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  • Necessary follow

    Pray that as the Gusilay dictionary workshop finishes the necessary follow-up work will happen to ensure the creation of this vital resource for the community and for Bible translation.

  • Preparing final versions

    Thank God for two days with fluent readers of one language community who read through the first six chapters of Acts. Through the discussions together, the language team understood the concept of “clear and natural” translation. They want to read through the rest of Acts a second time and six other books, to finalize the text. They would like to have all the corrections made in March and April. Pray for wisdom for all the computer work involved, including additional checks for things like spelling.

  • Sunday school workshop preparations

    Pray for those preparing materials for a Sunday School workshop in Asia. Many copies of the workshop materials and illustrated Bible stories will be prepared. Ask God for safety as they are transported to the workshop location.  Thank God for the good progress in translation for this community. They are preparing to print Genesis, and have plans for consultant checks* of Acts and the Gospel of Mark.

    *Consultant Check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.    

  • Consultant checks planned

    Pray for the translation facilitator who will travel to Asia for consultant checks of the books of Revelation and 1 Corinthians. Pray that the local translation team will also arrive safely. Ask God for wisdom for each one as he prepares the back translations of the texts, and for the ongoing drafting of the Gospel of Luke.

    *Consultant Check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.  

  • Visa changes

    Pray for the language development workers affected by recent changes to visa regulations. Previously, they could cross a local international border fairly easily. Now they must apply for permission, and can only do so a few times per year. Ask God for wisdom for them as they look at alternative options. Pray, too, for those planning to attend an international gathering in March. Ask God for favor for those applying for visas for the meetings.

  • Collaboration on Scripture App

    Pray for the team working in collaboration with Faith Comes By Hearing on further development of the SIL Scripture App Builder product. The leadership have met to establish this partnership. Ask God for wisdom for the developers as they move forward. They are thankful for open interactions and a supportive environment.

  • New church facility

    Praise God for the new church facility available for use by one minority language church. It is more suitable for their needs. Pray for the hearts of the church members and guests to be good soil, prepared for God’s Word. Pray that the teaching from John’s Gospel will grow and bear fruit in the lives of both children and adults. Ask that they become convinced about who Jesus is and put their trust in Him. The translator for this community is now in training to be a translation consultant*. Pray that his first supervised consultant session give him a better understanding of the work of consulting.

    *Translation consultants check drafted Scriptures with the local translation team and one or two others, to be sure the translation is accurate, clear and natural-sounding.

  • Storying progress

    Pray for the Bible storying teams from several language communities that will come together for an Oral Bible Storying workshop in late February. Ask God to help each one to complete the assignments from the previous workshop as preparation. Pray that all the arrangements and travel go well for the week. Thank God for a growing interest in reaching one of these communities by church people in one country. Ask God to bring the right people into this ministry.

  • Scripture resources for refugees was recently launched by Wycliffe Germany. The website provides information for Christians living in Europe about Scripture resources in the languages spoken by the people arriving from other nations. Links to Bibles, Bible stories, videos and audio recordings are listed for the languages of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Resources for new neighbours from other countries will be added in the coming months. Pray that churches and Christian refugee networks will find out about and use this site. Pray that many refugees and displaced people will find hope, help and comfort through these resources.

  • World Mission Night at Birmingham University

    Pray for the church engagement team as they represent Wycliffe at Birmingham University Christian Union's World Mission Night.