Wycliffe Taiwan: Not Running Fast, but Far

The success of Taiwan in beating COVID-19 has impressed the world, with only about 500 confirmed cases in the country of 24 million people. While everything is reopened, most Taiwanese still take precautions carefully and seriously to prevent the virus from spreading. For this reason, Wycliffe Taiwan celebrated its 25th anniversary in a modest manner. 

Albert Fung (right), Director of Wycliffe Taiwan, gave a welcome message to those attending the celebration physically or virtually. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

The celebration was held on 17 August, 2020 in Taipei. About 30 guests and staff members of Wycliffe Taiwan gathered to praise God for his grace, to remember the footsteps of pioneers and to look forward to the unforeseeable future. Due to travel restrictions, overseas friends could not attend the event in person. Yet through YouTube live streaming, they celebrated together virtually from the U.S., Canada, France, Hong Kong and other parts of Taiwan. They could even post words of encouragement and blessing to Wycliffe Taiwan in real time. 

During the event, Wycliffe Taiwan launched three new videos, which threaded together the evening’s main sessions:  

1. Footsteps – A brief history of Wycliffe Taiwan. 

The launching ceremony of Wycliffe Taiwan in August 1995. (Photo: Wycliffe Taiwan)

Since 1995, Wycliffe Taiwan has sent 25 Taiwan Christians to various countries to serve in the Bible translation movement. Wycliffe Taiwan gave thanks to God for his abundant provision and guidance and for the faithful support from many Taiwan churches, partner organisations and individuals. 

2. He who has ears to hear – Recording audio Bibles for the languages in Taiwan.

Winston Chiu (right) led the group in singing Faith, Mighty Faith, which is regarded as a theme song of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Winston previously served as the organisation’s Director. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

“By the year 2033, to see an audio Bible recorded in all the Taiwanese languages that already have their translated Scriptures.”  — Vision 2033

This new vision statement expresses Wycliffe Taiwan’s determination to serve its country’s  indigenous language groups by recording their audio Bible. Since 2019, they have been partnering with the Bible Society in Taiwan and Faith Comes by Hearing and have completed the audio New Testament for the Tao and Amis languages. The work for Cou language is now in progress.

3. Looking to the Future – How Wycliffe Taiwan responds to God’s calling in face of this rapidly changing world. 

Come, let’s take a group picture! (Photo: Wycliffe Taiwan)

Wycliffe Taiwan believes God has blessed the organisation so it can be a blessing to many. As a speaker shared during the celebration: “Wycliffe Taiwan may not run fast, but we will keep going and go far.” 

Article by Ling Lam

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