World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation

11 November 2023

The theme for the 2023 World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation is Abundantly Enough

God is abounding in love, remains fully faithful to his promises, supplies all our needs and blesses us abundantly. There is nothing small or limited about him. He loves to give good gifts to his children, including rest, and he alone can satisfy our hearts. Because he loves us so much, God invites us to linger in his presence. He encourages each one of us to come. It does not matter if we are weary or hungry and thirsty, or if we simply come with empty hands. Through our relationship with him we can experience life in all its fullness. 

The wonderful thing about God is that he doesn’t prescribe how we should come. If we come with exuberant praise or if we sit in silence at the cross, he will meet us. He encounters us in repentance as well as in expressions of our dependence on him. As we present our thanksgiving and our needs to him and the needs of others we experience his peace that passes all understanding.

World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation 2023 from Wycliffe Global Alliance on Vimeo
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11/2023 Africa

Special Report: Cameroon

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How CABTAL Completed 9 New Testaments in Violence-Torn Regions

Bible translation work nearly came to a halt in some parts of Cameroon, owing to a socio-political crisis that has killed about 6,000 people since 2017. But, even while fleeing for their lives, translators continued to draft Scriptures in their languages.

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11/2023 Thailand

Wycliffe Thai Foundation in time for celebration

Wycliffe Thai Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary and the opening of its brand-new, multipurpose office building in Nong Kwai, Chiangmai on 28 October.

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