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  • Sign Language Bible Translation Conference

    October 21 to 24, three Deaf consultants-in-training along with Deaf representatives and coordinators of sign language translation teams from 10 countries in the Americas are gathering in Bogota, Colombia for a second sign language Bible translation conference. Pray that those attending will encourage each other, learn things that benefit their projects, and follow God’s leading in choosing strategies for new and existing sign language projects for the next 5 years. Pray too that through these sign language Bible translations many Deaf people in the Americas will come to know Christ personally and grow in their relationships to Him.

  • Latin Americans in Oceania

    Four new missionaries, graduates of CILTA,*  are now in the  islands of the Pacific to work in Bible Translation!  Brenda Fuentes and Jael Cervantes,  both from Mexico, are in Indonesia,  working with the National Bible Translation Organization, Kartidaya.  Costa Ricans, Dennis and Marcella Vargas, with two sons, arrived in Papua New Guinea on October 19. After a time of orientation, they will begin work on a Bible Translation Project with BTA**.  Pray that these servants sense the power of His Spirit guiding them in the new paths laid out for them.

    *CILTA - Course in Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy in the Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

    **BTA - Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association

  • That They May See

    Many people throughout the world are not able to read because they either do not have access to glasses, or they can not afford to buy them. LETRA Paraguay realized that among the indigenous groups with whom they work, many adults are facing this reality. In partnership with an organization called Glasses for Missions, LETRA* Paraguay has begun to hold workshops in which participants are taught how to produce reading glasses at a very economic price, so that everyone may see clearly, and no one will be excluded from reading the Scripture because of limited vision. Praise God for this provision.

    *LETRA - Latin Americans in Linguistics,Translation and Literacy

  • Leadership Training; Peru.

    To encourage growth and development of leaders in the partner organizations ofthe Global Alliance and in the indigenous communitiesof the Americas, a workshop entitled“Cultural Self-Discovery” is made available. One such workshop was held October 5-7 in the Peruvian jungle. There were 90 participants from the communities Achuar, Candoshi, Chapra, Pastaza Quechua, and Wampis (formerly huambisa).  Pray that these representatives of FAIENAP* will continue to grow in their roles as leaders so that they may encourage spiritual growth within their communities.

    FAIENAP - Association of Evangelical Churches in the Amazon

  • Translation, Lingusitics and Literacy Course, 2014

    A new school year is scheduled to begin at CILTA* in March, 2014.  Eight students have been accepted and ten others are in the process of registration. Pray for those who have completed their inscription and for those who are working to get their necessary documents and financial resources, or finish the required basic courses. Pray that God will continue to use CILTA to prepare many future Bible translators and literacy workers to help bring God’s Word to those who still do not have it in their own language.

    *CILTA - Course in Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy in the Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

  • Latin American Team in Equatorial Guinea

    A  team of three missionaries from Latin America, with their leaders, Abe and Debbie Koop, are working in Equatorial Guinea:  Sol from Chile, Jas from Perú, and Mainor from Costa Rica.  They work in literacy and Bible Translation training in the Benga, Kombe and Basek  (Seki) communities. A discourse analysis seminar has been in session since  September 30 and  and will finish on November 15. The attendees are candidates for Bible translation.  Pray that this time of training will result in teams of people prepared to work on the translation of the Scriptures, each in their own language, so that the Word of God will communicate clearly to each language community.

  • Communications Workshop

    A workshop entitled “The ABC´s of Communication” was held in Lima, Peru on September 10-12, 2013. Ten people from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru, communicators  in their own mission organizations, shared in mutual learning from one another (community of practice*).  They received two previously filmed presentations by professionals, who work in mass communication. Give thanks to God for the cohesion of the group and for the impact of the themes treated. Pray that the participants will be able to apply the skills and principles learned, so that the art of communication may be fully utilized to help accomplish Vision 2025 in Latin America and around the world.

    *Community of Practice is a new model of mutual learning which the Alliance is applying in their workshops.

  • New Partnership for Pukapuka Translation

    Wycliffe New Zealand has partnered with the Pukapuka community in Northern Cook Islands in their New Testament translation project. Pray for good communication between translators and community leaders, and for the publication of the Gospel of Matthew in November.

  • Considering Linguistic Issues Carefully (CLIC) Discussion

    On September 4-8 forty people will gather in the Netherlands for CLIC (Considering Linguistic Issues Carefully). Discussion Topics will revolve around linguistic training for mother tongue translators. Since issues are very complex, diverse people will  discuss them comprehensively.

    Pray for:

    • Safety in travel, and good travel connections.
    • Good health. 
    • Logistics.
    • Overall protection.
    • Wisdom in discussing important issues.
    • Unity, a spirit of brotherly love, humility and willingness to listen in debating strongly felt issues.
    • Us to come to a consensus leading to concrete results on issues that will advance Bible translation.
    • Good reception of results.
    • God to be honored.”
  • Tennet Scripture changing lives

    Through reading the translated Scriptures, Tennet believers are growing in their faith, and others are taking notice. One man opposed his son attending the Tennet church in the capital city, Juba, since he thought it didn’t reflect well on his family name. Over several years he watched his son growing in faith and peace. He told him, "My son, I want to make a confession. What I told you before proved to be wrong. You are worshipping the true God, so continue to worship Him. If you had followed my earlier advice, you would have become a drunkard like me."

  • Belize Kriol English New Testament

    The Belize Kriol English New Testament has been signed off and sent to the publishers. Six months are needed for the printing process before it will be back in Belize, ready for the community celebration. The archbishop of the Anglican Church has offered the use of historic St. John's Cathedral for the celebration service. This will probably take place January 26, 2013. Praise God that these processes are underway. Pray that God will keep them on track.

  • Travel

    Administrators and consultants often travel great distances to meet with team members, discuss their work, provide mentoring, and give encouragement. When they no longer have young children in the home, they can handle a lot of traveling, but there are limits to what is healthy and wise. Pray for wisdom as these leaders plan their travels, for good communication between couples while they’re apart from each other, and for good health and safety while on the road or in the air.

  • Translation hampered by unrest and violence

    In many countries Bible translation is being hampered by unrest and violence. May God bring peace for the sake of all who live there. Pray for just, wise and stable governments, and for freedom for Christians. Some of them have made great sacrifices and suffered greatly to make God’s word available to their people.

  • Translation consultants

    Pray for the experienced translators who have agreed to take on the additional role of translation consultant. They receive special training and mentoring so they can check* the translations of other translators. Usually this means that their work on their own translation project slows down while they check Scripture translations for other language groups. Pray for those in training to be consultants. And pray for a good balance of work time for those who have added this additional role.

    *Consultant Check. A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • MegaVoice brings the True Light

    "This is a true light shining in my life now. I've now found the message I've been looking for." The chief of a North Tanna village is thankful for the gift of a MegaVoice audio player which has enabled him to hear God’s message of life and peace to mankind in the language he understands best. The audio player has on it the New Testament in the chief’s mother tongue. Thank God that these players are available. Thank Him for all the hard work that has gone into developing these players and for the people who faithfully fund and distribute them.

  • Hunger and thirst for God's Word

    On the island of Bougainville, many community groups are under pressure and it seems that Bible translation projects do not always receive much community support. Ideally these projects would be community and church owned with local people taking responsibility for all the work. However at present there are many distractions. Mining and oil/gas exploration/extraction are offering people the hope of big money. Please pray that the church and the translators will not lose sight of the importance of the Scriptures. Please pray that the church and communities in Bougainville will develop a hunger and thirst for God’s Word.

  • Old Testament translation Team

    Pray for the translation team working on the Old Testament in the Minyanka language. The goal is for the local team to be working independently by 2016, so that they can go on to finish the whole Bible.

  • Linguistics and Bible translation

    Linguistics remains the foundation on which Bible translation builds. Linguistic research prepares translators to understand the intricacies of the language. It provides the tools needed to produce accurate and understandable translations. Pray for all involved in linguistic research and for the consultants who help them complete the documentation of their studies. Pray that the insights gained from linguistic research may be insightfully applied to the translation process. Pray for consultants who take time from other projects and locations to help and train others.

  • Smooth sailing

    Smooth sailing: Island nations of the Pacific. Teams involved in translation work in the island nations of the Pacific Ocean often have to travel long distances by boat. Schedules are often unpredictable, while the journeys can be tedious and, sometimes, dangerous. Ask the Lord for protection for the people and equipment that must travel this way. Computers are particularly susceptible to salt water damage.

Results 811 - 829 of 829
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