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  • Praying for a miracle

    Do you believe in a God of the impossible?  Almost 40 books of the Bible now need consultant checking* in nine languages in the Central African Republic (CAR) before moving on towards publication. Due to the unrest there, now well into its second year, external translation consultants cannot travel to CAR to work with the local teams on this next stage of the translation process. A local translator who will be a translation consultant is still in training. Pray earnestly for God’s solution and that the Bible translation process can continue in all these languages.

     *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions

  • Mother tongue translator

    Praise God the Assyrian translation team finished their part of checking the typesetting of the New Testament and Psalms. One of the mother tongue translators was especially touched because it happened on the birthday of his late mother. She came to faith in Christ while she lived in Iran and after they moved to California, she continued to lead a life faithful to the Lord. Please pray for this translator and mother-tongue translators around the world for provision and protection as they make time in their busy lives to bring God’s word to their language communities. 

  • Media training workshop

    About 30 participants of a media training workshop in Davao are working through November 22 to create internet websites for the various languages represented. Pray for the myriad of logistical and technical aspects involved, for God’s protection over all the participants, staff, and equipment. Pray for sufficient band width at the venue so that all participants can work on their websites simultaneously, and that ultimately, God’s Word in these languages will be available in these new and effective ways.

  • Supporting from a distance

    All kinds of reasons can force cross-cultural missionaries to leave their host country, but sometimes they find they can continue helping the same colleagues and partners from their home country. Thank God for those providing support to others around the world in language or administrative roles and all they can achieve using the faster internet and more reliable power where they are!  Pray for those working in more difficult parts of the world to be encouraged and to grow through the support of team members working remotely.

  • Tennet Scripture changing lives

    Through reading the translated Scriptures, Tennet believers are growing in their faith, and others are taking notice. One man opposed his son attending the Tennet church in the capital city, Juba, since he thought it didn’t reflect well on his family name. Over several years he watched his son growing in faith and peace. He told him, "My son, I want to make a confession. What I told you before proved to be wrong. You are worshipping the true God, so continue to worship Him. If you had followed my earlier advice, you would have become a drunkard like me."

  • Digital publishing for migrant communities

    Many people have migrated from their homelands for economic or security reasons, but they are still deeply interested in their culture and mother tongue. Digital publishing is the perfect way to ensure that speakers can connect with Scripture materials in their language wherever they happen to be in the world. Pray that those who are seeking God will find His Word online and will come to know Him through Christ.

  • Help wanted

    Someone serving in a sensitive location writes, "More support personnel are needed and are being actively recruited…but only prayer makes it happen. Pray for more people with willingness to leave home and come, not being intimidated by an unfamiliar country and its culture. You can help also by speaking a word to your friends, acquaintances, and family. 'For who dares make light of small beginnings?' Zechariah 4:10." If you sense the Holy Spirit calling you to a greater involvement in missions, take courage and step into the freedom and adventure He has in store for you.

  • Old Testament translation Team

    Pray for the translation team working on the Old Testament in the Minyanka language. The goal is for the local team to be working independently by 2016, so that they can go on to finish the whole Bible.

Results 61 - 68 of 68
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