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  • Requesting website

    Pray for those responding to a request from the Abau diaspora (mainly well-educated young people) to have a website to download materials in their language. The website has been created and is in the testing phase. Pray that God will bless this site and make it a source of helpful materials to those who would like to maintain connections with their Abau language. Pray, too, for Jerry Walker as he makes audio recordings that can be added to the website.

  • Busy July

    Pray for the Baruga translation team as they have many activities planned for July. Five men will attend the Culture Meets Scripture class. Pray that God show them which cultural issues they should focus on and how Scripture speaks to these areas. Each one will also be helping with some translation tasks this month, such as editing or polishing translated texts or audio recording. They will also do some major planning during this time, schedule the New Testament dedication and make plans on how to continue with Old Testament translation. Pray for wisdom in the many decisions they will make.

  • Minaveha practise reading

    Praise God for the adult reading course Tau Nenegemo taught in June. Pray for these new readers to practise their new skills by reading the Minaveha New Testaments or Old Testament portions that have been village-checked. Praise the Lord that initial checking of Nehemiah and Job were completed in May and June. Pray for Tau as he works on village checking of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, Esther and Ezra during July.

  • The Jesus Film

    Praise the Lord! The “JESUS” film is now being adapted into several languages of Peru. Please pray for the recording technicians working on the adaptation for Quechua of Margos, Ambo Pasco, Panao and Wanca. Pray also for plans to begin next January to adapt the Jesus film into Quechua of N Conchucos, S Conchucos, Huallaga and Huamalíes.

  • Advanced trauma healing workshop

    God is using the participants from the first trauma healing workshops that have been held to minister to Solomon Islanders. One woman who recently retired from a role in the Solomon Islands government has agreed to provide local leadership for these workshops. Pray for Betty as she takes on this role. An advanced trauma healing workshop will be held in September. Pray that the potential participants complete their assignments from the first course so they are qualified to take the second course.

  • Seeing a change

    Praise God for the experience a translator had while at a local embroidery training workshop. Her faith was evident even to a spirit medium, who told the translator she could see two “spirits” in white guarding her while she slept. Later in the week, this usually timid translator had courage to use an opportunity to witness to the other hundred participants at the workshop. Pray for this translator and her team as they continue translation. And praise God for the local pastor of this group, who uses the newly translated Scriptures as he teaches, and encourages others to use them.

  • Partnering in promotion

    Praise God for those partnering to promote use of the Northern Thai Bible. Ask God for the right people to join the team, and for wisdom for each one. Praise, too, for those considering funding a scripture engagement project for this language. One local church recently held a conference which provided an opportunity to promote interest in the Northern Thai New Testament. Ask God to provide all the resources needed to make these efforts successful.

  • Prepared to translate

    Praise God that people from nine language groups, including Gadsup, Golin, Imbo-Ungu, Sinasina and Tairora, are now trained to translate the JESUS film script into their vernaculars. Pray that God lead each team to prepare the translations, so that many can see the film in the language they understand best.

  • Culina Scripture Recording

    The first recording session of the Culina Scripture is completed. The finished books are Romans, I Corinthians, James, and Jude. They also completed the words of Jesus in Matthew and Revelation, and the narrative portions of Luke. Pray for the Bible translators and coordinators of this translation-recording project. They need wisdom as they see the need to change their plans for recording the rest of the New Testament. Pray they will find several other good readers before continuing with the recording. Pray that God will prepare the right people to help with this project later this year.

  • A Hopeful Answer to a Difficult Challenge

    A video called “The HOPE” is a tool that addresses the challenge workers face in communities where animism and Christianity are mixed and little Bible knowledge exists. Dubbed into many languages, the video gives an overview of the Biblical story of redemption and frees people to recognize the existence of God and end their bondage to fear. For three days in May, people from different cultures around the Americas met in Guatemala to produce a new introduction for the video, as well as to adjust the script and final invitation to follow Jesus. Pray that God will continue to use this video to bring people to Jesus.

  • Printing Scriptures

    Praise God for successful typesetting of portions of Luke and Acts in a language of Asia. Pray for the printing to go smoothly. Also, pray that people read and apply the truth to their lives. Pray for the translation team as they check the books of Philippians and Hebrews with a consultant*. They have finished checking 1 and 2 Thessalonians and 1 and 2 Peter already. Pray for the translators and their advisor as this project comes near to the final stages.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Kapin drafting and revision

    The Kapin team has been hard at work drafting and revising Scriptures. Pray that more Kapin people will read the Genesis/Exodus portion that was dedicated in November, and that they will be eager for more Scriptures in Kapin. Pray that the alphabet issues will not cause divisions or keep people from using the translations. Pray that the recordings being made will be gladly received by the Kapin people in the villages.

  • Story sets near completion

    The Bible storying team is looking forward to the completion of the Mru and Usoi Tripura story sets in 2015.  The stories will then be recorded and some will be printed as booklets.  As the team moves into promoting the use of Bible stories, pray that local people will be able to learn and use the stories effectively in various ways, such as in sermons and Bible studies.  Pray that Johan and Aboity, the leaders of their storying teams, would grow into effective trainers of others, and that their relationship with each other would be one of mutual encouragement and unity.

  • More Chaldean workers needed

    The Chaldean New Testament is available as an online download and as a printed book. It is clear, easy-to-read and faithful to the original languages. The Chaldean team continues to translate the Old Testament. Please pray for additional workers for this translation project.

  • Good testimonies

    In one language community in Central Asia, the four Gospels were translated and published a few years ago. Recently the translation team heard testimonies of the good effect these Gospels are having. Give praise to the Lord that these testimonies have encouraged the team. Pray for the team as they work on completing the translation of the rest of the New Testament and the Old Testament.

  • Trauma Healing Workshops

    Please pray for the Scripture-based Trauma Healing Workshops to be held in a war-torn west Asian country.  Pray that the participants will receive healing from the training and materials used. Pray they will then use the materials to minister to others.

  • Tengir Bible recording

    The text of the Tengir* Bible is available to download online and to view on computer or cell phone. The audio recording of the Tengir Bible started recently. Please pray for all the technical problems to be worked out and for people with good radio voices to be found. Pray that both the online Scriptures and the audio recording will be accessed by many from the Tengir language community and will consequently draw people into relationship with God.

    *Tengir is a pseudonym.

  • Jesus Film

    Give thanks for the positive reception of the Jesus Film, prepared by a partner organization in a language of west Asia. Ask for the Spirit’s continued work in drawing people into a relationship with God through it. 

  • Ethno arts

    During a recent Scripture Songwriting workshop participants from several language groups drafted songs and dramas. Pray for them to be used and to advance ethno arts* in their language communities.
    *Ethno arts are local art forms that come from the language community. They get people’s attention, are well received and used because the style is familiar and local.

  • Amarasi New Testament dedication

    Pray for the Amarasi New Testament celebration, planned for May 24-25. Boxes filled with New Testaments are stacked to the ceiling of the Kupang offices in preparation for the event. Pray that people will read, study and share these Scriptures with others. Pray that God's Word will have a tremendous impact among the Amarasi to produce changed lives and closer relationships with Christ. Ask for God's continued direction in the lives of the translators.

  • Advanced Storying Workshop

    Praise God for a suitable place to hold the Advanced Storying Workshop* from May 4-15. Ask the Lord to help the presenting team be ready for it spiritually, linguistically, relationally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pray that those attending will be encouraged in their spiritual growth through the workshop.

    *Bible Storying is a method of helping people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical stories. It is used with people who prefer audio or visual ways of learning as well as in cultures where the Bible is not available in printed form.

  • Bible

    A training course to teach Bible-based literacy classes will be held in May in the Baeggu language area on the island of Malaita. Pray for the teachers who will be trained to carry on these classes and for the women who plan to attend to learn to read for the first time. Pray for the presenters, both Solomon Islanders and expatriates, that they communicate clearly and pass on these important skills.

  • Diglot Scriptures as language learning resource

    Praise God for the wisdom of workers who have provided some Scriptures in diglot (two languages) on their website. This has proven to be a helpful resource for pastors who wish to learn the local vernacular. Pray that their language learning enable them to reach local people with the gospel. Pray that their efforts in evangelism bear a lot of fruit.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Romblomanon translation team in the Philippines hopes to finish revising the New Testament this year. Pray that they can proceed without hindrance. One team member, Pauline, recruits prayer partners to fast weekly and intercede until the New Testament is completed and launched. Ask God to protect review committee members and grant them good health and unity in the Spirit. Pray that an audio recording of the New Testament will be produced in time for distribution alongside the printed edition. Some older Romblomanon speakers will benefit more from the audio edition than the printed one. Give praise that the new Romblomanon website has links to Scripture portions. (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Last year the Roviana translation team in the Solomon Islands published trial editions of Old Testament books from Joshua through 2 Kings. Further Old Testament translation is progressing well. Many Roviana people want copies of the trial publications. In one village, a single copy of the Gospels and Psalms was so sought after that it never stayed in one place long enough for anyone to read the whole edition. Pray for accurate and timely checking of the remaining 11 books and that the team will have plenty of focused time to work. Pray for good health for the translators and their families. Seed Company - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Aramaic speakers have had the Bible for centuries. Unfortunately, languages do not stay the same through the passage of time. One woman phoned the translation team and said she had the old translation but could not read it.  She found some of the newly translated Scriptures on the Internet and wanted to purchase Bibles for herself and her friends. Thank the Lord that Aramaic speakers have a hunger for his Word. Pray for personnel needed to upload the Bible into the Aramaic website. This year Proverbs 1–23 will be consultant checked, and 1–2 Kings will undergo back translation. Pray that the team will remain focused and able to overcome the challenges ahead. Seed Company - (Adapted from the Wycliffe USA Finish Line)

  • They hear because someone is telling them

    LESSA* is the language of the Deaf in El Salvador. In March, a special event celebrated the publication of the second DVD of Bible Stories from the Life of Jesus, with the Deaf community. Another celebration is planned in two or three months with leaders and members of the Salvadoran Church. Pray for more Deaf people to find out about the translation project and use the Word in video. Ten more Bible stories are in the translation process and are being consultant checked. Pray that more church leaders and members will commit to supporting this Bible translation initiative.

    *LESSA – Salvadoran Sign Language

  • AWANA clubs use local language Scripture

    AWANA has 1,335 clubs throughout Bangladesh, serving 73,000 children. AWANA's national director has a heart for ministry to children through Scriptures in their mother tongue. The translation team translated into Mru the Scriptures in the first AWANA book, and the EthnoArts team is in dialogue with AWANA about working with Mru musicians to create songs using these verses. Pray that powerful songs are written which will impact Mru children attending AWANA, along with their families. Give thanks for AWANA's growing vision to reach minority children through their heart language and heart music.

  • Bandial Scripture celebration planned

    Ask God to help those organizing the celebration to launch the Bandial New Testament planned for May 16. Pray for good communication between the translators in the community, the linguist and exegete in France, and the Scripture use promoters in Dakar, Senegal. Pray for God’s Word to bring many Bandial people, population 11,200, into his kingdom. The New Testament was typeset last summer and sent to South Korea for printing. Pray for God’s blessing on the many details of the plan to record an audio version of the New Testament in partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing.

  • Epi Cluster Project final revisions

    Intercede for the Baki and Lewo translation teams in Vanuatu as they complete final revisions in these two New Testaments. Pray that they find any sections needing improvement before submitting the Scriptures for typesetting in April. Pray for the typesetters who make decisions about formatting, font size and type, placement of maps and pictures, and footnotes. Pray for clear, strong voices for those recording audio versions, and that computers and recording equipment will function well. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and lives. Pray for successful strategies to engage individuals, churches and whole communities in using the Scriptures.

Results 31 - 60 of 103
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