Project: PhD Research to Strengthen consultant work in the Americas Area


Jose Oviedo training programme to strengthen consultant work in the Americas Area

Jose Oviedo, Director Letra Paraguay


Jose Oviedo, CEO of LETRA Paraguay, seeks to complete the doctoral programme in theology at the Evangelical University of Paraguay. It is a four-year programme, with two years of course work and two years of research. The programme’s mission is to form people highly competent in biblical-theological training, who can equip the people of God and prepare new generations to be instruments in the Missio Dei. The goal is for this individual to enhance the capacity of leaders and to strengthen Bible translation consultant work in the Americas Area.

The candidate’s commitment to serving in the Bible translation movement is clearly demonstrated by his previous experience and training as well as his current work as a consultant and leader of LETRA Paraguay. The additional training will not only equip José for further service, but his proposed research topic will also make a strategic contribution to our theological and missiological understanding of the role of translation consultants in the mission of God. The current shift toward increased, direct church involvement in Bible translation makes this research timely as we seek an appropriate model of consultancy in this context.


Since 2017, Jose Oviedo has been involved in Bible translation, especially in projects located in the Americas. He was certified as a consultant for his organisation in 2022. During this journey, the questions he contended with about the consulting task is: What should be the role of the translation consultant to effectively help translation teams? Should we review the concept of the translation consultant? This topic has intrigued many in the global Bible translation movement. The Alliance has also issued some papers on this matter.

In 2017, the board of directors of the Wycliffe Global Alliance expressed its support for developing appropriate processes to accredit Bible translation consultants. This involves encouraging all Alliance organisations to seek cooperation to contribute more consultants to the global movement. In this same statement, the board highlights that the concept and role of consultants within the translation process must be “reviewed.”

These questions led the candidate to pursue doctoral research to review the concept of the translation consultant from a biblical-theological model that adapts to the new missiological paradigms of today within the Alliance. This initiative is also aligned to a 2024 resolution by the Forum of Bible Translation Agencies International (FOBAI) on qualifications for translation consultants.

The guiding professor in Jose’s program is Dr. Bryan Harmelink, who has extensive experience in the translation movement and specifically in the task of the consultant. 

José already started the program in July 2020. He finished the two years of coursework. Now there are still two years remaining of research for the thesis. He will finish this program in 2026 with a doctorate degree in theology. 

Project goal:

  1. Enhance the capacity of leaders in the Americas Area
  2. Strengthen Bible translation consultant work in the Americas Area

Project Activities:

  1. Enhance the capacity of leaders in the Americas Area

-Doctoral study program

-Mentorship by guiding professor 

  1. Strengthen Bible translation consultant work in the Americas Area

-Field research on the role of the consultant in biblical translation processes

-A report of research findings


(In USD)

$22,840 through FY2026. This includes tuition, fees, travel and office expenses and a small stipend.

For more information, including budget details, contact us at

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