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  • Scripture nearing completion - Yom

    The Yom Bible is getting closer to the finish line! Pray for the translation team as they revise the New Testament which was published in 1986. Ask the Lord to help the team be wise and alert as they make decisions about orthography and expressions used for key terms in both the Old and New Testament. They are also preparing a glossary and will choose pictures and maps to include. Pray for dependable electricity where they work, and that their laptops powering the Paratext software will function well. (Paratext provides translators with automated checks to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of a translation.) Ask the Holy Spirit to guide the translators when they receive requests to help with other translation projects. Pray that they will use their time efficiently and wisely. And pray that the translation will be accurate, clear and have a great impact on Yom lives (pop. 300,000). SIM International

  • Scripture nearing completion - Nateni

    Praise God for positive feedback from a radio program using translated Nateni Scriptures! Pray for the broadcasts to continue and produce spiritual fruit. Lift up the translation team as they press forward to complete the New Testament. A consultant needs to check the final books of Jude and Revelation. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide him and the team members. Pray for alertness and stamina for the team as they put the New Testament manuscript through checks using a computer software program called Paratext. This program helps ensure regular formatting and checks for consistent spelling and punctuation. Lift up the health of the team. One member who heads up literacy has a hip problem that has prevented him from traveling. Pray for creative solutions to promote literacy among the Nateni (pop. 66,000). And ask the Lord to work in church leaders’ lives so they will embrace and use the translated Scriptures

  • Scripture nearing completion - Biali

    The Biali New Testament is very close to the finish line. Ask God to give wisdom and alertness to the consultant who will check Jude and Revelation, the final books needing this check. Lift up the team members as they use advanced features of Paratext, a computer software program that facilitates editing of the New Testament. Pray that the program will reveal any changes that need to be made before the book is published. Pray for interpersonal relationships among the staff to honor the Lord and remain strong through the end of the project and beyond. Ask the Lord to keep each one and their families healthy. Pray for local church leaders to work well together to prepare the dedication of the New Testament. May they be engaged and enthusiastic about using the translated Scripture in their churches and in their homes. There are 104,080 speakers of Biali. 

  • Scripture nearing completion - Aja

    Thank the Lord for helping the Aja translators and a team of consultants finish checking the New Testament last year. Pray for those who prepare the manuscript for printing, that God will give them energy and focus for this detailed process. Pray for a good working relationship among the partners involved in the project. Lift up the local translation association as they seek to raise awareness of Bible translation among Aja churches. The Aja people group (pop. 910,000) straddles the Togo-Benin border. Ask the Lord to bring unity and understanding to the Beninese and Togolese communities regarding the translation and the chosen orthography so it will be promoted and used in both regions. Ask God to keep the translators motivated as they continue to translate the Old Testament. Pray for transformation among the Aja through God’s Word in their heart language. Bible Society of Benin, Society for Bible Translation in Aja

  • Sign Language Translation Workshop

    On 18 August a two-week sign language translation workshop begins in Cotonou, Benin. Deaf participants will come from Togo and Benin. The workshop focus will be to teach beginning translation principles. The practical part of the workshop will be translating Kande's Story into sign language. This type of sign language translation workshop has never been held before. Pray for safety and good health for the staff and participants. Pray as well for a good and profitable time together and that the Lord will be honored.

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