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Understanding the purpose of fundraising

From Wycliffe Malaysia

Dedication of the book of Mark in the SEM* language, a locally funded project. Photo: Wycliffe Malaysia

Fundraising holds a significant place in the world of Christianity. Yet, it often raises questions among believers. Why do we sometimes hesitate to ask for support? Why is the exchange of money between God's people met with fear and caution? To truly grasp the essence of Christian fundraising, we need a clearer understanding of its purpose.

Fundraising serves as a vital component of ministry and outreach, empowering churches and Christian organisations to fulfil their missions and serve their communities. Take, for instance, Wycliffe Malaysia, which embarked on managing Bible translation projects in 2019, relying on funds from partner organisations. In 2021, the need arose to raise funds locally, leading to the realisation that fundraising is, indeed, a "ministry." When we shift our perspective and view our giving to God as an opportunity rather than an obligation, we become catalysts for positive change in our community. As representatives of the one true God, we proclaim his incredible works through fundraising.

Approaching fundraising as a ministry demands a deep sense of trust in God. It requires us to rely on his provision rather than solely on our efforts. Such reliance is no simple task, but it can be achieved by recognising that God is the ultimate source of all resources—our Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

Cultivating relationships lies at the heart of fundraising as a ministry. Fundraisers who perceive their work as a ministry invest time and energy in building meaningful connections with donors and supporters. They seek to understand the passions and interests of those who contribute, forging a bond between donors and the causes they support. Additionally, fundraising as a ministry embraces stewardship. Those engaged in this work recognize the responsibility they bear to use resources wisely and effectively.

Learning to tell Bible stories in the Terbit* & Jaya* languages during their first local oral bible storying project. These projects are funded together with partners. Photo: Wycliffe Malaysia

Ultimately, fundraising as a ministry is about serving God and others. It becomes a means to extend love to our neighbours and make a tangible difference in the world. When we view fundraising through the lens of ministry, it is transformed from a burden or obligation into a source of joy and fulfilment. It presents us with an opportunity we can be proud and happy to seize.

In giving, we express our gratitude and thankfulness to God for his abundant provision in our lives. When we give sacrificially, we follow the example of Jesus, who exemplified selflessness and generosity. With a joyful heart, we can trust in God's provision for our needs. By investing in the Kingdom of God and supporting the spread of hope through the Gospel, we become partners with God in his mission to redeem the world and bring people into a transformative relationship with him. Through our giving, we actively participate in God's work of renewal and transformation in the world, demonstrating our love and devotion to him. May our giving be a fragrant offering, a pleasing sacrifice that brings honour and glory to God.

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