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  • Scripture nearing completion - Yom (300,000)

    The Yom translation team is focused on the details of preparing the whole Bible for publication. Pray they will soon finish revising the New Testament, which was published in 1986. They are using Paratext, a computer software program, to run automated checks that evaluate the accuracy and consistency of the Old and New Testament translation. They are also preparing book introductions, a glossary, and selected maps and illustrations to include. Ask the Lord to give them stamina and wisdom. Praise God for MiDiBible in Switzerland, a nonprofit organization that publishes Bibles for minority peoples. They will publish the Bible and are paying for half the costs. Thank the Lord for another generous donor who is covering the other half. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint each Bible and draw people into an intimate relationship with Christ as they read the Scriptures. SIM International

  • Scripture nearing completion - Nateni (66,000)

    The Nateni New Testament will soon cross the finish line! Lift up the team as they do final checks, including making sure that passages common to more than one Gospel match correctly, and that key biblical terms are consistently translated throughout the text. They plan to begin typesetting in April or May, 2017. Ask God to give reliable and clear connections between the typesetter and publishing firm located in Switzerland, and the translation team in Benin. Pray for funds to come in to cover the costs of printing the books. Lift up the team as they record the New Testament. Working together with Theovision International, they want to produce a Scripture app, making the Scriptures available to a wider audience. Pray that the recording equipment will work well. Pray for more reliable power in the region. Frequent outages slow the work down. As the literacy program continues, ask the Holy Spirit to give the team creative ideas in how to involve Nateni speakers not only in reading but also in writing their language. Pray for God to raise up a host of Nateni believers who feed and grow on God’s Word.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Biali (104,080)

    Praise God for technology! The Biali translation team used advanced features of Paratext, a computer software program, to do final checks on the New Testament. They were able to ensure that passages common to more than one Gospel match correctly, and that key biblical terms are consistently translated throughout the text. They also prepared introductions, footnotes and a glossary. The New Testament is being typeset during the first few months of 2017. Lift up the typesetters in Switzerland as they work via Skype with the translation team in Benin. Ask the Lord to give them strong and reliable connections. Pray also for the team as they work with Theovision International to produce an audio version of the New Testament. Ask God to provide readers with strong, clear voices. Pray for local church leaders to work well together to prepare for a dedication of the New Testament in late 2017 or early 2018. May they be engaged and enthusiastic about using the translated Scripture in their churches and in their homes. Ask Jehovah-Jireh to provide the funds necessary to print the New Testament.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Idaasha (101,000)

    The Idaasha translation team has been hard at work. Last year six books of the New Testament were checked, the script of the film “Abraham,” based on Genesis 12-25, was recorded, and the “JESUS” film was launched and distributed. Praise God! Ask the Lord to bring abundant fruit from these Scripture films. Lift up the team as they press forward to finish the remaining books of the New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower and renew them day by day. Pray for God’s protection over the team, including the literacy supervisor, program manager and support staff. Pray for their families to be safe and enjoy good health. As the team reaches out to more churches to hold literacy classes, pray that the churches will joyously agree and that many readers of the New Testament will result. Lift up the Idaasha people to the Lord, praying for transformation as they read God’s Word in their own language. Seed Company; Wycliffe Benin

  • Scripture nearing completion - Aja (910,000)

    God provided two consultants last year to move several Aja New Testament books through the checking process. Give thanks for ATBA, the Alliance for the Translation of the Bible in Aja. They are holding meetings in the 22 counties in Togo and Benin where the Aja population is concentrated. Ask God to give them ongoing energy and enthusiasm as they present the Bible translation project to churches and collect contributions toward project expenses. Pray for full funding for the New Testament. The Bible Society, who funded most of the work for five years, had to greatly reduce its contribution due to income shortfall. This slowed the work down. Pray for God to provide so that the final comprehension checking and revision stages can be completed and the New Testament prepared for publication. Pray for an agreement to be reached on an orthography for Aja so that the translation can be revised accordingly. Alliance for the Translation of the Bible in Aja; Bible Society of Benin

  • Sign Language Translation Workshop

    On 18 August a two-week sign language translation workshop begins in Cotonou, Benin. Deaf participants will come from Togo and Benin. The workshop focus will be to teach beginning translation principles. The practical part of the workshop will be translating Kande's Story into sign language. This type of sign language translation workshop has never been held before. Pray for safety and good health for the staff and participants. Pray as well for a good and profitable time together and that the Lord will be honored.

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