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Language Data

  • Alternate names: Andone, Andoni, Andonni
  • Dialects: Ataba, Ibot Obolo, Ngo, Okoroete, Unyeada
  • Scriptures published:
    • Bible (2012)
    • New Testament (1991 — 2010)
    • Portions (1987 — 2011)
    • FCBH  (1991 Wycliffe Bible Translators Inc.)  See above
    • The JESUS Film See above
  • Literacy: Literacy rate in first language: 20% in Obolo. 90% of children attend school. Literacy rate in second language(s): 25%--50%. Also use Ibibio [ibb], Igbo [ibo], or English [eng]. Taught in primary schools
    Second Language: No information available.
  • Primary country: Nigeria
  • Region: Rivers state: Andoni LGA; Akwa Ibom state: Eastern Obolo LGA, islands and peninsulas off southern coast. Ibibio [ibb] language area is east and northeast; Ogoni [ogo] language area is northwest, Ibani [iby] language area is west
  • Religion: Christian, traditional religion
  • Livelihood: Fishermen; agriculturalists
  • Number of users: 250,000
  • Vitality: Developing

(data from Ethnologue and other sources)