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  • Communities waiting for the Word

    Pray for the 1200 speakers of Utarmbung who have no Scripture in their language yet. The Sialum people with 400 speakers also have no Scripture yet. Praise God that the Nama language community now has a draft of Mark's Gospel, the first book of Scripture. Pray for Phil Carr who will be doing the consultant check* to approve it for publication.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Lumi area Bible storytelling course, follow

    Praise God for the new cluster of languages in the Lumi area that have begun Oral Bible storytelling in Wewak. There are up to 14 different languages participating in this cluster. Pray for the ten Papua New Guineans who are conducting most of the training sessions, particularly for wisdom and good communication. Ask God to give the trainees clear thoughts as they develop the Bible stories and share them with members of their language communities.

  • Permission granted for distribution

    Praise God that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed last year between SIL-PNG, the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea and other partner organizations in Papua New Guinea to enable copyrighted New Testaments in PNG languages to be published on the SIL-PNG Scripture website. Pray for strength and stamina for everyone involved in various aspects of publishing Scripture on websites, from technical support and administration of data. Ask God to transform the hearts and minds of those listening to His word through these efforts.

  • Ready to listen

    In late June, Tiepe Bapinuo came to Ukarumpa to pick up 63 Audibibles to distribute in the Iyo language community. He returned in early August, reporting that all the devices had been sold. He picked up 20 additional machines which were waiting for him. He reports a great interest in them and requested that more be made ready for distribution. Pray for people's hearts to be touched and lives transformed as the Iyo people listen to God's word.

  • Alphabet development training

    Pray for the Orthotech Workshop beginning in September in Ukarumpa. The participants from Papua New Guinea will learn how to hold alphabet development workshops in language communities that do not have an alphabet yet. They are also trained to help language groups that are having difficulty deciding on alphabet issues. Pray for the trainers and trainees of this program, especially for the two University of Goroka students who will attend for a few days.

  • SIL Asia Restructuring Process

    Without change there can be no new growth. As the church has grown in Asia, SIL leadership plans to become more of a service organisation and less directly involved in language development. Please be in prayer as members of the Asia Shared Services Team begins implementing structural, organizational, and financial changes with the goal of more effectively serving language communities and partners in Bible translation. Pray for unity and trust for the duration of the process. Pray for discernment and humility for those in leadership. Pray for renewed faith in God‘s promise to provide in every situation.

  • Working, checking, training

    The translation and checking process of both First Corinthians and the Gospel of John are nearing completion in the Tagakaulo language. Pray for the team as they balance the translation work with many related details, and also the training of several mother tongue translators. Ask God for the ability to finish the final checks so that these two books can be submitted in September and October to the consultants* who will check them.

    * A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Synphony software training

    Praise God for the August workshop where participants from two language communities learned to use the Synphony software. This software allows for easy creation of literacy materials beginning with just one or two or a few sounds by adding one at a time to the reading materials for new literates. The trainer enabled use of the software for Devanagari script, which is widely used in South Asia. Ask God for wisdom as the trainers continue to support the trainees' work in developing reading materials for these two communities.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – the Work

    Wycliffe Global Alliance encourages and facilitates greater partnership in reaching minority peoples with God’s Word and message of hope in the languages and formats they understand best. The Alliance encourages and promotes the efforts of partnering organizations as they engage with the worldwide Church in providing resources (prayer, people, finances) for Bible translation and other compassionate service around the globe. The Alliance facilitates and encourages organizations that lead Bible translation programs and serve language communities in their own nations. The Alliance partners formally and informally with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Pray that this serving in partnership will be a means of accomplishing work and a powerful expression of the unity of believers.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Worldwide Mission

    The spreading of God’s Good News began in the region now often called the Middle East. It spread to Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond. In 1900, 85 percent of Christians were from the “West.” But today 65 percent are from the majority world—Africa, Asia, Central and South America. People worldwide are coming together to reach all nations. Mission is the movement of God. It is God reaching out to redeem and restore humankind. God has entrusted mission, under His direction, to the multi-ethnic Body of Christ, His Church around the world. The unity of the Church is critical if the Church is to fully participate in God’s mission. Pray for the work of the Wycliffe Global Alliance as it engages within the Church, participating in God’s mission of reconciliation, restoration and justice.