Democratic Republic of the Congo


Language Data

  • Alternate names: Mbandza, Mbanja, Mbanza; Also, in Congo: Banja, Mbanja, Mbanza
  • Dialects: Gbado, Kala
  • Scriptures published:
    • Bible (2014)
    • New Testament (1998)
    • Portions (1986)
    • Tafɔ anyo (1997)
  • Literacy: Most also use Lingala [lin]. Also use Ngbaka [nga]
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Region: Equateur province: Sud Ubangi, Nord Ubangi, and west Mongala districts; west, southwest, and east of the Ngbaka [nga]
  • Also used in: Central African Republic, Congo,
  • Religion: No information available.
  • Number of users: 362,460 (352,000 in Democratic Republic of the Congo; 9,060 in Congo (2000))
  • Vitality: Developing

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)