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  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – the Work

    Wycliffe Global Alliance encourages and facilitates greater partnership in reaching minority peoples with God’s Word and message of hope in the languages and formats they understand best. The Alliance encourages and promotes the efforts of partnering organizations as they engage with the worldwide Church in providing resources (prayer, people, finances) for Bible translation and other compassionate service around the globe. The Alliance facilitates and encourages organizations that lead Bible translation programs and serve language communities in their own nations. The Alliance partners formally and informally with other like-minded individuals and organizations. Pray that this serving in partnership will be a means of accomplishing work and a powerful expression of the unity of believers.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance – Worldwide Mission

    The spreading of God’s Good News began in the region now often called the Middle East. It spread to Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond. In 1900, 85 percent of Christians were from the “West.” But today 65 percent are from the majority world—Africa, Asia, Central and South America. People worldwide are coming together to reach all nations. Mission is the movement of God. It is God reaching out to redeem and restore humankind. God has entrusted mission, under His direction, to the multi-ethnic Body of Christ, His Church around the world. The unity of the Church is critical if the Church is to fully participate in God’s mission. Pray for the work of the Wycliffe Global Alliance as it engages within the Church, participating in God’s mission of reconciliation, restoration and justice.

  • Sharing the vision

    Pray for Pastor Tharawat, the Director of Wycliffe Thailand as he prepares to share about Bible translation and God's mission with churches in October. He will challenge the churches to think and act more globally for Christ. Ask God to prepare his hosts for the trip, as they need a place with space to host him. Ask God to keep him safe as he and his host travel around Alberta. Pray for a good second vehicle for his hosts to use during the trip. Pray that God keep his wife and children safe while he is away.

  • Geography of the Bible course in Israel

    Please pray for the Biblical Byways Historical Geography of the Bible course in Israel in September. It will provide an up-close Biblical background for​ ​​mother tongue ​translators. Pray for the course leaders, assistants and over 40 translators from Australia, Papua New Guinea, India and Benin. The group will visit​ ​​and learn about​​ places like Beersheva, the City of David, Caesarea Philippi, Nazareth, Mt. Carmel and more. Pray for safety in travel​ and good health for the travelers. Also, pray that visas will arrive for those still urgently needing them. Pray that this​​ experience will give the translators​ ​​valuable​​ ​knowledge​ ​​which they can use to​​ ​​produce accurate, quality translations.

  • Permission needed

    Pray for those who would like permission to use Bible texts on smartphones using a Bible app. There are several places where initial publication occurred before computers were in general use, so the legal framework for this kind of use was not anticipated. Now, many people throughout the area use mobile phones daily, and electronic distribution is quite easy. Pray that the developers can get the copyright holders to grant permission for this use.

  • Orthography approval needed

    Pray for those seeking approval for the newly developed orthography for a language of Southeast Asia. The process requires patience and good social skills as they host government officials and go over the details of the orthography. They are working with partner organizations to help the process go more quickly. Ask God for wisdom as they work with partners and work through the various levels to a final approval.

  • Listeners needed

    One Oral Bible Storytelling project needs additional people as listeners to the newly drafted stories to give input on their natural sound and accuracy. Pray for the storytelling staff to find people willing to take time to listen and comment on these drafts. Ask God to use this experience in the lives of the hearers to create an interest in the Good News. Pray, too, for wisdom in the final Bible story workshops as they develop three stories on the trial and crucifixion, resurrection and ascension and the experience of Paul in the Philippian jail.

  • Phone app and website

    Pray for progress in making a phone app for the recently dedicated Bible in the Central Ifugao language so that people with various kinds of phones can have a digital version. Pray that many Ifugao who live away from their home area will access the website created and be strengthened in their faith.

  • New websites go live

    Praise God for the training team and the people from five Philippine language groups who gathered in July to launch online websites in their own language. Some websites focus on Scripture and others on cultural information. Pray that these websites may be a tool to draw people to Jesus.

  • Introduction to Bible storytelling

    Give praise for the four days of 'Taste and See' Oral Bible Storytelling workshop in mid-August in New Caledonia. Pray that the Spirit of God would continue to work in the lives of the workshop participants as they share the Oral Bible Storytelling approach with the churches. Ask the Lord to open the hearts and minds of church leaders and pastors about the use of the mother tongue and the importance and need for Bible translation work. Pray for Sineina Gela and Badi Vila as they work with others and help coach two young New Caledonian Oral Bible storytellers, Koko and Billy.