Global Connect 2021 Participants

Who should take part in Global Connect 2021?

Opening Celebration: Everyone. It would be wonderful for Alliance organisations to join together where possible to be part of this event. 

Meet with Stephen: Executive Directors/Presidents of Alliance organisations only 

All other events: These should include your organisation director and senior leadership team at minimum. You also could extend invitations to those within your organisation showing leadership potential, members of your board or anyone else who would contribute well to discussion groups.

Other organisations/partners: If you work closely with organisations who are not part of the Alliance, you are welcome to invite them to join you for the Opening Celebration and the sessions on Bible Translation, Influences on the Movement and Collaboration during the week. 

11/2022 Global

‘When you look back, you can see a map’

For the first time, the story of the Wycliffe Global Alliance has been...

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10/2022 Global

Discovery in Community

American businessman and author Stephen R. Covey once said: “If the ...

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08/2022 Philippines

In and through a Small Community

After almost 50 years of translation work, the Barlig people in Mounta...

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