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  • Accurate translation for Mangali

    Please pray that the completed Mangali translation will be accurate, clear, and natural – especially given the difficulties in finding a word for grace in a culture where revenge is valued.

  • Oral Bible Storying Project

    Pray for preparations for the launch of an Oral Bible Storying project for several languages. Initial meetings with the language communities have been received well. Pray for the staff who will be training and encouraging these oral translators. Ask God for all the details to be settled before the first cluster workshop. Pray for those involved to bring the right skills and attitudes for success in this project. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide those who translate and prepare these Bible stories.

  • Indigenous Education Conference

    Pray for the 2nd Malaysian Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education to be held in mid-September. Pray for the speakers who are preparing the plenary presentations and for those organizing workshops for the event. Ask God to keep participants safe as they travel to and from the venue in Kuching. Pray that this event encourages local language literacy for more language communities in Malaysia.

  • Publications in process

    Thank God for the many academic books and papers that come from study for translation. Pray for the busy couple who process these books for publication. One book of proverbs and a book of folktales in another language are in publication. Ask that these be a blessing to those who read them. Pray for the lady preparing a trilingual dictionary. She is having trouble focusing on the final entries that need preparation or revision. Pray for the final revisions on a book of translation principles needed for training local translators.

  • New school year

    Pray for the families working cross-culturally in Asia who have school-aged children. Their schedules can get complicated if they are in different schools in a large city. Pray for the students to settle in well to new classes and to make new friends. Pray for those who are in schools in a totally new country for the first time. Ask God to provide a friend to come alongside them and introduce them to the new customs, food and culture.

  • Funding Mangali translation in the Philippines

    Please pray for additional funding so that the New Testament can be completed. Pray also for sufficient consultant help. We thank God for the excellent help the team has had so far.

  • Completing Mangali translation in the Philippines

    Ask God for continued wisdom and direction for the team leaders as they lead the project to completion. Pray also for mental, physical, and spiritual strength for the entire team.

  • Scripture engagement workshop in Tanzania

    A Scripture engagement workshop with pastors in the Zinza language area in northern Tanzania will take place during August. Please pray that the pastors would catch the vision and be passionate about helping people in their churches engage with God’s word in their language.

  • Westpoint Festival/New Frontiers Bible Week

    Pray for Josh Oldfield and Stewart Johnson of the UK church engagement team as they oversee the Wycliffe stand at the Westpoint Festival / NewFrontiers Bible Week. Pray for good conversations and contacts throughout the week.

  • SIL Nigeria strategy meetings

    Pray for the SIL* Nigeria strategy meetings that begin 25 August in Jos. Pray for good collaboration and partnership among various departments at these meetings and for strategic alignment according to God’s will in the areas of providing technical services to language projects, building capacity for formal training, translating Scripture through facilitating language projects and developing partnerships to meet remaining translation needs.

    *Wycliffe’s primary partner organisation