Coronavirus Prayer Update 5 June 2020

The psalms can be a tremendous source of encouragement to us. Many of the psalmists had learnt how to be honest with God, and to share their feelings of fear, anger and inadequacy as well as hope, joy and confidence. David writes words of confidence in God written at a time when he was beset by enemies. May this be our prayer for ourselves and all those engaged in the Bible translation movement, no matter what type of enemy we face. 

Let all that I am wait quietly before God,
    for my hope is in him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation,
    my fortress where I will not be shaken.
My victory and honor come from God alone.
    He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.
O my people, trust in him at all times.
    Pour out your heart to him,
    for God is our refuge.

Needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Americas.

This update focuses on the concerns in the Americas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please pray:

  • Financial concerns: In Panama, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, and elsewhere, indigenous Bible translators and Alliance organisation leaders and team members are either totally without financial support or receiving very reduced amounts during this time. Pray for God’s provision.
  • Protection, provision and program guidance: Translators of El Salvador (TRES) members request prayer for the protection, provision, and spiritual health of the director and the coordinators of their organisation. Ask God for wisdom for the members of the governing board who need to make changes and adjustments to the work plan for the coming months. Pray for health and strength for the seven teachers who are doing online training. Ask God for the financial provision needed for the training project. Pray that he will provide all that is needed as leaders of TRES make plans for the communications department, and wisdom as they seek to coordinate people and projects to carry out their plans.
  • Decisions about decreasing services: An organisation based in the United States needs prayer while going through times of reflection and cutting back on programmes and services. New government regulations as a result of COVID-19 are taking a heavy toll on their financial resources. Pray for wisdom from the Lord for decisions they need to make, and pray for financial resources to increase.
  • Medical challenges: Pray for an Alliance organisation staff member in one country who suffers from several physical health challenges, and medical assistance and medications are available only at a very high cost. Other Alliance staff, pastors and church members are struggling with medical needs. Because of the impact of COVID-19, they are not able to get to doctors, or do not have money for medical attention and medicines.

Leaders of Alliance organisations report similar needs throughout the Americas. Pray for all who are challenged by these needs. Ask God to provide for them and to strengthen them in their faith and help them to trust in Him.

Give thanks to God for the Alliance leaders who have expressed their thankfulness to God for the donations and care extended to them. Some churches and other organisations report that offerings and special financial gifts have come from unexpected sources. Others express their faith in God and are trusting him to provide for their needs during this distressing time.

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