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  • Partnership with local churches

    An association of city churches in the southeast region of East Asia is developing cross-cultural ministry strategies and training programs focused on church planting, discipleship and Bible translation for minority groups. The leaders are beginning to understand the need to learn local languages and cultures in order to live and minister effectively among the minority communities. Praise God that this undertaking has caused church leaders in a neighbouring city to want to do the same. Pray for the church leaders in these two cities to be united within their associations and demonstrate integrity and wisdom in all they do. Pray also for the four-person team, made up of cross-cultural workers from three international agencies, that has partnered with the associations to assist them. Pray for the Lord’s protection to be upon everyone involved.

  • Missionary kids

    Many families engaged in language projects are living in remote locations. Many of their children do not have access to good schools or, if they do,  cannot attend because of financial constraints. With these major limitations, parents have to homeschool their kids while doing language and community development work. Pray for the kids to enjoy life and school despite the limitations. Pray for their protection from all kinds of harm, danger and diseases. Pray that they will value the important work their parents do and grow up into men and women who follow after God’s own heart.

  • Families in the field

    Praise God for the many families that have committed themselves to serving in language projects in India, including Bible translation work. Pray for their strength to be renewed each day to resist worldly temptations and various spiritual attacks. Maintaining a healthy balance between family responsibilities and ministry work is something many families struggle with. Pray for the families to enjoy peace, harmony and love at all times.

  • Leadership development and succession: Asia

    Language development work continues to progress in many parts of Asia and the Pacific. The workers are blessed to have dedicated leaders who have contributed greatly to the growth of the work. In due time these leaders will turn their responsibilities over to younger men and women. Pray for these future leaders that they will carry the vision forward. Pray that as they are identified, they will be trained and properly equipped to help advance the mission of God in the region. Pray also for partnership with churches to expand and that more resources could be released to support ongoing and future language projects.

  • Scripture portions in different formats

    With the help of experts, portions of Scripture in several languages have been published in digital, printed and audio-visual formats. Pray that these resources could be effectively distributed in strategic locations and be used by people from different communities. Pray for good teamwork between the language teams and the social service personnel as they engage people from all levels. Pray that God will use these resources in revealing to the people the truth about himself, his character and his plan of salvation.

  • Language programs in progress

    Praise God for the ongoing language development projects in different parts of India. Further plans have been made for the next eighteen months. Pray for wisdom and needed funds for these projects to be sustainable. Pray for God’s provision of hardworking people from the different communities who can be trained to carry out various aspects of the work. Pray also for more prayer partners who could intercede for new projects to begin among the remaining 100+ languages of India.

  • Language projects

    Many language teams working in translation and literacy serve in politically sensitive areas, where their movements are often monitored. Good relationships with the authorities and communities are critical. Pray for the teams to find favor with the local authorities and community leaders. Pray also for the teams to gain proper understanding on the target languages and cultures, so that literacy and translation projects can advance to the right direction. Pray for the teams to live lives pleasing to God so they could strongly impact the communities they serve.

  • A growing partnership

    The Pacific Wa'a Partnership is an initiative that aims to advance the Bible translation movement in the Pacific Island countries. This partnership is composed of several Alliance organizations and their partners, including Bible Translation Association, Seed Company, Jesus Film Project, Wycliffe Associates, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Mercy Ministries, YWAM University of the Nations, etc. One of its main goals is to serve the 350 language groups in Papua New Guinea and the Melanesian and Micronesian island nations. Pray as the stakeholders develop practical and strategic ways for more effective collaboration. Pray for the spirit of love and unity to take control as the partners recognize that each one’s role is significant in accomplishing God’s mission in their region.

  • Serving with courage

    A young Bible translator has started serving among a huge language community of two million people in South Asia. There are no known followers of Jesus among them. The people are followers of a majority religion with several fundamental groups. Pray for the language worker to continue developing good relationships with the people as he learns their language and culture. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill his heart with a growing love for the people and to keep his inner spirit strong so that his life could have a great impact in the community. Pray also for dedicated workers to serve alongside him.

  • Training new writers

    The Teha language Writers’ Workshop was held in Honiara 14-17 July. Participants created a Teha Alphabet book, printing five copies for each participant. Pray that these participants will engage well with the community, getting good feedback and whetting appetites for further materials in the vernacular. Another writers’ workshop is scheduled in August for the Sa’a language. Teachers involved will gather to produce stories for the Sa’a multilingual education program. Pray that good stories will be produced.