Pray for ALEM (Brazil)

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  • Training in Linguistics and Missiology

    In January, students, teachers, staff and visitors came together to celebrate the start of a new school year for the Linguistics and Missiology Course (CLM) taught at the Brasilia Center of ALEM.* Among its objectives, CLM prepares people for research and field work among language communities around the world. One staff person from ALEM said, “For us, the students who come to ALEM are the answers to our prayers and those of many in other parts of the world.” Pray for the instructors, administrators and students. Pray that many students will be prepared to participate in Bible translation.

    *ALEM-Brazilian Evangelical Missionary Linguistics Association

  • Leaders Moving Forward

    An event focusing on leadership is scheduled for September 8-13 in Brazil. Those planning to participate are the administrative leaders and the board of directors for ALEM* as well as missionaries involved in Bible translation. The focus of the meetings will be on the following leadership themes: Spirituality, Missiology, Theology, and Work in Alliance. A study of the history of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, relationships within it and progress made toward Vision 2025** will also be discussed. Pray that all participants will be blessed and encouraged as they grow in their leadership capacities.

    *ALEM-Brazilian Evangelical Linguistics Missionary Association

    **Vision 2025: “By 2025, together with partners worldwide, we aim to see a Bible translation program begun in all the remaining languages that need one.”