Myanmar (Burma)

Chin, Asho

The Khyang people live in Bandarban and Rangamati districts of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeast Bangladesh.

Their main profession is farming. Some of them are employed in non-government organizations while others serve as teachers. Community development assistance such as healthcare and education are needed among this people group.

There are two main Khyang language varieties, known as Kongtu and Laitu. The Khyang speak these language varieties in their communities. Some of them also speak some other neighboring languages such as Chittagonian, Bawm, Chakma, and Marma.

They don't have any written materials in their language. Literature development among the Khyang would greatly help them to be exposed to the gospel. The Christian people are trying to use Bawm and/or Bangla Christian literature for their spiritual nourishment.

Language Data

  • Alternate names: Asho, Ashu, Hyow, Khamaw, Khamoe, Khyang, Kyang, Qin, Saingbaung, Sho, Shoa; Also, in Bangladesh: Khyang, Khyeng, Qin, Sho, Shoa
  • Dialects: Khyang, Kongtu, Laitu
  • Scriptures published:
    • Bible (2009)
    • New Testament (1954)
    • Portions (1921 — 1986)
    • The JESUS Film See above
  • Literacy: Also use Burmese [mya]
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Region: Magway Region, Ayeyarwaddy river lowlands; Rakhine State mountain areas; into Bago region, near Pyay
  • Also used in: Bangladesh,
  • Religion: Buddhist, Christian
  • Livelihood: Farming
  • Number of users: 34,000 (30,000; 4,000)
  • Vitality: Developing

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)