How to pray for an increase in Old Testament translation: We NEED the Old Testament

As we move into the future, there is a gap in which the Old Testament is not accessible in many languages. Since 25% of the New Testament refers to or directly quotes the Old Testament it is important to address this topic in prayer. Currently, there are less than half the number of whole Bible translations than New Testament translations. The Old Testament is used less than the New Testament for preaching even where it is available. Fewer translators and consultants have training in Hebrew and Old Testament translation skills than those with Greek and New Testament translation skills. In addition, many of the remaining languages without the Bible are in oral and deaf cultures and therefore need Sign language and Oral translations.

Even with the remarkable acceleration, the need is still great to eliminate the Old Testament Gap so that the whole Word of God is accessible in every language. Let us unite in the model of Jesus to pray: Matthew 9:37-38 and Luke 10:2, asking together for the Lord of the harvest, to send out workers into his harvest field for the remaining Scripture needed in more than 90% of the 7,200+ Living Languages spoken on earth those who still do not have access to a complete Bible. Lord, we want MORE!

Pray for:

  • MORE champions of Old Testament translation and for resources to be released to fill the gap for the 2,600 languages, where the New Testament has been published,but the Old Testament portion is missing.
  • MORE organisations to decide to give equal weight to Old Testament translation in order to bridge the Old Testament gap.
  • MORE marketplace leaders, visionaries, philanthropists, pastors, translators, missionaries and intercessors to embrace the need ensure that no one on the earth will be spiritually impoverished because of the Old Testament gap in their mother tongue.
  • MORE understanding of the urgent need for the full Bible for people of all languages, whether written, oral or signed. We pray for the education and tools to accelerate access to the full Bible in all languages.

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