Encouraged by generosity - UK

Quotes from Wycliffe UK 

Staff at Wycliffe Bible Translators in the United Kingdom have been encouraged by the generosity of their supporters who shared their motivation for giving and praying for Bible translation. They said:

“I'm fortunate to have the Holy Bible in my own language. I want this for everyone. His Words are powerful and life changing.”

“Everyone should be able to read God's Word in their own language!”

“[I give and pray] because I am aware that Jesus said we should preach the good news of the Kingdom. I am not very good at preaching myself, so I want to contribute so someone else can do it!”

“[Here is] a little left over from my monthly budget.” (From a regular giver who is generous with little!)

“[I give] because of the fantastic work you do. if I could afford to give you more I would have.”

“I saw a video about the need to communicate with this people group using their own culture, e.g. their tribal musical instrument, and for their own culture to be used in worship. Later, God drew my attention to them again, totally unexpectedly.”

“God has given me everything, so I would like to give back to Him.”

How has God’s generosity motivated you to be involved in the Bible translation movement?


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