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  • Advanced Storying Workshop

    Praise God for a suitable place to hold the Advanced Storying Workshop* from May 4-15. Ask the Lord to help the presenting team be ready for it spiritually, linguistically, relationally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pray that those attending will be encouraged in their spiritual growth through the workshop.

    *Bible Storying is a method of helping people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical stories. It is used with people who prefer audio or visual ways of learning as well as in cultures where the Bible is not available in printed form.

  • AWANA clubs use local language Scripture

    AWANA has 1,335 clubs throughout Bangladesh, serving 73,000 children. AWANA's national director has a heart for ministry to children through Scriptures in their mother tongue. The translation team translated into Mru the Scriptures in the first AWANA book, and the EthnoArts team is in dialogue with AWANA about working with Mru musicians to create songs using these verses. Pray that powerful songs are written which will impact Mru children attending AWANA, along with their families. Give thanks for AWANA's growing vision to reach minority children through their heart language and heart music.

  • Fined for distributing Bibles

    Please pray for people living in countries where the Word of God is not appreciated. One pastor faced court charges and fines for distributing Bibles. Others have been held, questioned, and asked to sign papers recanting their faith. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage these brothers and sisters and that they will stand firm in their faith.

  • Bashkir New Testament

    Praise God for the newly-printed Bashkir New Testament. The New Testament will be introduced as a scholarly book. Pray that many Bashkir will recognize God’s Word as truth. Pray for wide distribution to those who are seeking God. Ask God to speak in new and living ways to the Bashkir people through His written Word.

  • Literacy program needed

    The largest church for one language community is outside the homeland. The people learn the national language of their new country at school, and do not learn to read or write their mother tongue. Pray for those seeking to begin a literacy program for these expatriates: for the right time and place, and for the provision of literacy booklets and materials. Ask God to use the translated Scriptures in their language to strengthen them as they read. Pray that they, in turn, can share the good news with others in their community.

  • More Assyrian Scripture online

    Besides the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, the book of Genesis is now available in Assyrian on Scripture Earth. Pray for the translation team as they move forward in preparing the next Old Testament books for review and submission. Pray that many more Assyrian people will find a relationship with God as they read Scripture in their language online.

  • New local printing press

    Partners have requested our prayers for a recently opened printing press. The Lord has provided a building, the personnel and the finances. Churches and the Bible schools in this country are growing and have a great need for Bibles and other written material. Pray for God’s blessing and protection on this printing operation. Ask God to use these materials to strengthen and grow His church.

  • Western Bukidnon Manobo OId Testament

    Praise God for the team effort that has resulted in the publication of the Western Bukidnon Manobo Old Testament. Bibles will be given to those attending a two week Bible seminar, which will include individual and small group studies of assigned passages in their villages. Pray for open hearts to hear God’s Word and to understand the principles of interpreting Scripture that will be given to those participating, culminating with a day of celebration including oral storytelling and skits on January 31.

  • Dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament

    Pray for Toto, Rose, and Nante as they work in Manila, Philippines to record a dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament so that people throughout the Philippines and abroad can listen to the Bible in their own national language on their phones, or other devices.

  • 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    Praise God that the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of the Bolinao Bible held on October 30th was successful. Churches and the municipal government were involved in the celebration. Praise God for reports that the event is unifying the community and bringing glory to God.

  • Producing digital and non

    Praise God for opportunities to use digital and non-print media to promote Ugandan and Tanzanian languages and to bring the Good News to communities in their own language and in accessible media. Pray for ongoing work in producing the "JESUS film" in a number of languages in Uganda and Tanzania. Pray too that the 14 local language websites produced in the past year will attract a lot of interest from speakers of those languages and that good progress will be made for additional language websites under construction.

  • Resistance to the new translation

    The four gospels were published in this national language* in 2010 and they are being used by the churches. A collection of Jesus’ parables with local illustrations was published in 2013, and people are asking for more. The translation of the rest of the Bible continues. Just as modern English translations were initially greeted with suspicion, so these newly translated texts are encountering some resistance in the church. Those outside the church are reporting that the text is easy to understand. Pray for greater acceptance of this translation and for the team to continue to translate the Word accurately and understandably.

    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

  • Lubuagan New Testament

    Praise God for the launching of the Lubuagan New Testament on August 15, a joint effort of mother-tongue translators, language community members, Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) and several SIL families. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of those reading this new translation.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Samburu Book of Matthew Dedication

    Praise God  for the dedication of the Gospel of Matthew in Samburu . The dedication ceremony took place on 24th May 2014. The Scripture portion has been well received by the Church. Pray that the Church will use the portion of Scripture that is now available to them. Pray, too, that many will come to know the saving Grace of Jesus through interracting with His word.

  • Mother

    Praise God that the Bible in a language of Central Asia is being used by believers like Simeon and Sara for strength and encouragement. As the only believers in their small village, they are grateful for contact with believers in the capital, even though they are some distance away. Praise God for their witness and perseverance. Pray for God to protect, encourage and provide for them. Pray that more people will be drawn into a relationship with God through His Word in this language community.

  • Scripture Distribution Needed

    Translated Scriptures in three languages are available in quantity and need to be distributed. Pray for new partners and fruitful distribution networks to be established. Pray that these Scriptures will be used and become a blessing to many lives.

  • The art of praise

    Where there are churches but no translated Scriptures, people often worship like those who first brought the gospel to them. The worship can be very different from their cultural styles, and makes it difficult to engage with. The work of ethnoartists is to help language communities to learn to use their own music and language to worship God in a way that is natural to them.

  • Digital publishing for migrant communities

    Many people have migrated from their homelands for economic or security reasons, but they are still deeply interested in their culture and mother tongue. Digital publishing is the perfect way to ensure that speakers can connect with Scripture materials in their language wherever they happen to be in the world. Pray that those who are seeking God will find His Word online and will come to know Him through Christ.

  • Digital publishing options

    Traditional learning approaches in many communities are based on information heard from a teacher rather than what is read in a book. The resulting preference for Scriptures in audio and audio-visual rather than text format can be met by a range of digital technology options. For example MP3 players, DVDs and file sharing between mobile phones are deployed in addition to Internet publishing. Pray that God will grant wisdom to determine what mix of media and digital technology devices is most appropriate for each local situation.

  • Funding for digital publishing

    Growing numbers of communities are now able to access translated scriptures through digital publishing. Specialized websites make it easy for people to find and download audio, video and text files. But funding is needed to establish these websites, to make ongoing IT help services available, and to keep the sites operating at no cost to the language communities. Pray for individuals, agencies and foundations that will be willing to contribute funds for this need over the long term.

  • Digital publishing

    Digital publishing is a great way to distribute translated scriptures in language communities where access is difficult. Mobile phones are becoming commonplace in even very remote communities. These phones can be used to download and share text, audio and video materials. Praise God for several agencies and many IT specialists who are setting up websites and adapting scripture for electronic transmission. Pray for more people to join these teams. Pray that God will guide them into creative ways to design the websites and effective methods for drawing site visitors into deeper engagement with God’s Word.

Results 31 - 52 of 52
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