God's abundant provision - West Africa

By Pauline H

Browsing in second-hand shops is one of my favourite things to do. Over thirty years ago in London, England, while I was a teenager working there, I came across this old framed Bible text of 2 Corinthians 9:8 with an inscription of 4/- (four shillings) on the back. Since then, God has taken us to and from West Africa ten times and his grace has always been more than enough for our needs, whether through the transitions or in providing for our material needs.

Eight years ago I found the simple statement below and have had it up in our home when we are in Canada. It’s been encouraging me as we worked and waited for our funding to return to West Africa this year. 

One day as I prayed, I said to God, “I don’t want to spend any more time fundraising. I want my energy and focus to be on raising prayer partners for a spiritual breakthrough among the Koso*." One week later we received a gift that more than met our ministry budget for the next two years. God seems to want to raise abundant prayer for these people whom he loves!

We’ve been given the green light to return to West Africa this summer, although we have several requirements to meet due to the security situation there, which remains fragile. God has again opened the doors for our return and reminded us again of how much He loves the Koso and desires for them to have his Word in their heart language.



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