Language Data

  • Alternate names: Dearwa, Deruwa, Uhothha, Uwotjüja, Wo'tiheh; Also, in Colombia: Adole, Ature, Guagua, Kuakua, Maco, Quaqua Dearuwa, Wo'tiheh
  • Scriptures published:
    • New Testament (1986 — 2001)
    • Portions (1961 — 1991)
    • The JESUS Film See above
  • Literacy: Also use Maquiritare [mch], Yabarana [yar], or Spanish [spa]
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Venezuela
  • Region: Amazonas State, Orinoco river south bank, inland from Paguasa river to Manapiare; into southwestern Bolivar State
  • Also used in: Colombia,
  • Religion: No information available.
  • Number of users: 14,580 (14,500; 80)
  • Vitality: Threatened

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)