Board of Directors and Officers

The Alliance Board of Directors gives input to and provides governance for the Alliance. Each Alliance organisation has its own leadership and board, but all seek to work interdependently and value the Alliance community for friendship, partnership, spiritual and other practical forms of mutual support.

Agnes Lid (Chair)


Marco Herrera (Vice Chair)


Matt Dawson (Secretary)
United States


Hannu Summanen (Treasurer)


Emmanuel Keyeh


Dr. John Chesnut
United States


Joke Haaijer


Rob Lovatt
New Zealand


Susanna Muntz


Prof. Jayne Mutiga


Su-Ling Ng


Héber Negrão

03/2024 Pacific: Papua New Guinea

Informing, teaching, inspiring: PNG workshop teaches video storytelling for language communities

PNG workshop teaches video storytelling for language communities

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02/2024 Global

Looking ahead at 2024

As the year unfolds, we marvel at the work of God in our rapidly changing world. And, we look forward to a number of gatherings and conversations intended to draw us together.

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01/2024 Americas

Telling the Bible's Story

It may come as a surprise that a museum is among the Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations.

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