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  • Comprehensive projects need evaluation

    In the past most Bible translation work was done with the approach of one-team/one-language. That is, one team (usually two people) was assigned to service the language development and translation work of one minority language. The last ten years has seen an ever-increasing shift to partnering, networking and broad collaborations. Such collaborations increasingly end up being organized under a Comprehensive Plan. But with such Plans for collaboration comes the need for broad, intentional, and regular monitoring and evaluation of what the resulting Project seeks to accomplish. Pray that God will enable the various such Projects to get systems for monitoring and evaluation into place.

  • Translation hampered by unrest and violence

    In many countries Bible translation is being hampered by unrest and violence. May God bring peace for the sake of all who live there. Pray for just, wise and stable governments, and for freedom for Christians. Some of them have made great sacrifices and suffered greatly to make God’s word available to their people.

  • Help wanted

    Someone serving in a sensitive location writes, "More support personnel are needed and are being actively recruited…but only prayer makes it happen. Pray for more people with willingness to leave home and come, not being intimidated by an unfamiliar country and its culture. You can help also by speaking a word to your friends, acquaintances, and family. 'For who dares make light of small beginnings?' Zechariah 4:10." If you sense the Holy Spirit calling you to a greater involvement in missions, take courage and step into the freedom and adventure He has in store for you.

  • Translation consultants

    Pray for the experienced translators who have agreed to take on the additional role of translation consultant. They receive special training and mentoring so they can check* the translations of other translators. Usually this means that their work on their own translation project slows down while they check Scripture translations for other language groups. Pray for those in training to be consultants. And pray for a good balance of work time for those who have added this additional role.

    *Consultant Check. A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • MegaVoice brings the True Light

    "This is a true light shining in my life now. I've now found the message I've been looking for." The chief of a North Tanna village is thankful for the gift of a MegaVoice audio player which has enabled him to hear God’s message of life and peace to mankind in the language he understands best. The audio player has on it the New Testament in the chief’s mother tongue. Thank God that these players are available. Thank Him for all the hard work that has gone into developing these players and for the people who faithfully fund and distribute them.

  • Hunger and thirst for God's Word

    On the island of Bougainville, many community groups are under pressure and it seems that Bible translation projects do not always receive much community support. Ideally these projects would be community and church owned with local people taking responsibility for all the work. However at present there are many distractions. Mining and oil/gas exploration/extraction are offering people the hope of big money. Please pray that the church and the translators will not lose sight of the importance of the Scriptures. Please pray that the church and communities in Bougainville will develop a hunger and thirst for God’s Word.

  • Old Testament translation Team

    Pray for the translation team working on the Old Testament in the Minyanka language. The goal is for the local team to be working independently by 2016, so that they can go on to finish the whole Bible.

  • Inaccessible Language Groups

    There are several inaccessible language groups in this Area. In the effort to provide Scripture access for everyone, all countries of the Area, including these inaccessible groups must be reached. Ask God to remove the existing barriers and hindrances. Pray that these groups may be among those who are recipients of God's Word in their own language. Ask God to give creative ideas and unique strategies to leaders of mission agencies and sending organizations to reach these people groups.

  • Linguistics and Bible translation

    Linguistics remains the foundation on which Bible translation builds. Linguistic research prepares translators to understand the intricacies of the language. It provides the tools needed to produce accurate and understandable translations. Pray for all involved in linguistic research and for the consultants who help them complete the documentation of their studies. Pray that the insights gained from linguistic research may be insightfully applied to the translation process. Pray for consultants who take time from other projects and locations to help and train others.

  • Smooth sailing

    Smooth sailing: Island nations of the Pacific. Teams involved in translation work in the island nations of the Pacific Ocean often have to travel long distances by boat. Schedules are often unpredictable, while the journeys can be tedious and, sometimes, dangerous. Ask the Lord for protection for the people and equipment that must travel this way. Computers are particularly susceptible to salt water damage.

Results 811 - 820 of 820
items per page