Alliance Members Contribute to Global Discussion

Brazil’s Bible translation agency, ALEM (Associação Linguistica Evangélica Missionária), gathered 25 of its members recently to contribute to the Wycliffe Global Alliance’s Global Connect 2020 event.

A video address from Stephen Coertze, the Alliance’s new Executive Director, was sent to all Alliance organisations with encouragement to watch and discuss it together. Then, leaders from those organisations will gather virtually on 17-18 September to share what they have been hearing.

In early September, ALEM gathered about 25 ALEM members, including members of the board and leadership team, and also members serving in the field and at our headquarters. Ten met together in Brasília, and 15 more joined remotely via Zoom.

“We watched Stephen’s address together, then split into smaller groups to discuss questions and reflections about it,” said Héber Negrão, ALEM’s Executive Secretary. “I’m glad that, after today, I have fresh ideas and reflections from the ALEM members themselves, to share with other Alliance organization leaders in the upcoming Global Connect meeting.”

Because of the global pandemic, Global Connect 2020 is replacing the live Global Gathering which had been planned this month in Johannesburg. Leaders have been encouraged by the virtual approach because so many more members of Alliance organisations have been able to watch the address and join in a truly global conversation, with all on equal footing.

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