Mission, Vision and Values of Wycliffe Global Alliance


In communion with God and within the community of His Church, we encourage and facilitate Bible translation movements that contribute to the holistic transformation of language communities worldwide.


Individuals, communities and nations transformed through God’s love and Word expressed in their languages and cultures.

Core Values

  • The Glory of God among the Nations
    Living and serving to God’s glory so people of all nations might know and glorify Him.
  • Christlikeness in Life and Work
    Following Christ's example in who we are and what we do (e.g. in thought, behaviour and action).
  • The Church as Central in God's Mission
    Recognizing the Church as created and equipped for participation in God’s mission. Participating within the Church to bless the nations.
  • The Word Translated
    Trusting God to transform lives through His Word translated into the languages and cultures of the world's peoples.
  • Dependence on God
    Depending on God and His sufficiency to equip and sustain for life and mission.
  • Partnership and Service
    Serving in interdependent partnership as an expression of the unity of believers. Serving as a community through holistic ministry that facilitates translation, access and use of God’s Word.