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  • Northern Thai preparation for recording

    Pray for the Northern Thai translation team as they complete all the checks necessary so the New Testament will be ready for audio recording in August or September. Ask for wisdom as they consider how to distribute the recorded Scripture. Pray for wisdom for the team working to promote interest in the Northern Thai Bible. Ask God to send the right people to be part of the team. Pray, too, for adequate funding for those working on promotion.

  • Preschool training

    Pray for the trainer who will is preparing for a preschool workshop for mothers of young children. Her topics will cover: praying with your child, teaching and using Bible verses with your child, telling and using stories with your child (focused on Bible stories) and making toys from household cast-offs. She has experience leading a nursery school, but will be stretched in finding activities for younger children. Ask that all the preparations for this training come together well. Pray, too, that these activities develop more interest in daily use of the Scriptures in these families.

  • Applying Scripture to life

    Pray for the team who held a workshop on local death practices and what Scripture has to say. Pray for them as they put together a question and answer booklet that documents the material while explaining the truth to these people. This team is nearing the publication of the New Testament. Pray for those who are reviewing material and doing final checks needed before the volume is prepared for publication.

  • A New Paradigm for Bible Translation

    Give praise to God for the way Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations work in partnership in Bible translation. Of the more than 100 organizations in the Alliance community, 42 are directly involved in about 1,000 language programs around the world. Thank the Lord for the progress and continue to pray for the expansion of Bible translation worldwide.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Because different segments of the Tai Dam population use different alphabets, completing the New Testament has presented special challenges. Praise God that the final of three separate editions, each with a different alphabet, is now available! God has been faithful and answered many prayers. Now the Tai Dam can read his Word and know him personally, regardless of which alphabet they use. One man said he would never forget watching a 22-year-old man from another village excitedly read the New Testament in his own language and his own alphabet for the very first time! Pray for good distribution so that books from the three editions will reach many Tai Dam homes.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The final books of the New Testament in Takwane (Mozambique) were checked by a consultant last year. Then the translation team carefully checked for consistent use of key terms, spelling and formatting. Thank the Lord for giving them health and strength. Pray for Susan as she prepares the digital copy for printing; it’s a detailed task. Ask the Lord to fill her with joy and keep her focused. Lift up Jeff, Peg and Nancy in prayer as they proofread the copy; they need keen eyes and abundant energy. Pray also for God to bring in the funds to pay for the publishing of the New Testaments. Ask God to grant favor to Jeff and Peg as they share this financial need with friends and churches. Finally, thank God for an audio recording that was made of the Scriptures, and pray that many of the 200,000 speakers of Takwane will listen to his Word and be transformed.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    VAGLA; GHANA (13,500). Thank the Lord for progress made last year! The team finished revising the New Testament, performed computer checks on spelling and consistency, and read through the entire Bible to make sure it was clear and accurate. Late last year it was sent for typesetting. Pray for members of the typesetting team, asking that they would have good health and wisdom, and remain alert as they determine how the New Testament will be formatted. They must make decisions about what font to use, the size of the type, how many columns and what footnotes to include. Ask the Lord to put his mighty hand on the team members. They would like the Bible to be printed and dedicated by the end of 2015. Pray for the printing firm, that clear and well-bound books would be produced. Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation —

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Give glory to God for the healing and restoration that took place last year in some strained relationships between members of the Buhi'nen translation team in the Philippines. Continue to pray that the team members would be committed and diligent in the translation work. Pray for patience with the computer equipment and that difficulties do not cause delays or extra work. All the drafts for the Buhi’nen New Testament are complete. During a consultant check of 1 Corinthians, the community members asked many questions about the epistle and the Bible. Thank the Lord for the Buhi’nen interest in the work. There are 65,000 speakers of Buhi'nen. Pray that the translation consultant would continue to be available. The goal is to complete checking in 2016. OneBook

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Rejoice! The Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament was delivered to the Palawano people (pop. 25,000) in the Philippines September 27, 2014. An audio recording will soon reach their hands as well. Lift up in prayer the need for a good network of distribution channels to actively promote Scripture use in a variety of ways. Ask God to provide finances so a key leader can work full time in this strategy. Pray for effective use of the audio recording to evangelize and disciple those who are not yet literate. Pray for local churches to grow in numbers and maturity as a result of hearing and reading the Palawano New Testament.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    An unexpected death of a consultant left the Dela New Testament translation project in Indonesia behind schedule. Pray that the team would not become discouraged. Give thanks for the drafts of the final books of the New Testament — two men drafted these Scriptures with pen and paper because they lacked computer experience. Although these initial drafts are far from the final copy, it’s a big step forward. Pray for discipline and endurance as the team coordinator types the draft. Ask God, who can control waves and weather, to orchestrate safe travel for everyone involved in community and consultant testing among the 7,000 speakers of Dela. Seed Company