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  • Celebration of the Aché New Testament

    On Sunday October 26, a beautiful ceremony took place in Paraguay to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in the Aché language. More than 300 Aché people received the Scriptures at the town entrance. They paraded into the town, surrounded by children happily singing Christian songs. Community chiefs led the parade, followed by the pastors and the Aché translators; all proudly carried New Testaments. Visitors from various countries joined in the celebration. Praise God for this happy event. Pray that these Scriptures will be used effectively to the glory of God.

  • Vision Trip

    Participants from Chile and Argentina took part in a Vision Trip to Paraguay to join in the celebration of the Aché New Testament. They were eyewitnesses to what God is doing in the Aché community. One Bible translation promoter from Argentina said, “It is unbelievable that I was able to experience this celebration! As promoters we assist with the first steps in Bible Translation, encouraging people to join in the effort. Today I have seen the New Testament not as the end product, but rather as the beginning of transformation in the lives of the Aché!” Pray that God will bring this vision of spiritual change to fruition.

  • More help needed

    Bible translation is a complex task, requiring several steps. To assure good quality translation, each passage is checked by a translation consultant and read by several speakers from the language community who were not involved in the initial translation process. Some language groups in Asia have only a few, widely scattered believers. This makes the checking process much more difficult, as those from other faith communities are less willing to read and comment on the text. Pray for God to grow the nascent church in these areas. This will provide better access to translation help.

  • New Testaments completed in four languages

    Praise God for the completion of translation of the New Testament into four Ugandan languages: Lubwisi, Lugungu, Lugwere and Lunyole. Pray for the translation teams as they work on the final checking of the Scriptures prior to publication. Pray, too, for the Scripture engagement teams as they work with churches and others in the community to prepare them for receiving the completed New Testament in their languages.

  • Old Testament translation nearing completion

    The Giryama language community has had a New Testament since 2004*. The church uses the Scriptures extensively and continues to pray and to give time and resources for the translation of the Old Testament. Drafting of the Old Testament is almost complete. It is the prayer of Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) that God will provide all the funds to bring this translation to completion. Pray that the translation will be completed within the agreed upon time. Pray that the translators will work with good speed and accuracy, and without any interruptions. Pray, too, for their health and strength as they work to complete the translation.

    *Read the article One last wish about the Giryama translation.

  • Thanksgiving for the Daasanach New Testament

    In September, the Daasanach language community launched the New Testament after many years of translation. Daasanach is spoken by people living in northwest Kenya and southwest Ethiopia. A resilient people group, the Daasanach live under very harsh climatic and socioeconomic circumstances. Pray for the growth of the church in this region. Some of the people still practice the traditional religion. Pray that God’s Word will minister to them and convict them of His love for them and the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Peace in volatile areas

    Recently, Kenya experienced acts of terrorism and violence in a number of regions in which Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) runs translation and literacy programmes. These incidents of insecurity caused immense loss and grief in the affected communities. There has also been a lot of disruption to the activities of the BTL programmes, as staff had to be evacuated to safer towns. Pray for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. Kenya is a socio-economic hub in the region and also hosts refugees from war torn-countries in the region, including Somalia and South Sudan. This places the country in a vulnerable position. Pray, too, for the security and safety of BTL staff who live and work in insecure areas.

  • Scripture engagement internship

    Praise God for three dedicated men from the Chakma, Usoi Tripura and Bawm language communities who are gaining a vision for Scripture Engagement through an internship program this year. This internship provided exposure to the need for Scripture Engagement through teaching and practical experience in various domains including Bible translation, Oral Bible storying, Scripture Use, media and ethnoarts. Pray that the interns develop their skills through the implementation phase of the internship by teaching a short seminar in their language community. Pray that the trainers provide appropriate assistance. Ask God to develop a vision for Scripture Engagement in the seminar participants.

  • Bible Translation conference 2015

    Pray for this conference, which will be held in the Dallas area October 16-20, 2015. Pray for those planning the conference, those writing papers for presentation at the conference, and provision for everyone who wants to attend in 2015. There were 400 attendees from around the world and over 70 Bible translation organization represented at BT2013. Due to increasing attendance, BT2015 will be held at a church near the GIAL campus: pray for good relations with this church and that the location shift will be smooth. Pray for adequate staffing for all functions. Praise God that he has used this conference to encourage many in Bible translation work.

  • Work in the Highlands

    Seven provinces make up the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Bible translation work is yet to begin for some of the languages in this densely populated area. Ask the Lord to raise up people who are willing to start Bible translation work in these languages. Pray also for ongoing work in New and Old Testament translation, literacy and Scripture use in the region. Pray for church leaders and pastors to work together in unity especially in places where work is being hindered by cultural differences and other challenges.

  • Preparing Bible Translators

    AEL* Peru, an organization of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, is giving praise to God for three people who were trained in its Fundamental Courses and who are now serving in Bible translation. Two are working in Mexico, sent by their churches and under the auspices of RALN**. The third is in a translation project in Peru. Pray for more people to accept the call to Bible translation and literacy. Ask God to provide teachers for phonetics, linguistics and acquisition of a second language. AEL desires to serve succeeding generations in Bible translation. May God provide workers for this ministry!

    *AEL - Alcanzando a las Etnias en su Lengua (Reaching Every People Group in their own language)

    **RALN – Rumbo a las Naciones (Going to the Nations) serves to mobilize and recruit Latin American teams to work in areas of Bible translation need throughout the world.

  • Accepting the Challenge

    Praise God for the increasing number of Latin American missionaries who are accepting the challenge to serve in Bible Translation for those who have never had His Word in their own language! Pray for the protection and health of those who work in isolated areas of the world. Ask God to continue to provide for their needs through those who have promised to support them financially. Pray for Christian companionship and spiritual strength. Give thanks to God for their commitment and passion to serve the Lord in difficult situations.

  • Life transformation

    Before reaching the age of 30 and after experiencing several devastating situations in his life, Samuel found a Bible translated in his own language.* Reading it, he knew he had discovered the truth. In his new life as a Christian, he felt God’s call to begin a Bible translation in another language. The Word gave him wisdom and spiritual growth. In 2013, he was appointed to a position of leadership in a translation program. Pray for Samuel and for more people to be transformed as he was, so that more language communities may learn of salvation through Jesus.

    *To read more of Samuel´s story, click here.

  • Resistance to the new translation

    The four gospels were published in this national language* in 2010 and they are being used by the churches. A collection of Jesus’ parables with local illustrations was published in 2013, and people are asking for more. The translation of the rest of the Bible continues. Just as modern English translations were initially greeted with suspicion, so these newly translated texts are encountering some resistance in the church. Those outside the church are reporting that the text is easy to understand. Pray for greater acceptance of this translation and for the team to continue to translate the Word accurately and understandably.

    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

  • Team challenges

    The national language Bible translation workers in one country* have experienced a continual list of challenges. Three of the translators are mothers of young children who often need to work from home. Two of the translation advisors are working from countries thousands of miles away from the team. Please pray for the team to have times to work together, rather than in isolation from one another. Pray for the hearts of those in the translation team to be knit together, so that they will encourage one another at every opportunity.

    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

  • Bible dedication

    The dedication of the New Millennium Version of the Bible in Persian, produced with a partner organization, will take place on Monday, September 22, in the United Kingdom. Pray that God will change lives as people read this new, easy to understand version. May many find, read, study and share it online and in print.

  • Lubuagan New Testament

    Praise God for the launching of the Lubuagan New Testament on August 15, a joint effort of mother-tongue translators, language community members, Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) and several SIL families. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of those reading this new translation.

  • Follow Up

    Please pray for continued safety for those living in a West Asian country that has seen a recent increase in fighting among factions. One family has decided to leave the village in which they live and travel to a neighboring country because the area of instability is getting closer to them. Another family remains in a large city some distance from the area of instability. Pray that the family which is leaving will find a suitable place to live while out of country and that those who remain in country will make wise decisions about their safety. 

  • Sign Language Translation Workshop

    On 18 August a two-week sign language translation workshop begins in Cotonou, Benin. Deaf participants will come from Togo and Benin. The workshop focus will be to teach beginning translation principles. The practical part of the workshop will be translating Kande's Story into sign language. This type of sign language translation workshop has never been held before. Pray for safety and good health for the staff and participants. Pray as well for a good and profitable time together and that the Lord will be honored.

  • Fighting nearby

    A language team of two families and a single translator are living and working in a West Asian country that has seen a recent surge in fighting among factions. Though they live in a relatively stable part of the country, one family is closer to the area of fighting than the others. Pray for God’s protection, peace and wisdom for this team and other people in the area. Pray they will have adequate time to evacuate if the situation continues to deteriorate. Pray for peace for this country and protection for its citizens during this time of unrest. 

  • Community Partners Needed

    Some language communities are located in areas where there are few believers and it is dangerous to be a follower of Christ. In those places it is difficult to develop local partnerships for Bible translation work. Ask God to open doors to connect with these communities. Pray that they will catch a vision for and take up responsibility for translation in their own languages. Ask God to prepare willing and available mother tongue speakers to partner in all levels of the language projects.

  • Praying for a miracle

    Do you believe in a God of the impossible?  Almost 40 books of the Bible now need consultant checking* in nine languages in the Central African Republic (CAR) before moving on towards publication. Due to the unrest there, now well into its second year, external translation consultants cannot travel to CAR to work with the local teams on this next stage of the translation process. A local translator who will be a translation consultant is still in training. Pray earnestly for God’s solution and that the Bible translation process can continue in all these languages.

     *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions

  • Crimean Tatar Scripture use

    Many Scripture resources are available in Crimean Tatar, including the “JESUS“ film, the gospels, Acts, an illustrated children’s Bible, the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy), Psalms, Proverbs and more. The text of the whole Bible is being prepared for publication, with the hopes of it being available in 2015. Please pray for the Crimean Tatar language community at this time. Pray that these resources will be widely distributed and used to draw many into a relationship with Jesus.

  • Scripture Translation

    Six language cluster* projects meet together one week per month to translate Scripture. Pray for a good interchange of ideas in solving common translation challenges.
    *A language cluster refers to a group of languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds.

  • Complete commitment

    When a Gbaya Bible translator – and his family - had to run for his life during political instability in the Central African Republic in 2013, he didn’t consider that sufficient reason to set aside his translation work. He brought along some Bibles and his notebook and continued, despite limited access to food and water. “Like God set Jeremiah apart for his work, God has also set me apart for this work before I was born.  Therefore, I am to give myself fully to this great task,” he commented. Pray for A and his colleagues, still living in very difficult circumstances.

  • You prayed, God answered

    Praise God that the second printing of 9000 new Sango Bibles has arrived safely in the Central African Republic. Many of the original copies were lost or destroyed in civil unrest within days of the launch of this new Bible in 2013. However, the Bible Society in CAR did not lose courage and prayed for a second printing to be possible very soon. God has heard and answered!  Pray that these Bibles will soon be in the hands of people who really want and need them, and that God will change lives in that war-torn country through his word!

  • New Partnership for Pukapuka Translation

    Wycliffe New Zealand has partnered with the Pukapuka community in Northern Cook Islands in their New Testament translation project. Pray for good communication between translators and community leaders, and for the publication of the Gospel of Matthew in November.

  • Two projects

    The Cook Islands Maori revised New Testament is looking good; please pray that the proofreaders complete their work in June. Revision of 2 Corinthians in Pukapukan is almost complete and the team will move on to James, Galatians and 2 Peter in July. Pray that the translators can meet together as a team and plan effectively for completion of the New Testament this year. Their advisors are scheduled to attend a dictionary conference in Adelaide July 25-26, and have yet to fully write the paper. Pray for concentration and inspiration for them.

  • Arrernte translation progress

    "Praise God that the consultant check on John was completed successfully and that Frankie, our main help during the check, did a great job. Pray that what we read and went through together would minister to and encourage him. In June and July we will start editing, community checking and back-translation* of Galatians, Colossians, Philemon, James and the letters of John. Pray that we would find willing and able Arrernte co-translators to work with us."

    *Community checking and back translation are steps in the translation process. In a community check, speakers of the language who have not heard the text before are asked questions to determine the accuracy and naturalness of the translation. A back translation is translation from the translated text back to a national language so that a translation consultant can review the translation for errors or extraneous information.

  • Aragonese New Testament

    Rejoice and give thanks with PROEL, Wycliffe’s organization in Spain, who recently celebrated the publication of the New Testament in Aragonese. Ricardo Mur, a local priest, writer and anthropologist, had translated the Aragonese New Testament during his student days thirty years ago. His work lay hidden until the encouragement and consultant help of PROEL missionaries John and Berta Pearson and the Bible Society of Spain brought the project to completion and publication this year. Pray with the whole team that this New Testament will bring the word of God closer to the people of the Pyrenees-Upper Gallego region of Spain.

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