Encountering Jesus in his Word

Stories to encourage and strengthen – Wycliffe World Day of Prayer 2021

One significant way God strengthens the Faith Comes By Hearing Oral Bible Translation team is through testimonies coming from their translation projects. One of the projects they started with ANTBA this past year was with the Western Koromfe, a people group in Burkina Faso that has been displaced because of attacks from armed religious groups. Despite their challenging situation, they are persevering in their work.

In May, they received this testimony from one of the translators, who also serves as the team leader:

“My name is Gerard. Before the project started, I had very little understanding of the Scriptures and did not think about their true meaning. We, as Roman Catholic believers, do not usually read Scripture personally. We enjoy listening to the priest read during the celebration of Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Since I started working on this project in December 2020, I noticed that my relationship with Jesus has been deeply affected. I am touched by the Scriptures because I have been trained to translate it as a living word and to express the emotions of the biblical characters when recording the translation. While doing this, I became a part of Jesus’ story. Now, I feel close to Jesus when listening to our translation. Jesus no longer belongs to the church. He is mine, and I belong to Him. Glory be to God for this opportunity to meet Him through my translation work.”


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