Faithfulness in small things brings great joy

James 4:20 You do not have because you do not ask God.

In June 2020 Wycliffe Denmark board member Marleen Frost started a Facebook prayer time which runs every two weeks. Early on in the pandemic seems a strange time to start a new initiative but Marleen shared why it was so important to her to trust God in this way:

I know from experience, that there is so much more to be achieved in the Kingdom of God when we pray. I was sad to live 300 km from the place, where there was a little group praying for Wycliffe. Under the corona [COVID-19] lockdown I had experienced how easy it was to pray together over long distance with a group using Facebook.

Many different people have joined these prayer times–Wycliffe Denmark members and friends. It has enabled them also to pray with a translation consultant from Kenya who is supported by Wycliffe Denmark. Sometimes just one or two people join Marleen to pray but she explained why she has kept going:

Experiencing making a difference helps me keep going. Feeling God's power gives me joy. Encouraging comments from the people joining give me strength.

She goes on to explain how leading this initiative has encouraged her and brought her joy:

God encouraged me by helping me into a flow of prayer each time. I normally have problems speaking, expressing myself and finding words, but when I pray I feel the power of the Holy Spirit. The comments of the other people joining are also encouraging. And of course, God answers prayer.

God has touched the small group in different ways. Marleen shares her excitement at seeing how God has answered their prayers:

A student unexpectedly contacted Lene (Director of Wycliffe Denmark) at our office to find out how she could volunteer. We also saw more young people than we expected coming to a meeting that Lene held.

She also points out that sometimes we don’t always see the results of what we do but that that does not mean that God is not working:

Even though sometimes there are only one or two participating people when I livestream, I have heard that other people see it later and join in praying there. I can never know how many, but I know God can call people to see it and pray for the topics, whenever it is necessary. In this way the video streams are a resource.

By trusting God Marleen and Wycliffe Denmark began something small and have found joy and God’s help to persevere even through the challenging times.

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