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  • Bible distribution difficulties Follow up

    Praise God that the organization in the United States that stores the recently published Assyrian New Testaments has worked out the issues that stopped the distribution of the books for a time. Now they want to work together with the organization, Aramaic Bible Translation, to distribute the New Testaments where they are needed and desired around the world. Pray for details to be worked out and for a cooperative relationship to be established. 

  • Follow up on More Chaldean workers needed

    Praise God that people from France and Sweden have requested copies of the Chaldean New Testament. The Chaldean team continues to translate the Old Testament, but more workers are needed. Please pray about the possibility of finding additional Old Testament translation help from within the Chaldean community in Toronto, Canada. Pray that God would lead Chaldean speakers with the needed skills to assist the translation team.

  • Breakthrough needed

    Several years ago, a translation project was started among a closed community living in the cold mountainous region of South Asia. Praise God that the Gospel of Luke and some of the epistles have been translated. Pray for God to open the minds and hearts of the community and enable them to seek the truth from His Word. Ask God also to provide mother-tongue translators to join the language team. The community has become distant and cautious as a radical group has been monitoring the activities of the team. Pray that God will manifest His greatness and power through the lives of the team and through those who have made decisions to follow Jesus.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – the Work

    Wycliffe Global Alliance encourages and facilitates greater partnership in reaching minority peoples with God’s Word and message of hope in the languages and formats they understand best. The Alliance encourages and promotes the efforts of partnering organizations as they engage with the worldwide Church in providing resources (prayer, people, finances) for Bible translation and other compassionate service around the globe. The Alliance facilitates and encourages organizations that lead Bible translation programs and serve language communities in their own nations. The Alliance partners formally and informally with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Pray that this serving in partnership will be a means of accomplishing work and a powerful expression of the unity of believers.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Worldwide Mission

    The spreading of God’s Good News began in the region now often called the Middle East. It spread to Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond. In 1900, 85 percent of Christians were from the “West.” But today 65 percent are from the majority world—Africa, Asia, Central and South America. People worldwide are coming together to reach all nations. Mission is the movement of God. It is God reaching out to redeem and restore humankind. God has entrusted mission, under His direction, to the multi-ethnic Body of Christ, His Church around the world. The unity of the Church is critical if the Church is to fully participate in God’s mission. Pray for the work of the Wycliffe Global Alliance as it engages within the Church, participating in God’s mission of reconciliation, restoration and justice.

  • Phone app and website

    Pray for progress in making a phone app for the recently dedicated Bible in the Central Ifugao language so that people with various kinds of phones can have a digital version. Pray that many Ifugao who live away from their home area will access the website created and be strengthened in their faith.

  • New websites go live

    Praise God for the training team and the people from five Philippine language groups who gathered in July to launch online websites in their own language. Some websites focus on Scripture and others on cultural information. Pray that these websites may be a tool to draw people to Jesus.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Service

    Organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance facilitate compassionate service among the world’s minority peoples, encouraging sustainable, locally-owned initiatives and programs that will help communities thrive. When people meet God through the compassion of His followers and through hearing Scripture in words they can understand and relate to, lives can change. Families, communities and cultures can grow stronger. Hope and love can become realities, not just dreams. Justice and mercy can become tangible, not just words. Pray along with the Alliance, that individuals, communities and nations will be transformed through God’s love and Word expressed and experienced in their languages and cultures.

  • Scripture awareness among Kagayanens. Philippines

    An ongoing challenge for pastors and others is to create adequate awareness of the importance and benefit of translated Scriptures and the difference it can make in people’s lives. They must understand why their translation is not going to look exactly like whatever Bible they have been used to using. Pray for Kagayanens to grow in awareness of the benefits of their translated Scriptures.

  • Oral Bible stories have impact

    One language team writes: “Our friends here are convinced that our oral Bible stories have a great impact on many people. It seems to be the right time to spread them, since so many K people are tired of the main religion.” Pray for wide distribution of these stories and that the listeners will be drawn to follow Jesus.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Mission

    Those serving with Wycliffe Organizations and the Wycliffe Global Alliance believe it is essential that all peoples have the opportunity to hear, understand and respond to God’s message in the language that speaks to their minds and hearts. Approximately one-third of the world’s language communities do not have even one passage of the Bible in their language. Many of these same people are among the world’s most neglected and overlooked in areas of education, economics, health, cultural preservation and justice. Pray along with the Alliance that these communities will be recognized, respected and flourishing.

  • Scripture portions in different formats

    With the help of experts, portions of Scripture in several languages have been published in digital, printed and audio-visual formats. Pray that these resources could be effectively distributed in strategic locations and be used by people from different communities. Pray for good teamwork between the language teams and the social service personnel as they engage people from all levels. Pray that God will use these resources in revealing to the people the truth about himself, his character and his plan of salvation.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Advocacy

    The Wycliffe Global Alliance serves as a part of the worldwide Church and the global missions community. Alliance Organizations partner with churches, missions organizations and other institutions in their countries and spheres of influence. Wycliffe Global Alliance and all of its related organizations have a common commitment to God’s mission of reconciliation and the transformation of individuals, communities and nations. Please pray that God would direct the Alliance as it collectively serves in advocacy with minority language communities to see God’s Word translated, accessible and in use in every language community that still needs it.

  • Mother tongue translators of the “JESUS” film

    Pray for mother tongue translators of the "JESUS" film script who have the challenge of matching the new language as closely as possible to the exact syllable count of the original English script. This helps make the lip-synced version look as though the actor is speaking the new language. JESUS Film™ staff members understand and respect the skill and precision needed to bring God’s Word to life for people in their mother tongue through scripture translation. Pray for all involved in the translation process.

  • “JESUS” film distribution

    Through the global network of The JESUS Film Project® including hundreds of partner agencies, the "JESUS" film, “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” “Rivka,” “My Last Day” and others are made available to individuals and ministries who wish to use these films in strategic ways to help fulfill the Great Commission. Praise God for the wonderful cooperation within the Body of Christ that has made this work possible. Pray that God will continue to draw men, women and children to Himself as they hear and see Jesus speak the language that most effectively touches their hearts.

  • Editing and mixing “JESUS” film translations

    The voice recordings of the “JESUS” film translations are edited to fit the lip movements of their character on the screen as closely as possible. Music and sound effects are mixed with the voice track. This editing and mixing is done over a one or two day period at the end of the recording so that a DVD copy of the completed film can be given to those who participated. The new version is also uploaded to the Jesus Film Media website and mobile app so that the film can be available free of charge to anyone with digital access. Pray for God to continue to call capable technical people to participate in this work.

  • Recording the “JESUS” film script

    Once the “JESUS” film script translation is approved by a translation consultant, trained recordists travel to the field where the language is spoken. Mother tongue voice actors are chosen for the characters in the film. The actors watch the film and listen to the dialogue, paying careful attention to how they can match the tone, inflection and even the facial expression of their character on the screen. For many actors, it is the first time they have ever spoken into a microphone. Pray for God to give each voice actor the supernatural ability to perform their roles so that the message in each film is clear, natural and compelling.

  • Translating “JESUS” film scripts for oral cultures

    The innovative partnership between Wycliffe and The JESUS Film Project® has produced an oral method of translating scripts for unwritten languages. This process relies upon tried and true translation principles to accelerate the process by many months. Pray for the oral script translation process to become refined and used throughout oral cultures.

  • Translating “JESUS” film scripts

    JESUS Film™ staff members understand and respect the skill and precision needed to bring God’s Word to life for people in their mother tongue through scripture translation. Although JESUS Film resources are not Scripture itself, translation of each language version requires the same level of competency. For this reason, they work closely with Wycliffe Global Alliance, SIL International, Seed Company, Lutheran Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators and many other Bible agencies to translate the scripts of these films. Thank God for this cooperation between organizations and agencies. Pray for the people involved in the translation process for each script.

  • The “JESUS” film

    The JESUS Film Project ®, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru in the United States) works closely with Bible translation agencies to provide contextualized films in heart languages. The “JESUS” film, based on the Gospel of Luke, has been translated and dubbed into more than 1,300 languages and counting. Other films such as “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” the 12-episode drama series called “Rivka” and the anime short called “My Last Day” are just a few of many films available for those sharing the Gospel to use worldwide.  Pray that God would continue to open doors for these films to reach people who have not heard the Good News of Jesus.

  • More Chaldean workers needed

    The Chaldean New Testament is available as an online download and as a printed book. It is clear, easy-to-read and faithful to the original languages. The Chaldean team continues to translate the Old Testament. Please pray for additional workers for this translation project.

  • Advanced Storying Workshop

    Praise God for a suitable place to hold the Advanced Storying Workshop* from May 4-15. Ask the Lord to help the presenting team be ready for it spiritually, linguistically, relationally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pray that those attending will be encouraged in their spiritual growth through the workshop.

    *Bible Storying is a method of helping people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical stories. It is used with people who prefer audio or visual ways of learning as well as in cultures where the Bible is not available in printed form.

  • Western Bukidnon Manobo OId Testament

    Praise God for the team effort that has resulted in the publication of the Western Bukidnon Manobo Old Testament. Bibles will be given to those attending a two week Bible seminar, which will include individual and small group studies of assigned passages in their villages. Pray for open hearts to hear God’s Word and to understand the principles of interpreting Scripture that will be given to those participating, culminating with a day of celebration including oral storytelling and skits on January 31.

  • Dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament

    Pray for Toto, Rose, and Nante as they work in Manila, Philippines to record a dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament so that people throughout the Philippines and abroad can listen to the Bible in their own national language on their phones, or other devices.

  • 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    Praise God that the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of the Bolinao Bible held on October 30th was successful. Churches and the municipal government were involved in the celebration. Praise God for reports that the event is unifying the community and bringing glory to God.

  • Lubuagan New Testament

    Praise God for the launching of the Lubuagan New Testament on August 15, a joint effort of mother-tongue translators, language community members, Translation Association of the Philippines (TAP) and several SIL families. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of those reading this new translation.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Samburu Book of Matthew Dedication

    Praise God  for the dedication of the Gospel of Matthew in Samburu . The dedication ceremony took place on 24th May 2014. The Scripture portion has been well received by the Church. Pray that the Church will use the portion of Scripture that is now available to them. Pray, too, that many will come to know the saving Grace of Jesus through interracting with His word.

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