Registration Preparation Notes

Preparation required for completing the registration form:

  • Visa requirement: Research whether you need a visa or a letter of invitation to visit South Africa
  • Passport: If you need a visa or a letter, you will need to provide passport details
  • Share a room: If you intend to share a room with a particular person: secure that person’s agreement before completing the registration form (you will both have to fill out the form accordingly).
  • Tentative travel preparations: You will need to tell us when you plan to arrive and when you plan to leave (this is not a commitment but it will allow us to hold the necessary hotel rooms). We advise you to arrive on Wednesday, 30 October. You can book flights that depart any time after 20:30 on Monday, 4 November.
  • Bible verse: We ask each participant to provide a Bible verse that is either inspiring or important to them or relates to the Global Gathering theme (Growing Together)
  • For Executive Director/President/Senior Leader of an Alliance organisation:
    • Point Person: We intend to share a daily update with Alliance organisations. This will include prayer information, videos from the gathering and interviews with participants. Please select an individual from your organisation who can act as a central point of contact for your organisation.
    • Finances: Can your organisation help cover the cost of the Global Gathering or sponsor delegates from other organisations to attend? Please pray and consider whether you can financially contribute towards this event. [more information].
    • Exhibit: Would your organisation benefit from exhibition space and the opportunity to tell others about the services you offer? [more information].

To preview the full registration form in English, French, Indonesian and Spanish.

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