Melanau, Central

Language Data

  • Alternate names: Belana'u, Milanau, Milano; Also, in Brunei: Belana'u, Melanau, Milanau, Milano
  • Dialects: Balingian, Bruit, Dalad, Dalat, Igan, Muka, Mukah, Mukah-Oya, Oga, Oya, Oya', Prehan, Sarikei, Segahan, Segalang, Siteng
  • Scriptures published: None
  • Literacy: Literacy rate in second language(s): above 50%Also use Local Malay [zlm]
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Malaysia
  • Region: Sarawak, Mukah Division, Rejang delta coastal area to Balingian river
  • Also used in: Brunei Darussalam,
  • Religion: No information available.
  • Livelihood: Agriculturalists: sago, rice, coconut, rubber; fishermen; lumbermen; animal husbandry: poultry, goats, water buffaloes; traders with Iban
  • Number of users: 113,280 (113,000 in Malaysia (2000 census); 280 in Brunei (2006 SIL))
  • Vitality: Threatened

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)