Myanmar (Burma)

Karen, Mobwa

Language Data

  • Alternate names: Bilichi, Blimaw, Dermuha, Maleh, Monpwa, Mopwa, Palachi, Palakhi, Palaychi, Pa-Le-Chi
  • Dialects: Dermuha, Palaychi, Southern Mobwa
  • Scriptures published: None
  • Literacy: Also use S'gaw Karen [ksw] and Burmese [mya]
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Region: Kayin State, Thandaung township, western foot of Thandaung mountains, 9 villages; some in Bago, Taungoo township
  • Religion: Christian
  • Livelihood: Agriculturalists
  • Number of users: 4,000
  • Vitality: Threatened

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)