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  • World Mission Night at Birmingham University

    Pray for the church engagement team as they represent Wycliffe at Birmingham University Christian Union's World Mission Night.

  • Civil Unrest in Anglophone regions of Cameroon

    Pray for peace and calm to be restored in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon experiencingl problems leading to a military presence and the cutting off of internet services. Pray for the safety of staff and the communities in these regions

  • Court Case Against ACATBA after a fire

    The Wycliffe organisation in Central Africa Republic, ACATBA, has gone through a lot of difficulty in the last five years following civil unrest that escalated to religious intolerance. Just as things began to settle politically,  one of ACATBA’s buildings burnt down overnight in December 2016. It is suspected that the fire started in the room of a tenant.  However, the tenant has instead filed a case against ACATBA seeking compensation for his property.  Pray for God’s leading in the case so the cause can be ascertained; for the peace of ACATBA, and for God’s provision for the building to be rebuilt.

  • Dogon language in Mali

    A four-week The JESUS film workshop with a Dogon language, where there are no Scriptures yet, begins today (22 February) in Mali. Pray that this will excite the local community about Bible translation, and also for identifying potential language workers and translators for future translation work.

  • Urgent need for Translation Consultants

    A number of Bible translation projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are producing draft translations that need to be consultant checked. Though there are both Congolese and expatriate translation consultants checking these drafts, there is a critical need for additional consultant help. With more and more language groups starting translation, some completely at their own initiative and asking for help, the number of translated drafts being completed continues to outpace the consultant visits that are able to be scheduled - largely due to a lack of available French-speaking consultants. Please pray that God would provide the right individuals, in His timing, to take care of the translation consultant needs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Enabling Successful Projects

    Pray for the Language Program Management personnel as they prepare for meetings in March. A group of these leaders who help design and manage programs will be working together to find ways to train and support those who implement and manage field projects. Often field project managers are overwhelmed by the complexity of language projects and find their responsibilities heavy. Pray that the leaders in these meetings can take ideas and principles back to their various regions and apply them to see people and projects flourish.

  • Involving local partners

    An important part of translation and literacy projects is involving local partners and other leaders in understanding the needs and determining appropriate solutions for problems. Pray for meetings in March where field leaders will share stories of where this is working well. Ask God to help them draw out principles and best practices in involving communities and local leadership. Pray that these principles can be implemented to bring greater success in projects around the world.

  • Global language and development services

    Catherine Young, director of global language and development services, SIL International* – Pray for Catherine as she coordinates an international staff team that provides support to in-country teams, Wycliffe organisations and a range of partners in order to enable communities to use their languages for spiritual, economic and social development. Pray for wisdom for Catherine in prioritising activities and in using financial and human resources most helpfully to bless those whose languages have been marginalised for so long.

    *Wycliffe’s primary partner

  • Old Testament translation training workshop

    Lift up translation teams from five language projects in the Philippines plus a number of consultants as they meet together for an Old Testament translation training workshop through February 24. Pray that each team will gain understanding and be strengthened to continue the translation process. Ask for God’s protection on the health of all involved and protection in travel at the end of the workshop.

  • Ndut songwriting workshop

    Pray for the four-day Ndut songwriting workshop for the book of Psalms that begins today (20 February) in Senegal.