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  • Opportunities to study Nomole

    The Nomole - population 100-250 - are one of the last people groups in Peru for which a Bible translation project is yet to begin. Pray for opportunities for linguists to study their language.

  • New Testament distribution

    Praise God that the MV Kwadima II, the SIL-operated boat, has been fully repaired and outfitted after two years of continuous use. It is now being used to carry the Bwanabwana translators, Fred Boita and Rubin Abiu, to the islands where the language is spoken to distribute newly printed Bwanabwana New Testaments and hymnbooks. Pray that the books will be used to strengthen the faith those who read them, and that others come to faith through hearing the Word.

  • Focus on partnership

    Praise God for the focus on partnerships as part of the 40 Days of Prayer period for SIL. Pray for AuSIL to be a good partner to others, listening and learning how to serve them well. Pray that they learn to use their unique gifts to complement the gifts of others and build up the body of Christ. Ask God for His wisdom and love as they serve.

  • Old Testament recording session

    Pray for those recording the Old Testament in the Kriol language. They will need fluent readers for these sessions. Pray that the right people come forward during the middle two weeks of July for this. Ask that all the logistics and recording equipment work well during the sessions. Pray that many are strengthened by these recordings.

  • Mobile bookstore

    The AuSIL bookstore has not re-opened in its new location yet, but a booth to sell Scriptures and other materials is being set up at regional agricultural shows. Pray for the staff who will set up and sell at the booths in Katherine July 15-16 and in Darwin July 21-23. Ask God to bring many to see the materials and buy copies for themselves or friends. Pray that the Scriptures bring many to know God better.

  • Protecting the Nomole people

    Access to the areas where the Nomole live is limited in order to protect them. But due to logging and increased tourism closer to where the Nomole live, there are growing concerns that they might suffer from diseases introduced by outsiders and for which they have no immunity. Ask God to protect them.

  • Nomole of Peru

    The Nomole of Peru are a nomadic people group uncontacted by the outside world, living in voluntary isolation in and near Manu National Park. Ask God to reveal his love to the Nomole, even as they live in isolation.

  • Participants at Two Week Stint

    The weekend in the middle of the Two Week Stint is designed for three things: relaxation, encouragement and fun! The weekend runs at a slower pace giving participants time to relax a bit. On Sunday, churches in the area receive part of the TWS gang where we hope that both churches and participants are encouraged by the contact. The Two Week Stint is held in a village on the River Rhone. There is always something wonderful to do and see. The scenery is breathtaking and speaks of the wonders of creation. Pray for the participants as they take a bit of time to relax and reflect on how God is working in their lives.

  • Language groups starting translation

    There is a tremendous amount of interest in Bible translation among languages in North and South Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Teachers, during their school holiday, are willing to volunteer their time to work on Bible translation. Previously, they have received initial introduction to Bible translation principles and help with their writing systems. Representatives from four languages: Nyanga, Nyindu, Hunde, and Kobo have asked for help in August to translate two parables: the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-39) and the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). Pray that this workshop will take place and that these teams can make Scripture booklets that can be distributed to people in their home areas for community feedback and to raise interest in further Bible translation.

  • Final Review Steps for a New Testament and an entire Bible

    The Tembo New Testament and the Fuliiru Bible are moving ever closer to publication in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Both teams are working hard reviewing their translations, making detailed corrections using the translation software Paratext, refining their glossaries, choosing illustrations and maps, etc. At the end of July, a consultant will work with both teams on all these tasks and help with technical details. Please pray that their time together will move both teams considerably closer to publication, and that they will all be encouraged and joyful at the prospect of the Tembo New Testament and the Fuliiru Bible becoming available in the next year or so.