Caring for Yourself, Blessing Others

COVID-19 has changed the world. Many of the changes confine our work and social lives, but there are things we can do to keep caring and blessing one another. What about making hand sanitiser?

Wing-yan explained the use of each ingredient for making hand sanitiser.

Wycliffe Hong Kong ran a sanitiser-making workshop in April as a monthly gathering for their personnel who live in or pass by the city. In the past, Wycliffe Hong Kong had organised various gatherings from chatting over coffee, eating dim-sum and scripting scriptures, to hiking, visiting a museum or learning a new skill. These gatherings varied, but they all provided a platform for the same purpose — to strengthen friendship and foster mutual care and support.

“The concept behind this [santiser] workshop is to love yourself,” said Wing-yan Lin, the workshop instructor and the Members Affairs Assistant for Wycliffe Hong Kong. Doing something for your own good while blessing others. … When resources are limited, we could still give our loved ones little tokens of care and support.”

Since COVID-19 spread out in Hong Kong in late January, the supplies of hand sanitiser was in short for a long while. Though sanitiser is not hard to buy now, it is still a daily necessity for people.

Making hand sanitiser together provided a platform for the personnel of Wycliffe Hong Kong to build stronger friendships and care for one another during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the seven participants was Bda, who serves as a vernacular media worker with Wycliffe Hong Kong. Because of COVID-19, she returned to Hong Kong from her assigned country and took the opportunity to join this workshop. Though wearing a surgical mask, her cheerful voice was not hidden.

“The making process was full of fun and sharing,” Bda said. “I think it was a great event.”

As Wing-yan explained during the workshop, adding essential oils to the sanitiser have different benefits like disinfection or relaxation. She described the idea of sharing hand sanitiser as “heartfelt” because it is what people need and the finished products are so portable.

Wing-yan recalled that when she learned to make hand sanitiser, she did not expect to bless others through it. It turned out that she could not only care others, but also have great fun in doing so.

These finished products were ready to be shared.

“It was surprisingly joyful as we interacted, shared ideas and cared each other,” she said. “I am so happy to see their smiling eyes!”

As Wing-yan said this, she showed a smile in her eyes above the mask, too.

Photo / Text: Ling Lam

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