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  • A light on our path

    Thank God for giving us the Bible and that it is a light which directs us and shines a light on our path (Psalm 119:105).

    This prayer item comes from Wycliffe UK’s magazine, Words for Life. Download Words for Life.

  • Wangurri Bible App

    Praise God for the good reception of the gospel of Mark at the celebrations in November. This was a joyous event with dancing, singing and a baptism ceremony. Pray for those who were baptised, that church leaders will have wisdom as they disciple them. Pray for a wide distribution of the Wangurri Bible App which is now available through the Google Play store. Ask God that many will be changed as they read and listen to God's Word which is now available to them.

  • Bibles sold out

    New Scripture Use activities in Kupang, West Timor are having to be postponed because Kupang Malay Bibles are sold out. Praise the Lord Chuck Grimes was able to complete the typesetting for the 2nd edition (including new and revised materials) and submit them to the printer on November 1st. Pray that the printing process will go smoothly and for the Scripture Use team to find creative solutions to keep interest up while waiting for the new Bibles to arrive. There is already a waiting list of those wanting copies of the revised version.

  • The Gospel of Mathew in the Ilchamus Language

    Praise God that the book of Mathew in the Ilchamus language has been completed, dedicated  and launched for use! The Ilchamus people are a subsistent farming community of about 35,000 people who live in the North Western region of Kenya known as Baringo. The book of Mathew is the first portion of scripture available in their language. Pray that the Ilchamus people will use this portion of Scripture that is now available to them. Pray especially that pastors will use it in the Churches. 

  • Fundraising for Bible translation in Kenya

    Bible Translation and Literacy, the Wycliffe organisation in Kenya has for many years been engaging the Kenyan Church to raise money for Bible Translation. The response has improved over the years. This year, they have embarked on a project to raise money through the sale of used newspapers. They have therefore put out a campaign asking supporters and Kenyans in general to bring in their old newspapers. Pray that people will respond to this request so that the campaign can succeed.

  • Studying women of the Bible

    In September and October, women of the Caquinte language community in Peru, used material entitled Women of the Bible to study Scripture. Led by Bible translator Joy Swift, most of the women of the village Tsoroja and the surrounding area came to the classes. Hearts seemed to be open and responsive. Pray that the women will apply the truths they learned from His Word, and that whole families will choose to obey the Lord. Thank the Lord for the husbands who responded, have asked God for forgiveness of their sins and desire to follow Him.

  • Finishing one course and preparing for the next

    In Lima, Peru, CILTA students for the 2015 school term are finishing their courses and projects. Give praise to God for the students and professors who participated in this year of training for work in linguistics, Bible translation and literacy. Pray that God will encourage them in their final weeks of instruction and guide each one to the place of service He has for them. Pray for the potential students for the coming year. Some are in the stages of application for the course and raising finances for their tuition and living expenses. Pray that God will provide and encourage their hearts in Him.

  • Faith comes by hearing

    The recording of the Akawaio New Testament is in process. The goal is to make the translated Scripture available in audio format on the Proclaimer and distribute it to the speakers of this language in Guyana. After many challenges, including illness and difficulty finding readers, the process is in the final stages. Some lines in the script spoken by Jesus still need to be recorded. Pray for Rex, the man who is reading the words of Jesus. Pray that he will remain healthy, and read smoothly and without error, so that all the Akawaio people may soon hear God’s Word in their language and respond to Him.

  • New Bible translation training center

    In obedience to God and with His guidance, the organization TBM (Traducción Biblica Mexico)* is constructing the Center for Missionary Training for Bible Translation in the Zapotec community, San Lorenzo Cacaotepec. Pray for God’s help in this construction process. Some courses have already been taught in the new center, even though it is not completed. Ask God for economic provision, physical strength for the labor, and good teamwork. Pray that all activities in this place may serve to advance the Kingdom of God among language communities that do not have the Bible.

    *Mexico Bible Translation

  • Preparing for Bible translation

    Give thanks to God for 14 students in Mexico, who participated in the Basic Course for Bible translation in July and August. The course was held at the Center for Missionary Training for Bible Translation* in the Zapotec community of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec. Students in the five-week course came from all parts of Mexico. All the graduates are focused on a future in missions. Some hope to enroll in CILTA right away. Others have additional steps to complete. Pray for their passion and their plans to continue, so that they may have a part in accomplishing the objectives of Vision 2025.

    *Being constructed by Traducción Biblica Mexico, TBM