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  • Progress in the Dobel Bible translation

    Jock and Katy Hughes, Dobo, Aru Islands, Indonesia. Jock is the facilitator for the Dobel translation team and Jock and Katy are consultants for a local Bible translation organisation – Since Jock and Katy moved back to live in Aru in late 2014, the Bible translation into Dobel has been making good progress. Give thanks that nine books of the Bible (eight epistles and Ruth) are ready for their final checking in early 2017. The main denomination in the area have requested a translation of their liturgy, which the team are also working on. There is now a Dobel Bible app for mobile phones, and this is proving to be popular. Luke's Gospel has been printed and will be distributed this year, along with training for church leaders in using the translated Scriptures.

  • Training new consultants

    Three consultants-in-training will be checking John and Mark in a sensitive region of Asia. Pray for the successful completion of these checks. Ask God for safe travels for the senior consultant couple who will oversee the trainees. Pray for them as they give input to multilingual preschool projects in the same area. Thank God for these ongoing programs.

  • Literacy efforts in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania

    Pray for the network of volunteers in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania who are giving time now after the harvest and before the next rains to teach basic literacy in their village communities. Pray that as people learn to read and also as they begin to read God's word in their languages (Rangi and Burunge) and that God will speak into their hearts.

  • New initiative

    Pray for a new initiative planned for 2017 called “Bridge from Primer to Bible”. Two Abau-speaking staff, Paul and Helen Simaure will be leading this program, producing Bible materials for both young and old. They plan to include life stories, historical anecdotes, personal testimonies and children’s readings among the material. Thank God for the Abau training center that has served Bible translation in this community. Ask God for strength for the continued translation-related activities.

  • Annual conference for 'Linguistic Association of Nigeria'

    Pray for the Linguistic Association of Nigeria’s annual conference this week (6 December) at the University of Jos. Pray for the Wycliffe members involved and that the workshops they host will be fruitful for the work of Bible translation in Nigeria.

  • 'Learning that Lasts' course

    Pray for the one-week course Learning that Lasts, where participants will learn how to train others, starting today, 5 December, at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy). Pray for a good week and good group dynamics.

  • Consultant checking in Wamey language

    Pray for the three weeks of consultant checking for Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude and Philemon in the Wamey language in Senegal that begins this week (4 December). Pray for safe transport for all those involved. Pray too for the families of the translators, as they will be away from them for nearly a month. 

  • Old Testament workshop in Nigeria

    Pray for the three-week Old Testament checking workshop ongoing in Nigeria. Ask God for clear, accurate and natural translation drafts to be the result.

  • Developing a writing system

    Pray for the translator working with the church in a language community to develop an orthography. Ask God for clarity about whom to involve, and the best process to achieve a good result. They also plan to develop a primer for use in teaching the writing system. Pray for God's timing through the whole process. This translator is also leading plans for a linguistic workshop in January. Ask God to smooth the way for all arrangements, and for his protection as they meet.

  • Students preparing for overseas assignments

    The Assignment Related Training stage of the training programme for new Wycliffe members finishes at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy) today, 2 December. Please pray for those students now preparing to go on their overseas assignments.