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  • Debrief meetings in Edinburgh

    Pray for wisdom and guidance for the home leave debrief for Wycliffe members in Edinburgh on 27 October.

  • Making audio into video

    Pray for wisdom for the graphic designer of a language project Facebook page. He will make videos from audio Scripture files. Pray for the complicated audio editing process. The audio is mixed with music before adding it to the video. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people to receive the message of the videos.

  • Developing a new phone app

    The New Testament in a major language of the Middle East has been published in several print volumes. Many partners are asking for an app to use for reading and distributing the Scriptures on mobile phones. Please pray for good progress for the team as they develop this app.

  • Script checking

    A translation team recently completed drafts of several scripts of audio Bible stories. The next step is to test* the draft scripts with non-team members. Pray that the team finds a second person to be the other voice in a recorded two-voice dramatic reading to use in the testing. Pray the testing process will help the team create natural and effective story scripts.
    * Testing a translated text. Checking is done with individuals who have no previous exposure to that particular translated text. Questions are asked about naturalness of wording and understanding of both basic facts and meaning. The responses reveal places needing further adjustment.

  • Text still needs edits

    Translation team members recently read the print format of their newly-translated Central Asian Bible for a final check. They discovered many things which need editing before the text is ready for printing. The Bible is scheduled to go to the printers soon. Please pray all the needed changes can be completed in good time.

  • Training new translation consultants

    Thank God that a number of exegetes* who completed translation projects are training to become translation consultants. Pray for good preparation and instruction for these consultants-in-training. Pray for wisdom for the consultants who provide mentoring experiences for the trainees.
    *Exegete. Someone who studies a text, analyzing the meaning the author intended through word choice and grammar. These are generally the Hebrew and Greek texts of Scripture.

  • Mother

    Praise God that a mother-tongue translator in one project recently decided to follow Jesus. He is inviting other family members to do the same. Pray for his family to respond positively to his invitation. Pray he and his family are protected from persecution.

  • New Deaf believers

    Praise God for new Deaf believers in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Tanzanian Sign Language Scriptures are having an impact. BILAT (Biblia ya Lugha ya Alama Tanzania) is translating the Scriptures which are being shared with the Deaf around the country. Recently, several new Deaf believers in the Ikafara Fellowship were baptized by the translation project leader. Pray for continued impact as God's Word reaches the Deaf in Tanzania.

  • Genesis film in Oniyan language

    Pray for the voice recording for the story of Genesis film in the Oniyan language in Senegal. 

  • SIL Nigeria strategy meetings

    Pray for the SIL* Nigeria strategy meetings on 25 October in Jos. Pray for God’s vision and help for staff as they pray and plan for this next quarter and the first part of fiscal year 2017.

    *Wycliffe's primary partner organisation