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  • Bible Translation Conference

    Pray for the Bible Translation Conference being held in Dallas, October 16-20. Many presenters are finalizing their presentations. Pray that they focus on topics that will give insight to other translators. Pray for those traveling to the conference. Pray for those coming from other countries, that their visas are honored. Ask God for the many volunteers needed for the food service and transportation crews. Pray that the technology work well and not disrupt presentations. Thank God that this opportunity will bring together 400+ workers in the Bible translation movement.

  • Magdalena film dubbing

    “When I saw that Mary Magdalene still followed Jesus despite her problems and the sickness and trials, that’s what I want to do.” This is a testimony from one of the voice actors who participated in the dubbing of Magdalena: Through Her Eyes into Northern Subanen. A pastor added, "As I watched this movie, I could see that the stories are very good for use in evangelizing." Pray that believers will be bold to share this film and that many will give their lives to Jesus.

  • Mark for two languages, follow

    The consultant check* of the Gospel of Mark in the Wangurri language of northeast Arnhem Land has been completed. Pray that it get to the printer soon so it can be in the eager hands of the Wangurri people. Praise the Lord that the Dhaŋu'mi Gospel of Mark has just been consultant checked in September. Prayer for the Yolŋu translators Rose Guywaŋa and Djawuṯ who have been working with the consultant. Ask God to give wisdom about what book to translate next.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Discourse workshop, follow

    Pray for Dr. Carla Bartsch as she leads a discourse workshop for two weeks in late September and early October. Pray that this time will provide helpful insights into translation work for those attending. Especially pray for the participants as they prepare their final report for Friday, October 9 where they will share some things they have learned with their fellow workers.

  • Fiscal year closure

    Pray for the finance staff members of various teams and organizations during the end of September and early October. The end of the financial year brings a heavy schedule of final processing and balancing books. Pray especially for David Bosma, who will need to travel to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands to oversee the fiscal year closure for several teams.

  • A Course on World Missions

    Praise God that the book, "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" has been translated into the Thai language. Thank God for those who helped in the translation and for the committee in Bangkok who will use this extensive material to run mission training courses in churches. Major denominations including Baptist, Presbyterian, and the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand are involved. Pray that the Lord will use this course effectively for Thai churches to clearly understand the mission of God and how they can apply the principles in their own context.

  • Training improvements

    The Asia Research Institute of Language and Culture (ARILAC) celebrated its 10th anniversary recently. The celebration included revisiting its vision to become better aligned with the Holy Spirit’s direction in the fields of Bible translation, Bible teaching and Scripture use. For this to happen, ARILAC has to revise its curriculum next year in order to provide more holistic training. This process means that new students will not be accepted for the next school year. Pray for wisdom for all of the ARILAC staff and members of partner organizations who are involved in this project. Ask God also to direct the new students who need to wait another year before attending ARILAC’s training program.

  • Strategic Planning

    Key personnel of Global Bible Translators (or GBT, a Wycliffe Global Alliance organization in South Korea) will gather in October to do a strategic reflection of the previous year in order to plan for the upcoming year. Ask the Lord to guide every discussion and to fill the meetings with times of mutual encouragement and affirmation. Pray that as the various ministries are reviewed, the leaders will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading. Pray that people will prepare to come with the right heart and mind. Pray also for the current leaders to depend on the Spirit of God as they give their best for the remainder of their term

  • Language projects that have slowed down

    Some language projects around the world have stopped or slowed down for various reasons. Such reasons include security and safety of language teams, spiritual attacks in various forms and lack of funding and/or personnel. Intercede for these projects, especially those located in restricted areas. Ask the Holy Spirit to open new doors for these projects to continue and become sustainable. Pray also that the communities involved will deepen their commitment by taking ownership of these projects. Pray also for local churches to support these projects in every way possible.

  • Translation resumed after 34 years

    A missionary moved to the Philippines years ago to help translate the New Testament into the Guina-ang language. He had to leave the area in 1981 after finishing 16 books due to an imminent threat to his life. Last year, in response to the people’s request, the mayor of Pasil, Kalinga assigned his local government to coordinate the formation of the Guina-ang Translation Council. Thank God for this development. Pray that the leaders and members of the community, as well as the local churches, will give their full support. Pray that the translation will lead people to a deeper understanding of God’s love and plan for their lives.