Registration Form for the Global Gathering

This is the full text of the registration form for the Global Gathering. It will match the Google Form linked to from your invitation email. 

Please complete the registration form before 26th June 2024. 


Register for the Global Gathering

We invite you to register for the Global Gathering 2024. 

This registration form will enable us to capture the details we need to run the event, ensure we hold sufficient hotel rooms and support visa application processes where necessary.

Please take the time to answer all the questions to the best of your ability given what you know now. There is space to add notes and further comments at the end if there is additional information you think we need to know. You can edit your form after submitting it with amended details.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Global Gathering!


Your details

These are your details as they appear on legal documents and should match the information you will use for any visa application (if required) and to book your hotel room.

If you are better known by another name, there will be a separate opportunity to specify what name you would like on your conference badge. 

First/given name(s)

Last/family name

Your gender

  • Male
  • Female

Your email address

Name of your organisation

Your role in that organisation (job title)

IMPORTANT: Indicate the role you will have at the time of the Global Gathering.

ALLIANCE ORGANISATIONS: If you will no longer be the director or board chair of your Alliance Organisation at the time of the Global Gathering, please email Alliance Board Secretary, Matt Dawson ( 

Your nationality

This should be your passport nationality. If you have dual nationality, please state the nationality you will use to enter South Africa. 

Contact mobile/cell phone number (including international dialling code)

Do you use WhatsApp?

The Birchwood Hotel uses WhatsApp to communicate with guests during their stay.

  • Yes
  • No

If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements please provide details.

If you have any mobility or health issues that we need to inform the hotel in advance, please provide details.

Do you require a visa to enter South Africa?

  • Yes
  • No

Visa information

You will only see this section if you have answered yes to the previous question.

The information you give in this section will be provided to Rendzo, the South African event management company we are working with to organise the Global Gathering. They will use it to relate to the South African government in support of your visa application. 

This information is not a visa application. You will still need to formally apply for a visa to South Africa. 

Your full name as it appears in your passport

Date of birth 

  • Day, month, year

Passport number

Date of issue

  • Day, month, year

Expiry date

  • Day, month, year

Anything else?

Is there anything else we need to know for your visa application?



As you prepare for the Global Gathering, we strongly advise you to secure insurance to cover you against unexpected events, such as travel delays, medical emergencies or lost luggage.

The Wycliffe Global Alliance will not cover loss or expenses usually covered by personal medical or travel insurance.

Note: You do not need to arrange travel insurance to register, but you do need to acknowledge that it is your responsibility to arrange suitable cover.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to have adequate insurance covering my travel, personal belongings and emergency medical needs for the Global Gathering.

  • Agreed

Comments or questions?



In the case of an emergency, please provide us with an emergency contact.

Name of emergency contact

Their relationship to you

Their phone number (including international dialling code) 


Hotel room

We will give this information to the Birchwood Hotel to hold your hotel room. We apologise that this requires you to repeat information you have already supplied, but this will help us to accurately complete the hotel’s paperwork. 

Your last name/family name

Your first name/given name



In order for us to hold the appropriate number of rooms on the correct days, please indicate the dates on which you are likely to arrive and depart. These can be confirmed with the hotel when the rooms are paid for and once flights have been booked.  

Anticipated arrival date

We strongly recommend that you plan to arrive on Wednesday 30 October to mitigate against travel delays and to be well rested before the Gathering begins. 

Anticipated departure date

The Global Gathering will finish at 17:00 on Monday 4 November. To enable you to fully participate in the Gathering and honour the community, do not plan to leave the same evening unless you can book flights that depart after 20:30.

Preferred room choice

Hotel guests can choose a single occupancy room or a double/twin occupancy depending on whether they are travelling with a spouse or wish to share with a colleague from your own or another organisation. 

There are two styles of room at the Birchwood hotel. Silverbirch is the premium accommodation. Birchwood is the standard accommodation. The links will take you to the hotel website where you can view the options. 

The prices quoted here are in South African Rand and show the total price per day, for room and board (breakfast and dinner).

  • Birchwood - Single occupancy - R1520
  • Birchwood - Double/Twin occupancy - R2010
  • Silverbirch - Single occupancy - R1610
  • Silverbirch - Double/Twin occupancy - R2060

This is a special price for guests of the conference and includes your evening meal and breakfast. From Wednesday, 30 October until Wednesday 5 November, lunch will be provided as part of the conference. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the conference package.

Please be aware if you plan to arrive earlier or stay later than these dates you will be responsible for covering all associated costs. 

If you choose to share with someone else, you will need to work out how to split the bill between you. 

* For more information about room and board (meals) please visit

Sharing a room

If you wish to share your room with another conference attendee, please give their name here. Please ensure that you agree to this with them in advance and that their form will include your name.  

If you wish to bring your spouse with you and he/she does not have a staff role at the Global Gathering, please contact Hannes Wiesmann.

Their last/family name

Their first/given name

Important information

Once your room has been held with the hotel, you will receive an email from Matt Dawson. This email will tell you how to contact the hotel to confirm and pay for your hotel room. 

You will need to have confirmed and paid for your hotel room by 1 September 2024 at the latest. Otherwise, it will be released and cannot be guaranteed. 

If you require help with the hotel booking process, please contact your Area Director. 

- Africa Area - Wairimu Irungu

- Americas Area - David Cardenas

- Asia Pacific Area - Nicky Chong

- Europe Area - Ruben Dubei

If you are a special guest or represent an organisation that is not part of the Alliance and you require help with the form, please contact Matt Dawson

Comments or questions



Our aim is to make all printed material and presentation slides available in English, French, Indonesian and Spanish.

All presentations will be made in English. Simultaneous interpretation of the main conference sessions will be available in Spanish, French and Indonesian.

If you require sign language interpretation, please email Elke Meier


Simultaneous interpretation

Is this a service that you intend to use?

  • Yes
  • No

If you answer ‘yes’, you will be taken to the following section. 


Interpretation options

Which language do you require interpretation into?

  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Spanish


Important information about interpretation

The interpretation is delivered via an app on your smartphone to your own headphones/earbuds.

Please confirm that you have access to the necessary technology - please tick/check all that apply.

I have access to a smartphone that I can use for interpretation

  • Yes
  • No

I have earbuds/earphones that I can use for interpretation

  • Yes
  • No

Comments or questions about interpretation at the Global Gathering


The main event

This section relates to your participation in the Global Gathering. 

How do you want your name to appear on your badge?

The name of your organisation as you wish it to be displayed on your badge.

Bible verse

Think of a Bible verse that is important/inspiring to you or relates to the Global Gathering theme Growing Together. 

We will provide business cards with the verse printed on them for you to share with others at the Gathering. 

Please give the reference here (e.g. Gen 1:1).


Please say which version/language you would prefer the verse to be quoted in

If you don't specify a version, we will use the New International Version (NIV).

If you want a language other than English, it would be helpful to choose a version in French, Indonesian or Spanish that is easily accessed online. 


How many times have you participated in a Global Gathering (2016) or ICON (International Convention) before?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2 or more



Videographers and photographers will be working at the Global Gathering. 

Some sessions will be live-streamed and made available on YouTube. 

All sessions will be recorded and made available on the Alliance website ( as well as Vimeo and YouTube. 

Photographs will be used to communicate about the Global Gathering and to share on the Alliance website. 



If you work in a sensitive location and your safety would be compromised by your image being used in association with Bible translation, please say here. 

You will be given a red lanyard to wear at the Gathering and the communications team will do everything possible to keep your image from the live and recorded elements of the event.

I cannot appear in any photographs or video associated with Bible translation 


After the event

Select photographs from the Global Gathering will be made available through the Skip photo library. This is for Alliance organisations and partners to use in their communication. You can find the kind of people and organisations who have access to this library on our website

To use photographs you may appear in for this purpose, we need to ask your permission. 


I consent for my image to appear in video and photographs from the Global Gathering


Further information

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of images and video from the Global Gathering, please email Phil Prior, Wycliffe Global Alliance Director for Communication.


For Alliance organisation leaders

We have a few questions that are only applicable to the Executive Director/President/Senior Leader of Alliance organisations. 

Are you the Executive Director/President of an Alliance organisation?

  • Yes
  • No

If you are, you will be taken to a section asking for information applicable only to you. 

If you are not the senior leader of an Alliance organisation, you can skip ahead to the section anything else?


For those at home

As you, the senior leader of your organisation will be in South Africa, we ask you to nominate someone as a point of contact for your organisation. 

This person will receive a daily update from the Gathering, including videos of the sessions, prayer points and a review of the day. We hope that Alliance organisations will use this material with their staff teams and discuss what is taking place at the gathering. 

In return, the nominated person will be able to send messages to the Global Gathering. In this way, the Global Gathering will be an event with active participation from around the globe.

Because our translation capacity at the event is limited, the daily update will only be available in English. It would help for the contact person to be happy to work in English or use translation technology.

First/given name

Last/family name

Email address

Their role in your organisation




With increased costs to run the Global Gathering, the Alliance Board invites Alliance organisations to consider whether you can contribute to these costs (more information). 

If you can contribute, please complete the form below. Our finance team will approach you to arrange for the transfer.

We are happy to cover the per person costs of the delegates of our Alliance organisation.

Per person costs covers the full conference package 160 US$ per delegate.

  • Yes
  • No

We are happy to sponsor per person costs for delegates of other organisations

Please indicate the number of delegates or the total amount of your sponsorship

We are happy to contribute to covering the base cost of the Global Gathering

Base costs cover meeting room, Global Gathering team expenses, local services, etc. They amount to approximately 1000 US$ per delegate.

Please indicate how much you can contribute towards these costs. 



Exhibition space

If you represent an Alliance organisation that offers services to other organisations (such as training courses, printing services, etc), or if you are not an Alliance organisation but would like to share with others about your part in the Bible translation movement, exhibition space will be available for the evening on Friday 1st November. 

If you indicate interest in exhibiting, the Global Gathering team will be in contact with you to discuss details.

Please indicate if you would like to exhibit at the Global Gathering. 

  • Yes - I would like my organisation to exhibit at the Global Gathering
  • No - I do not need to exhibit at the Global Gathering



Anything else

Is there anything that this form has not covered that you think we should know?


Thank you

Thank you very much for supplying this information. 

– Hannes Wiesmann, Global Gathering Director

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