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  • Workshop in Tanzania

    A week-long Participatory Approaches workshop begins in Tanzania today (23 January). This will equip Wycliffe members in Tanzania to better engage the community in the planning and decision-making of every aspect of a Bible translation project. Pray for safety as people travel from around the country. For all those involved in teaching to teach effectively. And for Wycliffe members to be able to use these participatory approaches as they continue to make further plans for work across Tanzania in Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement.

  • Consultant check

    Pray for insight and wisdom for the Allgo* translation team in Kenya as they consultant check Romans.

    *name changed for security reasons

  • Growth of churches in Mayogo community

    Pray for the churches in the Mayogo-speaking area that the New Testament translation will encourage the further growth of churches in the Mayogo community. Pray that hearts and lives will be transformed.  

  • SD cards used for distribution

    New technology allows for creative ways to distribute Scripture. One partner organization is planning to distribute 250,000 SD cards* in a language community in West Asia. The Acts of the Apostles film is being prepared to go on the cards along with various other Scripture media. Pray that the different organizations involved will work together well to make this project successful. Pray that many people will hear and respond to the Scriptures through this strategy.
    * An SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is an ultra small flash memory card designed to provide high-capacity memory in a small size.

  • Security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Pray for the security situation in the country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pray that God would give the Christian community wisdom and that Christians will choose to love and respect their neighbours.

  • Translators for Mayogo translation

    Pray for the choosing of one or two additional translators for the Old Testament translation in Mayogo. Pray for their training and preparation for the work. Pray that God would prepare their hearts as they handle his word. Pray that God would give the translators the ability to translate in a way that is clear and natural.

  • God's word in Mayogo

    Pray that many hearts will be transformed by the reading and hearing of God's word in Mayogo throughout the language community.

  • Healing from trauma

    Participants in previous trauma healing workshops in Bangui, Central African Republic, are facilitating healing groups and sharing with others about being healed from their wounds of trauma. One young woman taught others about how to help traumatized children. People listened with tears running down their cheeks and responded, “We did not realize that the ways our children were acting were symptoms of trauma. Punishing them only made things worse. Now we know what to do to help them.” Pray for healing for victims of trauma and for those ministering God’s healing to their friends and neighbors. Thank God for working His healing in many lives.

  • Bible translators minister to others

    In the midst of civil conflict, Lutos Bible translators in the Central African Republic also minister to speakers of their language in other ways. They seek to bring God’s healing to the wounded hearts of the traumatized people around them. They welcome displaced people into their homes and provide what help they can. They desperately long for an end to the conflict. Pray with them that peace will return soon to their home areas. Pray that the available Scripture portions will reach deep into people’s hearts and bring God’s healing.

  • Courage and persistence

    Kabba Bible translators in the Central African Republic have worked on the New Testament translation for over 20 years. At times they were hindered by armed uprisings, civil conflict and infrastructure issues in the country. Sometimes they, along with their families, could not live safely in their home areas. Please pray for peace in their home town, Paoua, and that they will be able to complete work on the New Testament in 2017. Pray that many more Kabba people will be able to hear God speaking to them in their language.