Coronavirus Prayer Update 20 March 2020

(in English and French only)

“I love you, LORD; you are my strength. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my saviour: my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.” Psalm 18:1-2 (NLT) The situation surrounding COVID-19 and responses to its impact are constantly changing around the world. It challenges the view that many have that humans are in control. We are not, but God is sovereign and he is our place of safety, our protection and our strength.

Missions training cancelled: South Korea 

In light of the COVID-19 situation, the Life as the Mission of God’s People (LAMP) two-day seminar by Global Bible Translators (GBT) in South Korea was cancelled. The LAMP program provides training for people involved in cross-culture work. Ask God to encourage the participants who planned to attend and have to wait until the next course is offered. Pray for GBT Korea as they seek God for wisdom and guidance to decide whether or not to reschedule the training for another time this year.

Country in lockdown: Italy 

Italy is severely impacted by COVID-19. Schools, churches and other public places are closed.  People living in the north have been asked to stay at home. Praise God that all staff of the Alliance organisation in Italy, AITB, have remained healthy. The work has been disrupted. Pray for this situation to end as soon as possible. Pray that AITB staff members can go back to their regular activities with churches and the Bible translation projects. They were invited to participate at a youth camp about mission in Sicily in July.  Please pray that this event can take place.

‘Run for the Bibleless’ postponed: Kenya

For the last 12 years Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) has held an annual run to raise awareness and funds for  Bible translation in Kenya. This event has been a great success and has attracted many participants, mostly school children and university students. The run was scheduled to take place on Saturday 14th March. The Board and Management postponed it at the last minute after a presidential directive banned all large gatherings due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It has taken a year to plan this event and the cancellation poses logistical difficulties. Pray that those who signed up to participate will remain committed to the run and will show up when the pandemic is under control. As of 15th March, Kenya had three confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus. Pray that the virus will be contained.

Training courses changed: Spain

PROEL, the Alliance organisation in Spain, was instructed by the government to cancel the Masters Programme training classes. Instructors and students will continue with the course and work through Zoom, a video conferencing tool. Pray that the internet connection remains clear and that students can connect using their personal computers. Ask God to give his peace to the students (John 14:27) who feel nervous and afraid. They are away from home and concerned about their families and friends. Ask God to help those leading the course to know how best to comfort and support the students at this time.

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