Stories of God's abundance - Malaysia

From Wycliffe Malaysia

1. "In October 2021, one of our staff members had the opportunity to share about our ministry with a congregation in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the pandemic, the sharing was conducted via Zoom. The church was relatively small, with fewer than 100 members in attendance. A year later, in September 2022, we received a call from a member of this church, inviting this Wycliffe Malaysia staff member to meet with someone who had just returned to Malaysia from the United States. This woman was 82 years old. The staff person met her at a restaurant to have dinner together. After they finished eating, the woman handed the staff person two envelopes containing a large amount of cash. Her husband had passed away in February of that year and she received bereavement gifts from their friends. She wanted to dedicate these gifts to God's work after hearing about the need for Bible translation work in Malaysia, which had been shared at the Zoom meeting in October 2021."

2. A Bible translation team reports: "A retired school teacher had been inspired by God's goodness to contribute to our Bible translation project. She shared that as she gave, she was blessed with more income."

3. Another team shares: "Despite not having much for herself, a Filipino maid was moved to support our Bible translation work. It was a reminder that sacrificial giving is what matters most, not the amount that is given."


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