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The Wycliffe Global Alliance occasionally publishes The Journey Podcast, with conversations on topics of interest to Alliance organisations.

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Episode 5, July 2024: Vision 2025's Impact

God has used Vision 2025 in ways we never could have imagined. Here is a conversation with Dr. Bryan Harmelink, Director for Collaboration for the Wycliffe Global Alliance, about Vision 2025 and its impact on Bible translation movements and on the worldwide church.


Episode 4, April 2024: The Global People Conversation

A conversation with Hannes Wiesmann, Assistant to the Executive Director, about 2023's Global People Conversation that took place in four segments on four continents. Specifically, how these types of gatherings emphasise Alliance values by including a huge variety of voices to address common issues in the Bible translation movement.


Episode 3, March 2024: Stephen Coertze

Stephen Coertze, Executive Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, takes a thoughtful look at conversations and events planned for 2024.

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Episode 2, February 2024: John Watters and Vision 2025 - Part 2

Part 2 of a 2-part interview with John Watters, former director of SIL and what was then called Wycliffe International. In this part, John talks about how Vision 2025 evolved into more than he ever imagined — and he offers advice for any Alliance organisation leader who might have a big idea.

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Episode 1, January 2024: John Watters and Vision 2025 - Part 1

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07/2024 Global

The State of the Great Commission

Two Alliance experts reflect on a landmark report from the Lausanne Movement

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A conversation about sign language Bible translation consulting

Stuart Thiessen is a sign language translation consultant with DOOR International. He also is Deaf himself. We interviewed him in a written dialogue about sign language consulting in global Bible translation movements.

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03/2024 Pacific: Papua New Guinea

Informing, teaching, inspiring: PNG workshop teaches video storytelling for language communities

PNG workshop teaches video storytelling for language communities

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