in three churches were trained to lead story groups. One young woman is eager to continue the Bible story work. She wants to go into neighboring mountains to share stories of God’s power and love. Lift up these Palawanos in prayer as they continue the work of reaching out to those who do not know Jesus.

  • Guerguiko team in Chad

    Pray for the checking of Romans 1- 8 with the Guerguiko team in Chad over the next nine days (beginning 9 February).

  • Mali workshop

    Pray for the teachers and participants of the Sharpening your Interpersonal Skills workshop that begins today (8 February) in Mali.

  • LETRA recruits and prepares future workers

    LETRA Argentina continues to recruit Argentines for Bible translation and literacy work. Pray for their basic course in linguistics, which began on January 23. Pray for wisdom for instructor Rodolfo Senn, that God will guide him as he prepares candidates for future studies at CILTA in Lima, Peru. Praise God for the seven Argentines who will study there this year.

  • Community-owned Bible translation

    The Oji-Cree community is spread across northwestern Ontario, Canada. Since mid-2015, a team of five speakers of Oji-Cree has worked to give God’s Word to their own community in their own language. Appreciative worshipers of God are thrilled that the translated passages are now being used in their churches. Other First Nations speakers are also growing in their capacity to develop their languages and translate the Bible. Pray for the Naskapi, Cree and Innu communities as they take ownership of their translation projects. Pray for wisdom for those who encourage them, serve as translation consultants and check the translations against the Bible in Greek and other original languages.

  • A step completed in preparation for ministry

    In North Carolina, the first Intercultural Communications Course (ICC) of 2017 will conclude on February 20. The course, which began on January 19, prepared linguists, support staff, field personnel and volunteers for effective and sustainable work in the United States and abroad. Thirty-seven candidates have been strengthened for service in the core elements of cross-cultural mission impact, spiritual resiliency, relational maturity and cultural sensitivity. Pray for them as God leads them into their various places of service. Pray for renewal for the staff members who worked tirelessly to complete the course.

  • Global volunteers serve to promote God’s kingdom

    In January, LETRA Paraguay was blessed to receive teams of volunteers to assist in their work. First a team of workers from Youth With a Mission in Argentina arrived to help with various construction projects. The team represented five countries and shared their skills and labor for ten days. Then twelve students from IMT (Transcultural Missionary Institute) in Chile spent two weeks assisting with ministry in the Aché community of Chupa Pou. Praise God for these servants who offered willing hearts and hands to accomplish a part of His mission in Paraguay.

  • Progress in Bible Translation

    Praise God for good progress on the Old Testament translation in the Achi language of Guatemala. Most of it is finished in first draft. The historical and poetry books have been consultant checked. Pray for the revision and consultant checking on the prophetic books. Pray for outreaches to churches and schools to prepare the way for the reception of the entire Bible in Achi. A five-month reading and writing course in Achi is currently in progress. Pray that this effort will result in many more people prepared to read the Bible in their own language.

  • Improving access and engagement with God’s Word

    The Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) Americas Area team collaborates with others to ensure that translated Scriptures are recorded in the heart language of all people groups. Pray for them as they and the Language Software Development group of SIL International work together using Glyssen.* Pray that Scripture access will improve and that engagement opportunities with God’s Word will continue and increase in language communities across the Americas.

    *Glyssen – a soft ware that generates a multi-voice audio recording script using translated Scripture text

  • Training workers

    In the month of February, four new courses for mission candidates began under the supervision of FEDEMEC in Costa Rica. The courses provide tools to transmit the message of salvation and address life skills for cross-cultural work. Pray that the teachers communicate the course materials effectively. Ask God to give the students eager and alert minds. Pray that their call to mission service will be confirmed through this learning experience.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Suriname Javanese (60,000)

    Praise God, the project to adapt the Indonesian Javanese Old and New Testaments into Suriname Javanese is almost finished! The team is focused on completing the consultant checks of each book by June this year, along with reviewing and revising the translation. Ask the Lord to fill them with his Spirit, good health and wisdom as they make sure each book is accurately translated, sounds natural and is clear. The second half of 2017 will be devoted to using Paratext, a software program that provides automated checks to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of a translation draft. The manuscript will then be typeset, a detailed job that includes decisions about formatting, font size, columns and maps. Pray for the Lord to lead the team to a layout that will be easy for people to read and use. Lift up literacy and Scripture engagement activities in progress, asking the Lord to raise up many readers for the Bible. Suriname Bible Society

  • Scripture nearing completion - Ticuna (51,000)

    The Ticuna New Testament was first published in 1986 in two versions, one for the Ticunas in the Spanish-speaking countries of Colombia and Peru and another for those in the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil. It has been reprinted twice. A translation team is now nearing completion of the Old Testament, along with a revised New Testament. This Bible will serve Ticunas in more than 160 communities. Lift up the team that will be reading through the Old Testament a final time this year, making sure it is clear and sounds natural. When that is completed, it is ready for typesetting, a complex and exacting phase. Ask the Lord to fill the typesetting team with energy, alertness and wisdom as they make formatting decisions about columns, pictures, maps and the font. Pray that any errors will be caught as they proofread the manuscript multiple times. Pray for a mistake-free printing process that will result in quality books. Pray for strength and good health for each team member and their families as they work to prepare the Bible for publishing.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Ambo-Pasco Quechua (90,000)

    Give thanks to God! The Ambo-Pasco Quechua translation team is approaching the finish line. Last year Ralph, working in Tennessee, reviewed the 23,000 words in the New Testament for spelling and hyphenation. Kathy, working in Michigan, typeset the manuscript. Team members in Tennessee and Peru carefully and repeatedly proofread the text. As the manuscript is sent to South Korea for printing, pray for a mistake-free printing process that will result in quality books. Ask God to protect the precious books as they are shipped back to Peru and then trucked up to the Ambo-Pasco Quechua area at 9,500 feet. Pray for good cooperation among the ones planning for a dedication in 2018 and that it will bring churches and believers together in Christ. Pray for the growth of God’s kingdom among the Quechua and that they will be fertile soil, hungering and thirsting for God.

  • Lewo New Testament celebration

    The Lewo New Testament celebration will be March 2 on Epi Island. The books have arrived in Port Vila and will be shipped to the island later in February. Many overseas guests will be coming, so flights are already full to this tiny destination. Pray for a good reception and for the people to embrace this New Testament which has been in translation and preparation for about 35 years.

  • Successful Bible Storytelling Workshop

    Praise God for the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop held in late January. The story crafters were passionate about learning. They desire to share the Bible stories they crafted with people who have not heard them before. One participant was not a Jesus follower, but was open to learning the Bible stories. He came to know Jesus as Savior by the end of the workshop. Give praise for the logistics team provided by a local partner organization. Thank God for his provision of a rescue vehicle when the facilitators' car became stuck on a muddy road.

  • Dictionary workshop in Senegal

    Pray for David Wilkinson and Tim Gaved along with Rebecca Sharples, as they start a dictionary workshop today (7 February) with the Gusilay people in Senegal. Pray that everything will go smoothly and they will be a good witness to this unreached people group.

  • Successful Christmas celebration

    Praise God for the successful Christmas celebrations held in one language community. Dozens of children from the community came for the event and heard about the birth of Christ. Pray for the church members in this community. Two of them are in difficult marriages, which is causing difficulties in the church. Ask that the children who have shown interest in the Gospel continue to have an opportunity to be fed spiritually in spite of these problems.

  • Manuscript found!

    Thank God that a lost manuscript of the Elijah story has been found by a retired translator. She searched for it six months ago without finding it. Ask God for strength as she keyboards it into the Paratext* program in preparation for including with Old Testament translation. Pray for the reprinted New Testaments that are en route to the language community. The first printing sold out quickly. Thank God for the strong interest in reading the New Testament among these people.

    *Paratext is a program developed by the United Bible Societies and is used widely by translators.

  • Worldview research and training

    Praise God for the Introduction to Worldview Research workshop held in November. One participant used the material to train others in the national language in December. She and one of her trainees will be beginning a series of Scripture engagement workshops and literacy training in her home village. There are also plans for a workshop on “relevant issues” that will incorporate material from the worldview research. Pray that God will guide and direct each of these efforts and that hearts are transformed through the training.

  • Kui language

    Pray for the checking of Revelation, 1 and 2 Peter and 1 Corinthians in the Kui language in Cambodia happening at the moment.

  • Reviewing activities

    During February the teams working throughout Tanzania will meet to review their activities and plans for the year ahead. Please pray for good communication, wisdom and creativity as the teams reflect and plan.

  • Minyanka team in Mali

    Pray for the checking of Job and Psalms 1-10 with the Minyanka team in Mali that is ongoing at the moment.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Yareni Zapotec (2,900)

    “Wonderful! Awesome! More than we could have asked or thought!” Those are some of the emotions expressed by team members on March 6, 2016, when the Yareni Zapotec New Testament was presented to the people. More than 400 people attended. Several weeks after the event, one of the primary translators received a phone call from a language speaker who currently lives in California. His mother had told him about the celebration of the completed New Testament. He begged the translator for a copy, saying that he is a believer and wanted to read God’s Word in his own language. Praise God! Pray for the wide and effective distribution of the New Testaments in the language area. The goal is for every Zapotec family to have a copy of the printed New Testament and the audio MP3.

  • Scripture nearing completion - San Vicente Zapotec (3,000)

    Rejoice! On January 9, 2016, the New Testament was publicly dedicated and presented to the Zapotec people of San Vicente Coatlán. People enthusiastically and appreciatively received God’s life-changing book in their heart language. Several people read Scripture passages. A history of the Bible was given. And a member of the translation team spoke on the importance of reading and studying the Bible. Pray that many Zapotecs will read the Word and be transformed. Praise the Lord that copies of both the printed and audio New Testament were distributed during the year to Zapotec speakers in California. Claim God’s promise in Isaiah 55:11 (NLT), “I send it [my Word] out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to and it will prosper everywhere I send it.”

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