Mukaa Mbengera Tjivaro received an MP3 player loaded with Bible passages in Himba, a language mostly spoken in Namibia. She listened to it day and night, driven by a deep thirst she did not understand. She realised that she needed something in her life and was thirsting for something big. One day, she approached a visiting pastor to talk about it. The pastor told her about Jesus and she immediately gave her life to Christ.

"Since then," she said, "I have joy in my heart that has never departed from me. I feel that I am one of the luckiest people to have this tool, because it has changed my life."

She has a special box where she has kept the MP3 player safe for the last three years. Whenever she listens to it, she uses what she hears to encourage others around her.


Mukaa Mbengera Tjivaro (75 years old from Ondei. Ondei is all about 170 km away from Opuwo.)


I am a member from Opuwo Christian Community Church (OCCC). I am doing the work of the Lord though preaching God ‘s word.


This MP3 player is the Bible for us who cannot read. I listen to this MP3 then what ever I listen from it then, I will encourage people in the church and community. That ‘s why I have said this MP3 is the best tools for me as Omuhimba. I have a box where I keep my MP3 player for safety. I have kept it in it for the last three years. The first three months I had the player, I listened to it day and night, and it was through this that I released that I need something in my life and that I thirsted for something big. One day when of my Pastor from Opuwo visit us I went to him and tell my feeling and thirst that I have when I listening from MP3. He has explain to me and I then I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, I have joy in my heart that has never departed from me.

I feel that I am one of the luckiest people to have this tool, because it has changed my life. I know the Bible through this MP3, and I never had the Bible in my entire in my life. Now I am preaching with it by listening to it and explaining to others what it says, especially in evenings sitting around the fire with our children.

Describe your role (day to day work)

On a typical day, as others go out into the field to look after the animals, I stay behind to look after children at home.

How do you benefit from this project?

Through the project, I have received the MP3 player, which is my Bible. I now have access to the Word of God, which I can now share with the children and adults.

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