Europe Area Gathering

On 16 to 18 May 2022 some 40 Alliance directors, board chairs and invited guests gathered in Holzhausen, Germany. The purpose was to explore trends of the global Bible translation movement. They were presented a kaleidoscope overview of the Bible translation movement. Through a facilitated process they identified implications for their Alliance organisations as well as connecting with others who share common interests.

Day one of the event was formatted on the design of the “TED-style conference”, with short, fast-paced presentations. It included both live and video presentations.

The following are the presentations that were given:

Mission Trends and the Unfinished Task in the Post-Covid Era
Paul Bendor-Samuel, director, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

Multilingualism: A Game Changer in Bible Translation
Michel Kenmogne, executive director, SIL International

Oral Bible Translation
Swapna Alexander, Faith Comes By Hearing

Making Friends

Barry Borneman, associate director for Language Programme Services,
Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific

The Bible as Essential to Being Church
Stephen Coertze, executive director, Wycliffe Global Alliance

Comprehensive Quality and Rethinking Translation Consultancy
Paul Kimbi, consultant for Bible Translation Programmes, Wycliffe Global Alliance

Being Catalyst for Transformation
Marnix Riupassa, associate director for Organisation Development Services,
Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific

End Bible Poverty Now
Bernie and Sylvia Kay, YWAM University of the Nations

The New Reality of the Bible Translation Movement
Among the Diaspora Communities
Tefera Endalew, director, Wycliffe Ethiopia

Building Bridges

Pieternel Bottema, director Eurasia, SIL Global Sign Language Team

“Hello, my name is Tacit.”

Bryan Harmelink, director for collaboration, Wycliffe Global Alliance

Enhanced Resources for Bible Translators

Reinier de Blois, Nida Institute - American Bible Society

When More Than One Thing Matters

Phil Prior, director of communication, Wycliffe Global Alliance

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