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  • Accepting the Challenge

    Praise God for the increasing number of Latin American missionaries who are accepting the challenge to serve in Bible Translation for those who have never had His Word in their own language! Pray for the protection and health of those who work in isolated areas of the world. Ask God to continue to provide for their needs through those who have promised to support them financially. Pray for Christian companionship and spiritual strength. Give thanks to God for their commitment and passion to serve the Lord in difficult situations.

  • Resistance to the new translation

    The four gospels were published in this national language* in 2010 and they are being used by the churches. A collection of Jesus’ parables with local illustrations was published in 2013, and people are asking for more. The translation of the rest of the Bible continues. Just as modern English translations were initially greeted with suspicion, so these newly translated texts are encountering some resistance in the church. Those outside the church are reporting that the text is easy to understand. Pray for greater acceptance of this translation and for the team to continue to translate the Word accurately and understandably.

    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

  • Lubuagan New Testament

    Praise God for the launching of the Lubuagan New Testament on August 15, a joint effort of mother-tongue translators, language community members, Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) and several SIL families. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of those reading this new translation.

  • Sign Language Translation Workshop

    On 18 August a two-week sign language translation workshop begins in Cotonou, Benin. Deaf participants will come from Togo and Benin. The workshop focus will be to teach beginning translation principles. The practical part of the workshop will be translating Kande's Story into sign language. This type of sign language translation workshop has never been held before. Pray for safety and good health for the staff and participants. Pray as well for a good and profitable time together and that the Lord will be honored.

  • Community Partners Needed

    Some language communities are located in areas where there are few believers and it is dangerous to be a follower of Christ. In those places it is difficult to develop local partnerships for Bible translation work. Ask God to open doors to connect with these communities. Pray that they will catch a vision for and take up responsibility for translation in their own languages. Ask God to prepare willing and available mother tongue speakers to partner in all levels of the language projects.

  • Praying for a miracle

    Do you believe in a God of the impossible?  Almost 40 books of the Bible now need consultant checking* in nine languages in the Central African Republic (CAR) before moving on towards publication. Due to the unrest there, now well into its second year, external translation consultants cannot travel to CAR to work with the local teams on this next stage of the translation process. A local translator who will be a translation consultant is still in training. Pray earnestly for God’s solution and that the Bible translation process can continue in all these languages.

     *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions

  • Scripture Translation

    Six language cluster* projects meet together one week per month to translate Scripture. Pray for a good interchange of ideas in solving common translation challenges.
    *A language cluster refers to a group of languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds.

  • New Partnership for Pukapuka Translation

    Wycliffe New Zealand has partnered with the Pukapuka community in Northern Cook Islands in their New Testament translation project. Pray for good communication between translators and community leaders, and for the publication of the Gospel of Matthew in November.

  • Two projects

    The Cook Islands Maori revised New Testament is looking good; please pray that the proofreaders complete their work in June. Revision of 2 Corinthians in Pukapukan is almost complete and the team will move on to James, Galatians and 2 Peter in July. Pray that the translators can meet together as a team and plan effectively for completion of the New Testament this year. Their advisors are scheduled to attend a dictionary conference in Adelaide July 25-26, and have yet to fully write the paper. Pray for concentration and inspiration for them.

  • Arrernte translation progress

    "Praise God that the consultant check on John was completed successfully and that Frankie, our main help during the check, did a great job. Pray that what we read and went through together would minister to and encourage him. In June and July we will start editing, community checking and back-translation* of Galatians, Colossians, Philemon, James and the letters of John. Pray that we would find willing and able Arrernte co-translators to work with us."

    *Community checking and back translation are steps in the translation process. In a community check, speakers of the language who have not heard the text before are asked questions to determine the accuracy and naturalness of the translation. A back translation is translation from the translated text back to a national language so that a translation consultant can review the translation for errors or extraneous information.

  • Aragonese New Testament

    Rejoice and give thanks with PROEL, Wycliffe’s organization in Spain, who recently celebrated the publication of the New Testament in Aragonese. Ricardo Mur, a local priest, writer and anthropologist, had translated the Aragonese New Testament during his student days thirty years ago. His work lay hidden until the encouragement and consultant help of PROEL missionaries John and Berta Pearson and the Bible Society of Spain brought the project to completion and publication this year. Pray with the whole team that this New Testament will bring the word of God closer to the people of the Pyrenees-Upper Gallego region of Spain.

  • Readying the Palawano New Testament for Printing

    Preparing the Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament for printing involves a myriad of labor intensive tasks. Pray for mental alertness and focus as the team finishes consultant checks, word lists, subheadings, cross-references, introductions, illustrations, maps and footnotes, checking and re-checking their work. Pray for 1) Palawano hearts to be prepared for the coming of His word in their language, 2) for Christian leaders to be raised up among them to teach and spread the Good News, and 3) decisions on scheduling an audio recording, and future dedication ceremonies.

  • Remaining tasks for the Bantoanon translation. Philippines

    Pray for the Bantoanon translation team as they work toward completing the New Testament by 2015. There are many translation tasks yet to be accomplished, including a list of Key Terms*. Pray for the remaining books, Hebrews and 1-2 Corinthians, still to be translated, and as the team makes decisions on what to publish as books, videos, audios, or as online items (e.g. Scripture songs, dictionary, etc.) before the New Testament is finished. May these decisions result in more Bantoanon people learning and responding to the gospel message.

    *Refers to those words in the biblical texts that convey key theological concepts that are repeated throughout the Bible, such as "sin", "grace" and "faith."  Deciding how best to refer to God as "Holy Spirit" is also "key," as every culture knows the spirit world but needs to know how God's Spirit is different from others.

  • God’s Provision for Central Ifugao Bible

    Praise God that in spite of tightening budgets for Bible printing, the Central Ifugao (Amganad) Bible has received pledges to cover the entire estimated US$50,000 printing costs for 5,000 copies. Team members are currently working from the US and from Ifugao to finish the translation. Please pray for ease of communication, minimal distractions, and smoothly functioning computers so that the Bible can be ready for typesetting by the end of December.

  • Celebrating the Bolinao New Testament

    The presses are rolling and plans are in progress to celebrate the arrival of God’s Word for the Bolinao people of Pangasinan, Northern Luzon. Celebrations are planned for October 29 and 30. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in all aspects of making and carrying out plans for the dedication. Pray that a hymnal with 33 Bolinao hymns will be ready in time for the dedication. Most of all, pray that the Bolinao people will receive his Word with joy and thanksgiving, be responsive to Him, and be transformed by His Word.

  • Tennet Scripture changing lives

    Through reading the translated Scriptures, Tennet believers are growing in their faith, and others are taking notice. One man opposed his son attending the Tennet church in the capital city, Juba, since he thought it didn’t reflect well on his family name. Over several years he watched his son growing in faith and peace. He told him, "My son, I want to make a confession. What I told you before proved to be wrong. You are worshipping the true God, so continue to worship Him. If you had followed my earlier advice, you would have become a drunkard like me."

  • Prayer information translators

    Praise God for individuals, representing parts of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, who are committed to translating strategic prayer information into Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. Many of them have heavy workloads, yet faithfully allot time to this translation work. Pray for their health and that the Lord will meet all of their needs. Because of what they do, the prayer information is available to the worldwide Church. Close to one billion people speak Mandarin Chinese; 500 million speak Spanish. Think of the potential for the praying Church.

  • Sign language software needed

    Sign language projects are latecomers to the Bible translation movement. Praise God for the growing understanding that Deaf people need to see the Word of God in their own sign languages. These projects have some special needs which are somewhat different from spoken languages. Right now technical teams are working to produce software to facilitate the projects. Pray for those working on 3D animation software, dictionary tools, and other helps. Pray for wisdom, creativity and perseverance for each person involved.

    For more information, prayer items and stories about sign language translation work, click here.

  • Virtual teams

    The ever-expanding variety of electronic communication tools is a great blessing and enables team members to work together effectively even when they live far apart. But virtual teams also struggle with special challenges. Misunderstandings can easily occur. Good communication skills are needed when people can’t work face to face, and this is even more necessary when working across culture and language barriers. For example, a team translating the Bible for a major language in Asia has members living in Thailand, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the USA, in addition to those in the language heartland. Pray earnestly for this team.

  • Translation consultants

    Pray for the experienced translators who have agreed to take on the additional role of translation consultant. They receive special training and mentoring so they can check* the translations of other translators. Usually this means that their work on their own translation project slows down while they check Scripture translations for other language groups. Pray for those in training to be consultants. And pray for a good balance of work time for those who have added this additional role.

    *Consultant Check. A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Old Testament translation Team

    Pray for the translation team working on the Old Testament in the Minyanka language. The goal is for the local team to be working independently by 2016, so that they can go on to finish the whole Bible.

  • Linguistics and Bible translation

    Linguistics remains the foundation on which Bible translation builds. Linguistic research prepares translators to understand the intricacies of the language. It provides the tools needed to produce accurate and understandable translations. Pray for all involved in linguistic research and for the consultants who help them complete the documentation of their studies. Pray that the insights gained from linguistic research may be insightfully applied to the translation process. Pray for consultants who take time from other projects and locations to help and train others.

  • The role of the Church

    The role of the Church: Asia. Bible translation can move forward more successfully with interaction in both directions between Bible translation teams and the Church. Here are examples, some of which are repeated in multiple locations worldwide: a Bible translator gives praise for a church visit to strengthen their partnership; a church provided funds for the recording of HIV/AIDS songs* in a local language; a Bible translator ministered God's Word among the youth of a church in a capital city. Pray these young people will receive a burden for missions. Pray too for one organization looking to the Lord for new facilities.

    *Such educational principles may be more easily remembered when set to music than merely being written in prose.

Results 61 - 83 of 83
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