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  • Serving in West Asia

    Brian and Val Hodgkin, region of West Asia, Brian is Service Group Director and Val is admin assistant – Brian is director of a group of about 50 team members serving 16 language communities in three West Asian countries. Language groups are large while numbers of Christians are small. This results in many logistical problems with projects and often in safety issues for members of the team. Please pray for daily wisdom as Brian interacts with team members by email, through virtual meetings and face to face visits. At the end of September Brian and Val will meet with people from other missions focused on one of the countries they serve, and in October Brian’s leadership team will have a leadership team meeting.

  • Beginning literacy classes

    Praise God for the literacy classes beginning in three villages of a language community. Thank Him that the alphabet seems easy to learn, and many are enjoying using the new written materials. Pray for volunteers to write new books. Pray for skilled long-term teachers to be found to run the classes. Pray for healing for the mother-tongue Bible translator for this language. He has been sick for four months.

  • Preparing exegetical checks

    Praise God that audio portions of the Bible have been distributed to interested people in a language community of Southeast Asia. Ask God to help these people understand who Jesus is through their listening. Pray for the translation team who are preparing exegetical checks of the draft translations of James and John. Ask God to show them any errors in the text that need changing. Pray for revelation of the truth to those studying Luke together.

  • Growing stronger in faith

    Thank God for His care of the small church in one language community. September will see the community checks on the final chapters of Luke and Acts for this language. Pray for safety of the translation advisor as he travels by motorbike on narrow trails to several villages. Pray for continued growth and strengthening for the church members as they read the newly translated Scriptures.

  • Life in a new city

    The first phase of cross-cultural ministry for Bible translators often involves learning a new language and culture. A key aspect of this is developing friendships among those of the new culture. Busy city life often causes difficulties for those wanting to make friends. Pray for the couple who have encountered this problem. Ask God to connect them with open members of the local community who can help them learn about the local way of life. Pray that these early friendships become a source of life and blessing to people living in the local community as well as to them.

  • System administrator needed

    Pray that God would raise up and supply a system administrator for software developer operations (DevOps*), who would be a dedicated administrator to help the language software teams manage build infrastructure, servers and cloud services.  This is a critical position to sustain and increase their software services long-term.

    *DevOps (short for developer operations) is an emerging term that describes a system administrator whose primary role is managing the systems that build and deploy software.  See: for more information.

  • Language development in Francophone Africa

    Bibi Nédellec, Yaoundé, Cameroon, training coordinator for Francophone Africa – Pray for all workers in the area of language development in Francophone Africa working for local Wycliffe organisations as well as SIL* entities. Pray that they will have all they need to do their daily tasks, including money to live well and take care of their families as well as the tools and training they need to do quality work. Pray specifically for time, space and funding to receive the training they need. Please pray for: language programme managers, researchers, linguists, literacy workers, Scripture use workers, Bible translators and administrators.

    *Wycliffe's primary partner organisation

  • Using Bible stories

    The Usoi Tripura finished crafting and recording 53 oral Bible stories in 2015.  This year, village pastors have been learning how to use the stories in sermons.  Give thanks that many are enthusiastic and are learning a lot.  Requests have been made for the training to expand so more pastors can benefit.  Please pray that pastors continue to be excited about God’s Word and will teach it well.  Pray that God’s Word will change people as they hear it.  Pray also for wisdom in expanding training to more pastors, and for trainers to grow in their skills.

  • Interpersonal skills workshop

    Pray for the interpersonal skills workshop that starts on 26 September for staff from SIL* Chad. The course aims to help supervisors, consultants and consultants-in-training be more effective in their work and to work better together, despite all their cultural and other differences. This is linked to one of their priorities for 2016-17 – to nurture consultants and specialists in several domains to better serve the Bible translation movement in Chad.

    *Wycliffe's primary partner organisation

  • Recording Genesis in Senegal

    Please pray for the recording of the book of Genesis in the Saafi-Saafi language in Senegal which begins on 25 September.