Generosity to the glory of God - Ghana

The Nyagbo, Logba and Tafi people form the Nyalota Cluster programme in Ghana. After tasting the transforming power and richness of the New Testament translated into their mother tongues, these communities wanted to receive the Word in its entirety. They are grateful to God because they shall soon have the complete Bible in their mother tongues and feel abundantly blessed by the prospect of this precious gift.

Praise God that the launch of the Old Testament translation project for the Nyagbo, Logba and Tafi languages was held in the Volta Region on April 15. It was a special day full of joy and praise to God. The square was filled with speakers of these three languages and other stakeholders. Dignitaries of the community could be seen in their traditional dress, testifying to the richness of their cultures. 

Women dance at the Nyalota cluster project Old Testament translation launch. Photo: GILLBT

The ceremony was a mosaic of music, colour and symbolic traditions. After the opening prayer, there was an exchange of greetings and the respected community leaders stood to greet the audience in their mother tongues. It was a humble act of submission to this community-wide effort. Then Rev. Kenzu came forward to introduce the special guests. Celebratory cheers and honouring hoots could be heard from the crowd. When Mr Sylvester Kwame Nkrumah, Executive Director of Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT), and his staff, as well as the media, were introduced, the crowd applauded loudly. Every time someone spoke, or was introduced, the jubilant crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

A well-chosen rhythm from the women's choir, enhanced by a variety of traditional instruments, prompted several other women to join the singers in spontaneous dancing. Suddenly, the whole stage was filled with jubilant women in an array of traditional outfits, expressing their joy and thankfulness to God. A round of applause crowned the end of this musical and dance performance. Then, the word of welcome was given, accompanied by the sound of the tamtam, a traditional tool of communication in African culture.

People bringing gifts to the Nyalota cluster project Old Testament translation launch. Photo: GILLBT

Project manager Mr Michael Serchie explained how the New Testament was well used by the communities, with help from Scripture engagement facilitators. They had requested from GILLBT the possibility of gaining access to the whole counsel of God, through the translation of the Old Testament. Mr Sylvester expressed the gratitude of GILLBT and the Nyalota language communities to the Jerome Prairie Bible Church in the US for responding to this expressed desire by generously giving financially to, and praying for, the Old Testament translation work.

Bible translators of these language groups received brand new computers and projectors to facilitate their work. GILLBT's joy is that all efforts such as these bring abundant happiness to the 40 language communities they work with in Ghana. It is impressive to see these populations mobilising for events like this, which give them the hope of having the full revelation of God in their mother tongue. “Even after the ceremony,” one attendee said, “the songs and applause of these people continued to echo in your head”. This was a happiness shared to the glory of God.


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