Coronavirus Prayer Update 10 April 2020

(English only)

Christ is risen! This is wonderful news. In this season of ‘bad news’ when the infection rates and numbers of those dying around the world of the Coronavirus are reported across the media. It’s easy to be more focused on shortages of food and medical provisions, fears for family and friends and those impacted the most severely by the Coronavirus than focused on God. Instead, let us lift our eyes to God this Easter weekend and celebrate with joy that Christ died and rose again, conquering sin and death.

Psalm 91 is an often quoted passage: When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai,you are hidden  in the strength of God Most High. He’s the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence. Psalm 91:1-2 TPT

As we rejoice in Christ’s resurrection we can find comfort that God is our great confidence and a place to shelter from this storm.

Letter-writing project in Wycliffe USA

Many of the global field staff of Wycliffe USA in other countries are now sheltering in place. Daily prayers for them are requested. Wycliffe USA developed a way to send encouraging notes online to support and connect with them. Pray that God will move many individuals to participate in this outreach to those who are living in isolation in non-home cultures. Pray they will be encouraged through the notes sent to them, and that they remain faithful.

Financial fallout: Europe

Many of the European Alliance organisations are experiencing weighty financial needs. Some organisations paid to bring their staff members home from the countries where they worked. Some are experiencing a decrease in funding since the crisis began. As a result, some organisations had to decrease the hours that staff are employed. Wycliffe Germany closed its conference center Karimu. Ask God for his financial blessing upon these Bible translation organisations. Pray that churches and financial partners will do all they can to support the Alliance organisations during these difficult times.

Cancellation of the Indaasha New Testament celebration: Benin

Wycliffe Benin had plans to hold a launch ceremony for the Indaacha New Testament on 11th April. This has been cancelled due to the prevailing pandemic. New Testament and Bible celebrations are usually a great way to publicise the availability of the Scriptures in a language. They  also serve as an opportunity for Scripture distribution. Wycliffe Benin made the decision to distribute the New Testament without a celebration as opposed to waiting until they can hold the ceremony in the future. Pray that they will find ways to get the New Testaments to the community, and that the people will be excited to use the Scriptures in their homes.

Western Caribbean Old Testament Bible translation project: The Caribbean

The translation team members that commenced work on the book of Jonah in late January 2020 in Kingston, Jamaica, are working remotely to meet the COVID-19 isolation standards. They sent the finished chapters to those responsible for the review. Pray for the team as they press forward and continue working in a setting very different from what they anticipated. Wycliffe Caribbean leaders had to postpone the Oral Bible Storytelling and Bible translators’ workshops scheduled for March and the last week in April 2020. Ask God for ideas for alternative methods to continue with these important training events.

Urgent needs: Norway

The Director of Wycliffe Norway asks us to pray for the following urgent matters:

  • That all personnel who have been evacuated to their passport countries can find a place to stay until they can return to their assignment locations.
  • For provision for staff whose financial support was budgeted for locations where costs are lower.
  • For staff who need to find new ways to work remotely.
  • For all personnel remaining in assignment locations who face shutdowns, threats, the spread of the Coronavirus, and therefore limitations on how they carry out their work.

Pray for wisdom for leaders of organisations that have staff in other countries, that they would know how to support personnel in this totally unprecedented situation.

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