Global Connect 2022 - Event Handbook

Tuesday, 8 November

Introducing the Wycliffe Global Alliance

Prayer for the Alliance

A Missional Leadership History


Wednesday, 9 November

Themes in the Bible Translation Movement

Discussion questions

  • How could your organization engage more deeply with the church in Bible translation?
  • What trends in Bible translation curriculum and training feel the most relevant to you?
  • Did anything from these videos give you an idea for potential partnerships?
  • How are you inspired to pray?

Thursday, 10 November

Navigating Volatility and Uncertainty

Discussion questions

  • What have you learned? Has anything surprised you from what you have heard?
  • Are there next steps, or things you would like to do or see done, because of what you have heard?
  • Where do you see volatility and uncertainty in your work environment? 
  • How are you inspired to pray?

Additional material for leaders

For leaders who are taking teams through volatile and uncertain situations, the following videos may be useful. These have been produced by people outside of the Alliance and are only available on YouTube. To access automatic subtitles, select subtitles/closed captions from the video player.

Polarity Thinking

Barry Johnson Explores Polarity Thinking - a Quality & Equality production [1 hour 03 minutes]

Many decisions require leaders to hold two apparently opposing situations in tension. This video gives a simple model for thinking about polarities and how they can be managed. A further video on polarity thinking can be found here.

For discussion: What are some polarities that you are aware of within the Bible translation movement or your own organisation, and which ones need to be managed better? What role might you and your organisation play?

Managing Leadership Anxiety

Steve Cuss on Managing Leadership Anxiety - Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, episode 337 [1 hour 16 minutes]

English transcript of the interview (pdf)

The effects of anxiety on individuals and organisations can be debilitating. In this introduction to managing leadership anxiety, Steve Cuss outlines his own journey of understanding anxiety and its impact. He also shares some of the tools he has in place to help combat this issue.

For discussion: How did this conversation offer help for you in dealing with specific anxieties you may experience? What next steps might help you better understand how anxiety may affect you and your leadership?

Friday, 11 November

This is the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. Many Alliance organisations meet together on this day to pray for the Bible translation movement.

Additional tools to help your organisation pray can be found on our prayer resources pages.

Comments or Questions

If you have specific comments or questions about Global Connect 2022, please email Phil Prior.

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