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  • Training of African colleagues

    Phil & Cathy Davison, Francophone Africa. Phil is a linguistics consultant, Cathy is a literacy and education consultant, and they are both assigned to Francophone Africa. Cathy is also the domain team leader for literacy and education - Their main prayer request is for their involvement in the SIL training courses in Africa which are located in Kenya (for English-speaking Africans) and Cameroon (for French speakers). They consider it a great privilege to have a part in the training of African colleagues who are committed to the development of their own languages and the extension of God’s kingdom in their home countries.

  • First Scripture

    Praise God that the Gospel of Mark is available now for three language communities in Asia. They have produced both printed and audio versions. Pray for good use of the material and that God's Word would come with power to change lives. Pray for the translators who continue to translate additional books.

  • Growing team

    Give thanks for God's provision of new teams for translations in several additional languages. Pray for good progress for them as they learn new languages to facilitate their work. Pray that they develop in their work as translators. Pray for wisdom for the field leadership as they determine how best to delegate and divide various responsibilities. Pray, too, for wisdom as they build capacity* in the areas of literacy and multilingual education for various language communities.

    *Build capacity involves training staff, finding local support in local businesses, developing support structures and similar activities.

  • Peace in turmoil

    Pray for the translators working in a country of Southeast Asia. Several are working in a conflict zone, so safety is an issue. Ask God to give them peace of heart and mind as they work. Pray for safety for the translation and literacy teams as they must travel through dangerous areas to get to training events or to meet with advisors.

  • Strengthening families

    Pray for the strengthening families program being prepared for use in a country of Asia. This will address the crumbling families and other social issues of the area. Pray for good curriculum adaptation and translation of the materials. Pray for key people to be identified as teachers for this program. Ask God for openings for the material in the church and Sunday school systems.

  • A miracle of protection on the road

    About 30 miles from their destination, Brian and Rachel’s truck was forced off the road by a huge logging truck. Rolling down a riverbank, they landed on their side in shallow water – miraculously, with virtually no injury to family, vehicle or possessions!  By God’s grace help was soon available, and they and their vehicle arrived safely at their destination. “Our God is merciful, and mighty to save,” wrote Brian and Rachel. “Thank you for praying for our safety on the road.  God answered with nothing less than a miracle.  Hallelujah!” Continue to uphold them as they recover and settle in.

  • Mother tongue literacy work in Senegal

    Clare Orr, Senegal, literacy worker – Please pray for mother-tongue literacy work among schoolchildren in Senegal. Give thanks that there is enthusiasm for this work and that children are keen to learn. Pray that this opportunity to receive some of their basic education in a language they understand would help these children to succeed in the official school system, which is predominantly in French. Please pray for the preparations for these classes, particularly for the development of mother-tongue materials that will help children to learn, and for the teacher training, as well as for the follow-up which will take place throughout the year.

  • Open doors for two translations

    South Asia Group requests focused prayer for the Ladhaki and Siares* language projects again this year. Both projects have significant Scripture portions available on online apps. Both regions have limited or no access for translation teams. Believers face strong opposition. Pray for maturity and renewal in the established Ladakhi Church. Pray that God would birth a church in the other region. Pray that God’s Word would cross all boundaries in these regions.


  • Providing videos

    Praise God that the "JESUS" Film is being distributed for a language in Asia. The producer of the John movie will be visiting the translators in November. They hope to arrange for dubbing of the John movie in their language in 2018. Pray for the consultant check* of John planned for April, that they can review all 879 verses in 10 days. The consultant checks for Jude, Philemon, James and Titus will take place in late November. Pray for a thorough review of these books.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • World Mission Night in Aberdeen

    Pray for Josh Oldfield of the UK church engagement team as he speaks at Robert Gordon University CU (in Aberdeen) for their World Mission Night.