From the Bible, we can learn many things from the story of how Jesus heals a paralytic man in Capernaum. The man was healed because of faith—not only his, but also that of the four men helping him.

Indeed, God's kindness surpasses everything in this vast world. With it he is always able to deliver us from fear. This is true in the life of Riama Sihombing, a leader in the OneStory cluster of six languages in Papua. Together with her husband and their two children, Riama lives in Manokwari and is with Yayasan Misi Penginjilan Pemuridan Papua, or YMP3.

Riama was the leader of the first group of translators in the first translation program of YMP3. They started their work and faced many difficulties, including the lack of skills, experience and funds, and also limited access due to the pandemic. The road ahead for them seemed full of uncertainty and all kinds of impossibilities. Just like a paralyzed person, this organisation was believed to be powerless.

However, the first translation workshop went well and the enthusiastic team members successfully produced two drafts of the story in seven languages. Riama felt that everything that happened was a miracle from God. "His mercy is beyond our reach. He overcame all the problems we faced."

Riama’s experience of God’s goodness did not end there. "One example was the mentoring process we experienced when we started," said Riama. “This was a great blessing. Confidence, skills, and the willingness to surrender to God’s will were imparted through this mentoring, and we are truly grateful.”

Riama felt that the process of the ‘Ripple Effect’ organisational development programme was very good. She admitted that it really helped all of them because it directly touched the practical things about what they should do for the growth of the organisation. It also played a role in their personal growth which also had an impact on changes in the organisation. "This is very important because it was not just about awareness. We also need to instil it in our hearts and minds so that we can implement it, even though the process may involve many obstacles and failures," said Riama. She explained that obstacles and failures may also be good, because they help the team hone their ability to make decisions in difficult situations.

Riama sees that YMP3 is growing. The need for human resources is slowly being met. The numbers of people supporting them both spiritually and financially have increased. The fruits of the ‘’Ripple Effect’ programme are seen in the financial sector, where improvements were made in reporting. Neatly organised data helps manage the condition of the organisation, which facilitates decision making. YMP3 feel the impact of their organisational values as do those with whom they are associated.

God is great and able to overcome all anxieties. Starting from scratch, now the organisation has progressed far beyond their expectations. "These things have strengthened us in fulfilling God's purpose through this organisation," concluded Riama. The organisation once believed to be powerless is now making a huge impact on the lives of many because of faith—not only the faith of Riama, but also the faith of her teammates. Faith in God can move a mighty mountain, but it will move us first.

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